Somebody Caption That Dog!

by - October 21, 2016

A fortnight ago, I posted a picture of Snoopy the beagle and myself on Facebook (for those who are wondering, I am the one with the sunglasses). I wanted to see the creative captions that arose from my group of friends and yes, they did not disappoint.

Snoopy the beagle trying to stop me from driving the car

I am sharing a few here, which I have taken the liberty of categorizing.


  • Enough of your drive... now lemme give it a try.
  • Missed me?? Better say YES!!
  • Have u been eating garlic ? hmmm I thought so.
  • Will you do the gearshift if I take the wheel?
  • Let's first have your breathe analysis kiddo
  • DUI Sniff Test
  • Are you drunk ?


  • Do you nose driving, human?
  • Mind blogging


  • You are my love ...... I love you
  • Won't we be more comfortable in the back seat?


  • Dude, where's MY CAR!???
  • You talking to me? You. Talking. To. Me?
  • How you doooing??


  • Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara ho gaya ??
  • Tu mere samne, Main tere samne
  • Ae Bhai, Zara dekh ke chalao
  • Tere chehre se... Nazar nahin hat ti nazaare hum kya dekhein
  • Tu mere Samane mein tere Samane
  • Tujh ku dekhun ke pyaar Karun


  • You know where we are going right.... You better drive to KFC!
  • Don't u dare take me to the vet!!!
  • Move over... It's my turn to drive!
  • U leaving without me????
  • Where are we going without your mama??..Dude get her along or else All plans are cancelled.
  • Now can you let me take over the wheel for God's sake?
  • You selfish liar! I can still smell the sausage in your breath!!!
  • How dare you steal ma spectacle??
  • Now look me in the eye Mister!!! This is your last drivin class !

I think it is best summed up by a fellow doctor's comment -
"Dude I put a snap of my own and hardly get 6 comments !! Your dog gets 43 comments in 4 hours!! It's a dogs life man!"

Anyway, here is the fun part.
Put on your thinking hat and give me your best caption for the picture below (or even the one above if you can put a new spin on it!)

So what are you waiting for? Type away.

Authors note:

Want more Snoopy while you think of your witty remark? The most popular Snoopy posts (filled with pictures of him being, well, himself) on the blog are:

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  1. Hahahaha.. I loved all the captions to that picture. And for the present one, I have one, a la Sheldon Cooper!
    "This is my spot!" :P

    1. Hehehe... that's actually quite smart! There is indeed a 'Sheldon and his couch' feel in that image :)

  2. The captions are hilarious! Esp the hindI movie songs! And Snoopy has such cute expressions. ..even a hundred captions will.not be enough! He is suchhhh a sweetheart!

    1. Hahaha... he can be an item! Lots of fun facial expressions.

  3. Very creative idea of converting Facebook comments into a hilarious post. Loved it to the core !!!

  4. Yes, I'm so sorry I shredded your slippers. Again. Shame on me. Aren't I cute? Am I forgiven?

    1. hehehe... smart. Thankfully he's moved beyond the stage of attacking the slippers.

  5. Don't know what happened to my earlier comment, but Snoopy is so cute I want to write again specially the first point.
    1. Big hug to Snoopy. Big Bear hug
    2. Car photo - human you know driving right? I don't want to mess with my good looks
    3. Couch photo - beware human no one gets this spot and don't even think of resting your finger on the cushion

    1. hehe :) Best comment so far. Thanks for the trouble of typing twice. don't know what went wrong there.

  6. Sweet! Beagles have such great expressions - as do boxers!
    Your friend is right, Pablo's page has more likes than mine.

    1. Really, this site would have done so much better if it were named Dogyears, I figure.

  7. Haha! Outright hilarious! And yes, Snoopy is the man! :)


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