17 year old Meghan Vogel won the 1600 meter at the Division III girls state meet at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus in 2012. But much to her amusement, nobody remembers that.
Sure, they clapped when she won. But they actually got up on their feet and cheered for her when she came in last at the next race!

With just an hour between the 1600 meters and the 3200 meters race, Meghan was exhausted going in and rapidly fell off the pace as the laps went by, giving her mom Ann (watching from the stands) a 'what can we do about it, eh?' smile as their eyes met.

She did not realize it but she was about to become a national hero.

Ann Vogel was across the track and could not see what was going on when the cheers began. A friend pointed to the far end and Ann turned to see her daughter on the big screen.

With 20 meters left to go in the 3200 meters, Meghan Vogel saw Arden McMath, a competing athlete collapse in front of her. Instead of running past her, Meghan helped Arden back on to her feet and carried the struggling athlete till the end, ensuring Arden was ahead of her crossing the finish line.

With 20 meters left to go in the 3200 meters, Meghan Vogel saw Arden McMath, a competing athlete collapse in front of her. Instead of running past her, Meghan helped Arden back on to her feet and carried her till the end, ensuring Arden was ahead of her crossing the finish line.

Both athletes would end up exhausted and beside each other in the training room as medical aid was provided.

The images and video went viral soon after with love pouring in from all over the world for the young woman who thought 'she was just doing the right thing and that others would have done the same'. But as Arden Mc Nath rightly pointed out, that is not the case.

'I really don't think just everyone would have done that. I just couldn't believe what she did - especially pushing me in front of her - and I'm so grateful.'
- Arden McNath

Why I want you to remember Meghan Vogel

Meghan came in last in the race. But she remains the winner of that day for millions across the world even today.

This is part of my #AtoZChallenge where I will be focusing on Real Life Heroes: Shining Examples of Kindness and Compassion. You can find other real-life heroes here.


Sarah Zama said…
This is what sport should always be about :-)

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Great story... The right thing at the spur of the moment... Not perhaps everyone would do that... Inspiring tale..
Modern Gypsy said…
This is the meaning of true sportsmanship. And this also proves that winning and losing are hollow constructs. What one considers losing, may actually be the biggest win for another.
shalz75 said…
Its heartening to hear about true sportsmanship spirit. Lovely story and am rooting for humanity reading your tales everyday doc. Cheers

​Vanillabeans & Peppercorns
Rajlakshmi said…
Oh I remember watching this news clip...what a true spirit of sportsmanship. ��
I always tell my little one too sometimes sports teach us the best life lessons if attempted in the right spirit.
here from AtoZ
Helpinh her across the line and making her win!That takes some heart.This is the kind of person we should all want to be .ThankS Dr.Roshan .Great ATO Z
True sportsmanship, Rosh! This is one of the few stories I'm familiar with. Thanks for sharing :)
What a wonderful story! I know that in the times we live in today, when we drive past those in need, this is an amazing story of human-ness!
No everyone would not do this, but Meghan did! Not only did she help her but helped her cross the line first! Unbelievable and kudos!
Inspiration for all!!
Swathi Shenoy said…
This exactly is the true meaning of sportsmanship. Hats off to Megan :)
Nilanjana Bose said…
Here from the A-Z and remember this story. Very heartwarming to know sportsmanship and compassion are alive in a competitive and sometimes ruthless world. Thanks for brightening my day.

Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's a display of true sportsmanship. And this is not seen so very frequently. Hats off to Meghan Vogel!! A true inspiring hero, indeed.
Soumya said…
I remember this so well and I remember smile wide as I read this news.
Cathy Graham said…
How wonderful! She is a hero and a true role model for sports. Thanks for sharing another uplifting post about heroic, good people in this world.
Reema D'souza said…
This is the spirit of true sportsmanship and also that of humanity!
Vinodini Iyer said…
Now, that's the sign of a true sportsman and a beautiful human being. It must have been such a moving sight, really.
DeeDee said…
Wow, its beautiful

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Deepa said…
I have heard of this story and it is a truly example of sportsmanship and big heart. We can all learn a lesson from her.
Kalpanaa M said…
This is what we were taught sport is about. Heartening to see it happening. Great story.
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Suzy said…
This is true sportsmanship. In recent years there have been many who have shown the true spirit of sports. Well done to all of them.

Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Variety of thoughts
vishal bheeroo said…
Very inspiring by Meghan in today's competitive world and numerous sports ads which is all about winning. The sports' lady won hearts and the clap is testimony to that.
Anonymous said…
She is really a hero! This is a fantastic story! Not everyone would do this but Meghan did this. She helped her cross the line! This is a very inspirational post for me! Stainless steel cookware set .Sometimes we need this inspiration for our life when we got disgusted! This is really a true sportsmanship!