You do know that they are some of the biggest movie and music stars of their generation. 
What you don't know is where the magic all began. 

  • Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) was a high school gym teacher. To earn extra money, he used to dress up as a clown for parties for $50 per show.

Boy. Clowns sure have changed since the days of Stephen King's "IT"

  • Kanye West (Mr Kim Kardashian) was a sales assistant at a Gap showroom.
  • Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) flipped burgers at Mc Donalds for 3 years.
  • Andrew Garfield (Spiderman) used to make and serve coffees at Starbucks.
  • Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) sold ballpoint pens as a telemarketer.

So many dissatisfied customers demanding a refund for leaky ink, I presume

  • Matt Le Blanc (Joey from FRIENDS) & Harrison Ford (Star Wars) used to work as carpenters.


  • Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street) was a stripper.
  • Madonna was a showgirl.
  • Jon Bon Jovi used to make Christmas decorations to pay the bills.
  • Jim Carrey (The Mask) used to be a janitor after dropping high school.
  • Eva Mendes (Hitch) used to sell hot dogs in shopping malls.

She sold hot dogs! Seriously??

  • Rene Russo (The Thomas Crown Affair) was a cashier at a movie theater.
  • Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality) was a waitress and a bartender. Other waitresses include Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Banks & Mariah Carey.

  • Halle Berry (Monster's Ball) lived in a homeless shelter when she could not find work or a place to live.
  • Sean Connery used to deliver door-to-door milk. He was also a truck driver and a coffin polisher before he became James Bond.
  • Walt Disney sold snacks and newspapers in railway stations. 
  • Tom Cruise (Top Gun) used to be a bellhop in a hotel.
  • Sheryl Crow was a elementary school music teacher.
  • George Clooney (Ocean's 11) was a door-to-door insurance salesman.
Mr Amal Alamuddin sure has moved up in life since then!

  • Christopher Walken (Sleepy Hollow) was a lion tamer at a circus. (Don't doubt that one for a moment!)
  • Brad Pitt (Se7en) delivered refrigerators and was a limousine driver.
  • Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) used to work in a poultry farm.
Remember these stars the next time you feel disillusioned and wonder whether this is all there is to your life. They were in jobs that were neither glamorous nor related to the world of fame. 

You know where your journey in life so far has led you to. 
What you don't know is how far you can go if you make a genuine effort and yes, allow lady luck to find you and sprinkle some magic dust along your path. 

Till then, be kind to those around you, whether they be the girl at the cashier counter at your grocery store or the teacher at your child's school. 

Do not look at the people in your world as just milkmen, waitresses, poultry farmers, door-to-door salesmen, janitors, carpenters, salesgirls or delivery men. See them as having the same potential within them that you wish others saw in you.

After all, you never know, right?

Authors note:

This is my take on the theme "What You Don't Know" for the blogger challenge Blog-A-Thon by Blog-A-Rhythm. You can read other entries for this theme by fellow bloggers here.

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Carol Graham said…
So interesting and you are right -- puts things in perspective and tells us to NEVER ever give up
Suman Kher said…
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Suman Kher said…
Interesting take on the prompt! We really don't know what we are doing and where destiny will take us. And that's the anticipation that keeps life going!
sulekkha said…
Such a positive and inspiring post! Be kind to people, period...A brilliant take on the prompt.
Refreshing take on the prompt, and I especially loved how you summed up the post!
Loved reading it!
Shanx said…
Truly, what most of us don't know. Thanks for sharing it doc!
sridevi datta said…
This is such an inspiring post. Goes on to show not everything is a fluke or magic. Hard work pays the richest dividends. And yes we need to stop looking down upon people with the label "just" and open our minds to the possibilities of their talent. :)
rajlakshmi said…
And inspiring read for a Tuesday morning. I feel Kanye West should have remained a sales rep ;) this post also proves that no job is menial ... :)
Ramya Rao said…
I loved the write up. What we dont know is what we are capable of and what we are destined to. Hard work and luck is what we need probably.
Brilliant take on the prompt.😊
Wow! Super! Such a wonderfully refreshing take on prompt. Why did I not think of this? Sigh. :P
Jaibala Rao said…
This is the first post I read,in the morning and so glad that it is. True we will never know what we are capable of unless we try and make a change to ourselves and our lives. It is our job to keep trying isn't it? Everything else just follows.
Rachna said…
That's a great perspective to offer all of us and also sobering as well. I am just thinking of Harrison Ford walking in when l call for a carpenter. Oh wow!
Rachna said…
That's a great perspective to offer all of us and also sobering as well. I am just thinking of Harrison Ford walking in when l call for a carpenter. Oh wow!
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's amazing! Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had!! Johnny Depp... telemarketer!! Wow!
Geets said…
Wow! That was lot of information! And quite brilliantly put as well! Thanks for sharing Doc!

