For #TadkaTuesday, Jaibala and Deepa ask us to talk about the movies we relate to the most. While there are so many movies I love, when it comes to movies I personally relate to, it is a harder question to answer. It comes down to character traits I relate to more, doesn't it?
So here are 10 characters from movies that I relate to personally and the reasons why.


Robin Williams (Patch Adams)

Someone who does not agree with society's rigid stances and wants to help others but finds many an obstacle, including his own personal idiosyncrasies, getting in the way. Finally chooses to be different.

Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)

Ranbir's transformation from the ever cheerful teen (who walked up to a stranger and told her he loved her) to the dark soul tormented by the choices he made, singing Naadan Parinde at the end...

For someone so young, Ranbir has some pretty intense performances in his filmography, don't you think?

Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura or Mask).

There was a time in college when I was famous for pranks and silly exaggerated facial expressions. The obvious comparison people made was to Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura and Mask.

The Envious Sidekick  (Malayalam cinema)

Everyone wants to be the superstar.. a Khan or Kumar in Bollywood, a Mammooty or Mohan Lal in Malayalam cinema. But I have always seen myself as the envious sidekick who believes he is better, a Sreenivasan, Jagathy or Innocent, trying unsuccessfully to upstage the hero. An apt example that comes to mind is this iconic scene from Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu where the America returned NRI Srinivasan tries to prove that his driver - who is impersonating him - is a fraud who does not even know English.

The dialogue "How Many Kilometers from Washington DC to Miami Beach?" is the stuff of folklore for Kerala. You can break the ice and make any Malayalee smile just by asking that question. Go on. Try it out.

Steve Martin (The Pink Panther)

How can someone be so clueless? People ask that of me many a time. Personally, I always see a bit of Steve Martin's version of Pink Panther in me, bumbling along thinking I know it all, stumbling onto rake after rake.

    Ponton: He was just found dead in a training facility locker room. Shot in the head.
    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Was it fatal?
    Ponton: Yes.
    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: How fatal?
    Ponton: Um, completely.
    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: I want to speak to him now!
    Ponton:.... He's dead.

Emma Stone (Easy A)

Emma Stone's character is ready to have her name and reputation spoiled to help people who are trying to get by. She does not think too far ahead and just goes by the beats of her very own drum. Been there, done that.

Shahid Kapoor (Jab We Met)

Specifically, the lovely 'Tum Se Hi' song. It is a moment where the guy thinks about 'what could have been' in love and rejoices in the dream, knowing fully well the reality. He remains inspired by the girl and his unrequited love for her though, looking to be a better person than he was before he met her.

Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green mile)

"I'm tired, boss. Tired of being on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. I'm tired of never having a buddy to be with, to tell me where we's going to, coming from or why. Mostly, I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world every day. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head, all the time. Can you understand?"

That one monologue is me.

Everyone (Love actually)

I see myself in so many characters in this movie. I see myself in Mark, the best man at a wedding, coveting a woman he cannot have. I see myself in the fake pompousness of rock legend Billy. I see in writer Jamie a story I could relate to and in Prime Minister David, the uncertainty of indecision and the often unexpected claws that spring out when intimidated, surprising everyone around and ready to take on even the President of the United States.

Po (Kung fu Panda)

Comparisons between me and Po will always be there. Some (everyone) may say it is because of the shape. I prefer to think it is because of my dragon warrior martial arts technique.

You can find out which movies other bloggers related themselves to here.

Most importantly, what about you? Which movie characters do you think resemble you in some particular quality? Do tell...


Jaibala Rao said…
I know you have a dragon warrior within you. This is such interesting mix of characters and traits. Live Actually also figures on my post for different reasons.
Deepa said…
This post made me smile due to different reasons.Thanks for all the movie references and which character you relate to. I got an opportunity to know you more today through these movie references. And you gave a different tadka to our #TuesdayTadka prompt and we like it. Loved reading it Roshan. :)
Shilpa Garg said…
From your pictures, I can see that you do have a bit of Stanley Ipkiss in you! Interesting to know a bit more about you through this prompt!
Such an eclectic list, Doc! Good to get to know a bit more of you:)
Wendy English said…
This IS such an eclectic list. Love Actually is on my all time favorite movie list and Jamie the writer is the romantic vision I have of what being a full time writer would be like. I came across your blog in the Write Tribe Facebook group. Looking forward to reading more!
Lovely selection of characters.I think we all have a little bit if Steve Martin in us .Hopping over from Kreativemommy #Tuesday Tadka. Enjoyed reading this
Shalini said…
I am so glad that this post made me know a lil' bit more about you. :) I'm your true blue fan, Doc! :D
Parul said…
This is so cute! From your list and from your posts I know you sure can make faces and play pranks. So yay to Jim Carrey :) And Po - that cute too ;)
My dragon warrior abilities is limited to eating dumplings by the bowl :)
Thanks Deepa... will keep participating.. movie and entertainment based articles come easily to me
Definitely a lot of Ipkiss in me! :D
Love Actually is on my list... just a perfect perfect medley of multiple story lines... and all so adorable.
Pink Panther always brings back fond memories of tears rolling down my eyes laughing with friends in the theatre :)
Nowadays the facial expressions have toned down quite a lot, I must say... I was way too animated a decade ago!
Vinitha Dileep said…
Nice choice, Roshan. Sidekicks are doing better than superstars in Malayalam these days. But you will always be our Super-Doctor. :)
I'm always happy with the side role... In Captain America Civil War, I would be happy as Ant Man, throwing off jokes and the odd surprise move :D
I love most of the movies you have mentioned. Ohh! Naadan Parindeee...!! I loved that song and it's been heard it. I still remember getting goosebumps while hearing it in theater. Jab we met... Kareena for me and Patch Adams. Enjoyed reading this.
Rockstar moved me so much... it was such an amazingly fleshed out character by Bollywood standards.
drsalman said…
This might sound very obvious.But the dileep characters guy next door. That's what I always felt so connected to. Like in parakkum thakida, pandit Adam, thenkasipattanam and even the infantile in thilakam.