Tea Culture of the World

by - June 06, 2017

With 80 varieties, Tea Culture of the World is heaven for the tea connoisseur and a perfect way for the occasional tea drinker to upgrade not just his knowledge but his palate and health too.

Sometimes you don't need words. A single picture will suffice. Like the one above. Imagine having that many varieties of tea at your disposal when you get home from work?

But I am getting ahead of myself. While I do enjoy my filter kaapi, my hot beverage of choice betrays my South Indian roots. Yes, it is the tea in its many varieties - from the amazing Rs 2 masala tea we used to get as students in Pune from the roadside vendor to the regal 'Earl Grey, hot' that my Star Trek Captain, Jean Luc Picard drinks to the traditional Darjeeling tea and yes, even the flavoured varieties.

So, when Tea Culture of the World sent over an intricately carved wooden box laden with myriad varieties of tea for me to try, it was pure nirvana for me.

 Seated comfortably within in neat rows and columns were sachets of eight exclusive varieties of tea that hailed from as far away as England, South Africa, Japan and China.

What I liked about Tea Culture of the World

1. They take their tea very seriously.
I tested 8 varieties of their tea. Can you guess how many varieties they have?
Believe it or not, they actually have 80 herbal and flavoured teas at the store (you can check the entire list out here!)

2. Attention to detail.

Based on the variety of tea (80 of them, remember?), each sachet is individualized to tell you:
  • the highlight and notes of that tea.
  • the health benefits of that tea.
  • how much quantity (if bought as tea leaves) is required for a hot tea and an iced tea.
  • the temperature at which to boil it.
  • the exact time duration to brew for that particular tea.   

3. The Doctor of Teas
The emphasis on making healthy varieties of teas comes from the CEO, Dr Rupali Ambegaonkar, a doctor and fitness freak who took her passion for tea to the next level, even living in a tea estate in China briefly to understand the methods of brewing and blending there. 

4. Whole Leaf Tea
This is not the crushed remains within the tea bag. This is the actual whole leaves themselves in a distinctive tea bag, not losing any of the original flavour.

5. The Whimsical Packaging
Seriously, look at all those lovely bright colours for each variety? How can you not feel happy reaching out for them? 

Coming to the teas I received

Well, I did test each one of them individually over the course of a week, brewing them as instructed in the sachets. The result? Eight unique teas with varying shades, aromas and flavours.

Clockwise from Top Left: 
Darjeeling, Sencha, Imperial White, Chamomile, 
Earl Grey, Rooibos, Kashmiri Kahwa and Oolong

  • Exclusive to South Africa
  • My opinion: A maroon red tea that feels rich and full-bodied.
  • Health: Aids in blood circulation and relieves stomach complaints.

  • Green tea, cardamom, cinnamom, cloves
  • My opinion: The spices are lighter than I anticipated and do not overpower.
  • Health: Aids in weight loss, maintaining cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure.

Oolong (Available in 7 flavoured varieties at the store.)
  • China-based tea
  • My opinion: Rich flavour with notes of spices.
  • Health: The Ming dynasty emperors venerated Oolong for its 'curative powers' - anti-aging, fighting tooth decay, improving kidney and spleen functions. 

  • India's very own rejuvenation potion.
  • My opinion: That very familiar and distinctive muscatel spiciness of Darjeeling tea that we have all had at least once in our lives.
  • Health: Weight loss, boosts immune system. 

Earl Grey (arguably, the world's most popular black tea)
  • Assam black tea with bergamot orange flavour.
  • My opinion: Smooth, perfect to kick-start the day.
  • Health: fights oral infections, aids in weight loss

Chamomile (Available in 5 flavoured varieties at the store.)
  • Green tea and delicate chamomile flowers in your tea-bag.
  • My opinion: Chamomile is fragrant and calming, ideal before going to sleep.
  • Health: relieves stress and anxiety, aids in weight loss and regulates blood pressure.


  • Japanese based whole leaf green tea.
  • My opinion: The sachet says 'a hint of seaweed' which made me hesitant but honestly, I did not make out any such note. It is light, sweet and mild-flavoured. 
  • Health: reduces signs of aging, aids in weight loss, regulates blood pressure.

  • White tea with scented jasmine flowers.
  • My opinion: Delicate but definitely floral (more than chamomile), soothening.
  • Health: Stress-reliever, reduces blood pressure and rich in calcium.

Final thoughts 

Tea Culture of the World has so many more varieties to offer and each so amazingly distinctive - Lemongrass Ginger, Mango Mania, Lemon Mojito, Moroccan Mint, Wildberry Tales, Spicy Mandarin, Apple Cinnamom Duet...
You can find the entire list here.

