When young Sarah Hoidahl, a waitress at Ruby Tuesday's in Concord, New Hampshire came over to the two diners at her table, they asked her if she could give them something inexpensive. Talking to them, Sarah realized they were furloughed soldiers of the National Guard who were out of work due to the government shutdown.

The single mom, struggling to make ends meet herself, decided to do one better. When it came time to give them the bill, Sarah handed them a note instead. It read:

'Thanks to the government shutdown, the people like you 
that protect this country are not getting paid. However, I still am. 
Lunch is on me. Thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day!"

When young waitress Sarah Hoidahl decided to help two furloughed soldiers by paying for their meals, her kindness did not go unnoticed.

Sarah's kind gesture did not go unnoticed, with the world taking notice once the soldiers shared the note on social media. Thousands of letters came her way, thanking her for being the 'kindness the world needed.'

She even wound up on ELLEN, where the equally adorable Ellen Degeneres decided to match her gesture, by repaying the bill back ($27.75, to be precise) but also by giving her $10,000 as a tip along with a brand new 50" TV (after finding out Sarah's television was not working.)

When young waitress Sarah Hoidahl decided to help two furloughed soldiers by paying for their meals, her kindness did not go unnoticed.

A month later, remembering the struggles Sarah had talked about while dropping off her 15 month old son at daycare and commuting to work, Ellen surprised her favourite waitress once more, gifting her a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV.

Why I want you to remember Sarah Hoidahl?

How much does $27.75 cost? Well, 27.75 dollars, obviously.
How much does $27.75 and a genuine act of kindness cost? As Sarah will tell you, a lifetime of fame and goodwill from people all around the world.

This is part of my #AtoZChallenge where I will be focusing on Real Life Heroes: Shining Examples of Kindness and Compassion. You can find other real-life heroes here.

When young waitress Sarah Hoidahl decided to help two furloughed soldiers by paying for their meals, her kindness did not go unnoticed.


shalz75 said…
Wow!It takes a very big heart to have gratitude and goodness live in it. What a wonderful human being!!! Thanks doc for another amazing share.

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Sneha Sasikumar said…
I remember watching this episode on the Ellen's show. I think an act of selflessness and kindness is the most blessed traits of a human being.
Happy blogging!!!
vishal bheeroo said…
What a wonderful lady, Sarah is! Of course the kindness of the people to her is so touching as well. We just need to look around and we will see kindness in the people who mean it.
bellybytes said…
She is kind hearted indeed.....
Soumya said…
Such a wonderful soul she is.
Deepa said…
Aww.. that's such a sweet story. Kindness and good deeds always comes back and thats what Sarah's story teaches us.
Reema D'souza said…
Such a lovely gesture this was :)
Kalpanaa M said…
It doesn't matter how much you have but how much of that you're willing to share. Lovely woman.
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A gesture which sets a perfect example for billions :)
A very important story.iving does open you up to receiving amazing grace.
Vinodini Iyer said…
She would have never expected this kind of recognition when she did the good deed. Some people do such things so quietly but very few get acknowledged for what they do unless they blow their own trumpet. I'm glad she was rewarded so well.
Namy said…
That's a nice story! Sometimes karma and dharma work faster, and you are rewarded immediately:) Glad she was..

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Sarah Zama said…
It's nice to see that sometimes kind gestures are rewarded :-)

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rajlakshmi said…
that was indeed such a selfless and beautiful act. And one of the reasons why I love Ellen is because she invites people like her to the show and spreads the message of love.
It's mostly those who are struggling themselves who understand what others are going through during tough times. I wish I could send virtual hugs to all these people you've written about this April.
I love Ellen and her acts of kindness. And what Sarah did was amazing as well, without any expectations. Just wanting to make the soldiers feel at home and welcome and not hurt their pride!! Such humane acts are inspirational. Keep sharing more!!

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Shilpa Garg said…
The one who has gone through tough times can understand the struggles of others. Sarah is a true hero. Glad that she got so much love and recognition for her kind gesture.
beingFab said…
Such a simple gesture, but with tremendous impact! That's the power of kindness!
Mithila Menezes said…
I had watched this clip on Ellen's YouTube channel, and remember this story very well. It struck me as something that Sarah did as a kind gesture, which she didn't expect to get so viral. She didn't do it for the fame, she did it for someone in need. And the benefits were beyond belief!