Love Suspense movies? Well, so do I. So here's a list of some of the best movies that will keep you guessing in the post-Hitchcock era (because most of his films would fill up the list!)

here's a list of some of the best movies that will keep you guessing in the post-Hitchcock era

01. Se7en

One of the most iconic endings ever, Se7en follows two detectives (Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman) as they chase a serial killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins.

02. The Others

A devout Catholic woman and her two children begin to suspect that there are 'others' living in their house after strange occurrences in this wonderfully crafted atmospheric thriller.

03. The Usual Suspects

Again, iconic with its twist, The Usual Suspects follows the escapades of five criminals who meet during a police line-up and end up planning a dangerous robbery, commissioned by the elusive mob boss Keyser Soze.

04. Frailty

A young man visits the FBI, claiming his recently deceased brother was the serial killer they were searching for and explaining how their religiously fanatic father turned his brother into 'God's hand' to kill sinners.

05. Fight Club

An disillusioned ordinary guy gets motivated by a salesman he meets to join an underground fight club that has more on its agenda than throwing a few punches.

06. Shutter Island

When a patient disappears in a remote asylum, two US Marshalls travel to the island to find him. 

07. The Departed

Martin Scorsese once more in this cat-and-mouse cops & robbers game as undercover agents and espionage agents play devious games to avoid being detected.

08. Mulholland Drive

Dream and reality are fluid in this David Lynch as the sole survivor of a car crash suffering from amnesia takes the help of another woman to find out her past.

09. The Sixth Sense

This list would not be complete without this M.N. Shyamalan slow-boiling movie of a guy trying to help a boy who claims he 'sees dead people.' 

10. Saw

Forget about all the gory sequels. The first 'Saw' movie was an excellent low budget thriller with a brilliant twist as two men wake up shackled in a room with no idea what is going on.

11. What Lies Beneath

A middle aged woman begins to suspect her neighbour may have been murdered but is unable to convince her bemused husband. 

12. Gone Girl

With superlative performances by its leads, this David Fincher movie focuses on the disappearance of a beautiful housewife and the growing evidence that her husband may have killed her.

13. Zodiac

Again, David Fincher directs an all-star cast as the police and media try to work out the puzzles sent by the (real life) serial killer, Zodiac.

14. The Game

An early work of Fincher, this thriller weaves a mystery around a banker who receives a strange gift from his brother on his birthday and is drawn into a life-and-death game. 

15. LA Confidential

The best neo-noir suspense thriller in years features three cops with differing ideals and agendas investigating a case of police corruption.

16. Memento

Nolan's genius comes to the fore here as we rewind every 15 minutes to follow a man suffering from short term memory loss who uses tattoos and notes to hunt down his wife's killer. 

17. Prestige

Nolan once more directs this smart thriller of the rivalry between two magicians looking to outdo each other, no matter what the cost.

18. ChinaTown

One of the best detective noir movies features a young Jack Nicholson hired to spy on an adulterer who finds himself in over his head.

19. Gone Baby Gone

Two detectives find their ideals questioned as they dig deeper into the disappearance of a 4 year old girl.

20. Identity

One of director James Mangold's (Logan) earliest thrillers told the suspenseful tale of ten strangers stranded in a motel who find themselves slowly being ticked off as one of them may be a killer.

21. 12 Monkeys

A smart sci-fi thriller where a convict is sent back in time to find a virus that caused the death of billions.

22. Dead Silence

Before he became famous for The Conjuring and Insidious, director James Wan had a supernatural mystery revolving around a ventriloquist doll with a superstitious past that offered a very smart twist in the tale.

23. Primal Fear

An overconfident lawyer finds himself defending an un-winnable case: an young altar boy accused of the gruesome murder of a priest.

24. Inception

Sci-fi gold as Nolan showcases the tale of a thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious and finds himself burdened with an impossible task - implanting one man's idea into another man's subconscious from within.

25. The Secret in their Eyes

Following two timelines, a judge and judiciary employee seek closure for a 25 year old case that haunted them in this beautiful Argentine thriller.

26. The Skin I Live In

In this dark polarizing movie, a surgeon cultivating an artificial skin for patients holds a dark secret in his house - a disfigured woman with a shocking past that you simply cannot guess. 

27. Secret Window

An author running away from divorce proceedings finds himself hounded at his cabin retreat by a stranger who claims the author plagiarized his work.

28. Orphanage

A young lady returning to the orphanage she grew in finds herself at a loss when her son goes missing there after an argument. 