My advice? Take your time, click the ones that catch your fancy and read the detailed descriptions. Then choose for yourself.

If you are confused because of too much choice or want to find a good gifting option for a tea-lover, you can opt for the Tea-gifts. A collection of selected teas in exclusive gift packs - you have options like the Wellness collection, the Starter kit, Japanese and Chinese packs or the World tea pack (11 teas from 11 countries).

The varieties are honestly more than I have ever seen in my life from any tea-brand and the effort made to keep the tea healthy yet tasty and distinctive is visible here.

Tea Culture of the World is heaven for the tea connoisseur and a perfect way for the occasional tea drinker to upgrade not just his knowledge but his palate and health too.

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  1. I'd buy it for the box alone!
    I so love my teas too; hate to choose between filter coffee and tea. From this list, maybe I should give a try to the ones that say "Weight loss" :D :D :D

    1. This goes way beyond the traditional options... superb variety and loved the ones I tasted.

  2. You know this is what got me hooked to tea in the first place. Waise now you know what to get me for my Birthday. And that box is adorable so is the rest of the packaging.

    1. yes. a lovely box too alongside such vibrant sachets...

  3. "So, when Tea Culture of the World sent over an intricately carved wooden box laden with myriad varieties of tea for me to try, it was pure nirvana for me." - I'm so damn jealous!

    I love tea. Any tea without milk and sugar and these seem like a boon to me. For now, Apple Cinnamon duet has caught my attention :)

    1. Actually, even I've shortlisted it... many of those fruity combos have caught my eye...

  4. Being a North Indian, I am basically a tea person but in Bangalore I never miss the opportunity of letting go off filter kaapi wherever it is available. I am the traditional ginger, milk and sugar tea person. But all the above pictures and the descriptions of each tea sachet makes them interesting. The fact that most of them aid in weight loss makes them more attractive for me.

    1. I've been more of a green and black tea person myself... most green teas tend to be good for weight loss. And this brand has some 35+ varieties of green tea alone!

  5. I love tea in all its variety I am definitely checking put Tea culture of The World.
    I like white tea it's very mild and soothing but expensive .Green tea I have Ben a fan if for the last several years.But at heart I am a masala chai person 😊

    1. I had not heard of white tea before this... have learned a lot now!

  6. Oh, I love my daily cuppa - both in the morning and afternoon. Looks delicious . My favourite is the green tea in general - but this is an unknown brand. Looks YUM:-)

    1. They have some 39 varieties in green tea. Well worth checking out.

  7. Not a tea person actually but yes i have shopped a lot for my parents as they are crazy of tea..So this is totally on my list


    1. do give it a try... you will be surprised, especially by the variety!

  8. I like tea more than coffee and these colourful sachets look so cool. I don't like coffee that much. Green tea is my favourite these days.

    1. As I mentioned above, you will find more than 35 flavours just in the green tea section... something for everyone :)

  9. I am on a bus on my way to work and i Want tea NOW.... Oh my God Roshan, writing can trigger cravings and those pics and words are making me tea-rrible now :D

    1. hehehe... you would kill me if you browsed their site then!

  10. all that tea... it's like a dream for tea lovers. I still want to know what that Rooibos flavor is :D My kashmiri friend once made Kehva for me, it feels so good.

  11. You found gold, Doc. Just like I said on IG :)
    I am a tea fan and apart from the usual ginger and masala tea, I have started enjoying lemon on tulsi tea. It's just so refreshing and doesn't load one with that heavy feeling.
    I will sure check out these teas.

    1. lemon with tulsi is yum :) And yes, refreshing... check out these guys lemon versions... others got it and they loved it.

  12. Mmmm...I want to try them all out. The box and the packaging of every tea bag would make it a great gift too, no?

    1. these would make excellent and very unique gifts for people who love their tea as well as people who are fitness lovers..

  13. Man!! So much if thought behind a cup of tea?! And such colorful pictures! This was quite an insightful post ROshan!

    Boisterous Bee

  14. OMG.. I am still gushing and swooning here... What a treasure ... !!!

    1. haha... so much variety. I am still deciding what to buy for myself!

  15. AnonymousJune 10, 2017

    I love the KAshmiri Kahwa tea. I have a kashmiri friend who used to make this for rich with cut almonds... Used to love it

    1. wow.. don't know if this version has almonds in it. It just says 'exotic spices'

  16. I died and went to tea heaven! Oh gosh! Such pretty packaging and wow, you really DID taste everything :D So very tempted to order some now.

    1. I am actually planning on buying some in batches... some are more expensive than others so pacing myself.

  17. The boxes and teas look so pretty! I'm not a fan of chamomile or green as much but I do love rooibos and other fruity herbal teas

  18. These look so tempting with their colourful sachets.

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