P.S: I'm trying to imagine Joey as a carpenter :D


tulika singh said…
O my god I need insurance and a new fridge delivered maybe. And Sean Connery delivered milk.. This is absolutely fantastic. A brilliant idea for the prompt Roshan.
Now this is one heck of a post - hits both the prompt and all the right SEO buttons too. Brilliant idea, Roshan
Saumy Nagayach said…
Wow! Interesting facts.. :) And the message conveyed beautifully.. :)
Sometimes we need to see things in a different light
Thanks Suman... especially on the part of destiny, we really do not know what's coming and so its always best to believe in our abilities.
I can't imagine any of us are really very kind to poultry farmers and janitors. And yet there is so much they can be in the days to come. Our positive attitude to them could actually make the difference in their lives.
Glad you liked it :)
It is something I really wanted to convey... a message for us to ourselves as well as one on how we need to treat others around us better rather than just assuming they are below us.
We would have all walked past such people never knowing that in the future, they would rule the world... I mean, who'd think of Tom Cruise as a bellboy???
Thansk Ramya. Yes, went for a dual pronged approach.. two morals in one post :)
Haha... let me be good at something :)
If you are the topper at everything I will get jealous :D
I've failed in a lot of things that really mattered to me (at one point of time)
But giving up is never an option. We persevere in certain things so that the chance of success remains.
Or being served coffee by Spiderman?
Sandwiches by Mariah Carey? The options are actually endless..
Selling ballpoint pens nonetheless!
And JAMES Bond SeAN Connery selling milk!
Hahaha.. you just know he will be screwing it up (no pun intended!)
Can you imagine all of them living around you and doing these kind of jobs in your neighbourhood? :)
I really need to understand the concept behind these SEO thingys... :)
Nisha Sanjeev said…
Excellent post Roshan. Bang on prompt and so much of take-home value. Celebrities are the best inspiration always!!!
Nisha Sanjeev said…
This is one interesting post Roshan. Bang on prompt and good take home value. Celebrities are the best inspiration always.
If you know where to search, even Kanye can be an inspiration :)
Vidya Sury said…
What a lovely read, Roshan! It is always inspiring to to know how someone started in life and what they've become. Just goes to show - anything is possible!
Vinodini Iyer said…
Wow...that was quite some info! I wonder if all of them anticipated what they were in for. Fate has such twists and turns, really!
Vinodini Iyer said…
Wow...that was quite some info! I wonder if all of them anticipated what they were in for. Fate has such twists and turns, really!
Aditi said…
Needed to read this today, doc! You can only trust your instincts and enjoy the journey. Life will happen!
Sunila Vig said…
Uplifting heartwarming jaw dropping, all these describe your post Doc Roshan.
Kala Ravi said… this post reminds me of all your wonderful AToZ posts Roshan! Inspiring! Greatness can come from any needs the right attitude, belief, perseverance and of course a healthy sprinkling of lady luck!
Mithila Menezes said…
I can only imagine Johnny Drop and George Clooney as marketers!

Just goes to prove that not all success stories have a fabulous first chapter!
Mina Menon said…
now that is some intersting info you have collated there :) Now if I dont reach the stars, I sure hope I get a world tour :-D
Tina Acharya said…
Very true! We never know where life can take us. Things can change at moment!! Wonderful post!!
Its the final picture that counts, I guess... not just the initial missteps.
Anagha Yatin said…
This post is right on time for us Doc. My son is preparing for preboards, first ever of his life. WE have been insisting on gathering knowledge and not longing for numbers. And yes...hard work balanced with good refreshing time.
I am sure gonna make my son read this one!
I loved it when you say that one should work hard and let lady luck do her job!
Very inspiring post!