Just missed my list:

Arlington Road

How many of these have you seen and enjoyed? Which movies would you have added to this list? 
Do tell.
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Neha Tambe said…
That's a great list. As a rule I don't watch ghost or super natural movies :P I have seen a few, the rest will catch up soon
Rajlakshmi said…
Woaa there's a lot that I haven't seen yet. I can tick if only 12. Gotta do some binging over the weekend. You have awesome choices Doc :)
Deepa said…
That's a great list but I have not seen many of them. I loved Sixth sense and the inception. I have to still see some of them.
Great list of turkey great movies. Have to catch a few. Still remember 'the others'
Shirley Corder said…
That's quite a list of movies. I never watch supernatural or violent movies. My mind is too impressionable, and I don't sleep afterwards. I probably miss out on some good movies in the process.
Have you ever had cold feet?
Balaka Basu said…
Roshan..this list is amazing..Se7en is one of the deadliest movies I have ever seen, I couldn't sleep the entire night..all seven sins..Others is another movie till the end it was not understood that the lady and her kids were the real ghosts..fight club and sixth sense is also great..thanks for this amazing compilation of movies
Natasha said…
What an exhaustive list, though a pity Inhacent seem most, as I'm a big fan of thrillers and horror.

I got to watch Se7ven now! Going by yours and Balaka's review.
Thank you doc with this detailed ready reckoner.
Dipika said…
That's a huge list here, I confess of not seeing many but the some that I have seen yes I agree with you completely - in fact the Island is one such picture I never understood the whole story, forget abt the ending lolz..
great compilation.
here's mine -
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's a comprehensive list of suspense movies. From your list, I have watched just one and that's Fight Club. :O
I have seen (and loved) Sixth Sense and Gone Girl, but this list has given me ample options for a long movie marathon. Thank you for sharing. :)
DeeDee said…
Except for 2, seen all...
Awesome list here

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Namratha said…
Wow! have you watched all of them? Should save up the list for a rainy day
Esha said…
That's a huge list, Roshan. I've seen #6, #9, #11, #12 and #24 and know these are one of the best from the genre. Good list to refer to, when I am looking for a suspense thriller next time around!
Among all the above movies, I have only watched Sixth Sense. I kept on wondering throughout the movie 'ho kya raha hai' cursing the group of friends, I went to watch the movie with. But the end was shocking which made it, interestingly, worth it. Still I never took to watching suspense movies unless I am forced to just like the cricket matches.
Some of these do fall under that category, I admit. But plenty of good mysteries.
12 is still way more than others below you in the comment section :)
quite a few good ones here... don't go searching for spoilers.
i wanna rewatch it now... enjoyed it a lot back then
haha... I can understand :)
hope you find some more gems here. I loved Seven... it stuck in my head for years.
You will love Seven... its a brilliant movie.
haha.. Shutter Island was that kinda movie. The book was pretty good too, actually.
oooh... then you have plenty of wonderful movies to catch up on.
Glad to be of assistance. :)
yay! Finally someone who's seen almost all. :D
please do.. you will love them
do save the list and check out the others :)
haha... you know what? I had the same feeling watching Sixth Sense... we'd reached the last few minutes (was watching on a VCD back then) and I kept thinking what the hell was the big deal about this movie... and then WHAM!
There are at least a couple of movies I haven't watched. Will make sure to watch them now. I'm sure there are a lot more that could have made this list. BTW, not surprising that a few Nolans have made the list.
Would have been tough to zero in on this from an exhaustive list!
bellybytes said…
You're ten steps ahead of me with this one. I see murder mysteries and suspense through covered hands so I definitely avoid this genre.
renu sethi said…
Wow that's some detailed list. 15 out of 28 is my score.

My personal favourite is Departed, Se7en and fight club. شركة نقل عفش بالرياض شركة نقل عفش بالطائف شركة نقل عفش بالدمام شركة نقل عفش بجدة شركة نقل عفش بالمدينة المنورة
Definitely like departed seven fight club out if your list. Very well compiled
Hiral Amodia said…
Wow.. this is a nice and handy compilation. I am copying this list to by PDA. Will start watching this series.
That's looks very interesting list filled with best horror and thriller combination. I've watched some. Will loved to watch more soon
Wow! These are some beautiful books that have been converted to movies. I especially thought - The Usual Suspects, was too good.Will check others books that you have listed. ☺️
Seven and Inception are my favourites on the list .Inception is a life changing storyline .We go on thinking what if this is the alternate reality !
This is just awesome list. Among these I loved The Usual Suspects, that has so much of twist in the last that one gets surprised. Will check out others.
Wow...what a list...almost all which deserved have got listed. Brought back some memories. Thanks for sharing.

RICHA said…
Hey!!! Thanks for sharing, surely added in my list if they all are available in netflix!!!
Vasantha Vivek said…
Thats really an exhaustive list of suspense movies. To be frank, I know only sixth sense. All others are new to me.
Have seen 12 and loved Gone Girl- Prestige and The departed. Good now I have few more to catch
megha saraf said…
Now that's a such an interesting list. I would also add I see u!