The Most Touching Song Tributes of all Time #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
The best songs are the ones that sing to your heart. And yes, sometimes even break your heart. Some of the most iconic numbers over the years have their origins from loss, with grief giving rise to legendary songs.

Without further adieu, here are some of the most touching song tributes of all time. I hope you have your headphones on... you are in for a treat today.

Some of the most iconic numbers over the years have their origins from loss, with grief giving rise to legendary songs.

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

Tribute for: actor Paul Walker
This piano-hiphop ballad still brings tears to the eyes of grown men today as they watch the final scene of Furious 7, from the Fast and Furious movie franchise, serving as a beautiful goodbye to actor Paul Walker who died in a car accident.

I'll be Missing You - Puff Daddy with Faith Evans

Tribute for: Rapper The Notorious B.I.G.
The assassination of rapper The Notorious B.I.G. broke the hearts of millions of fans. Puff Daddy and Faith Evans (the wife of the deceased) would perform their take of the Police's 'Every Breathe You Take' later that year, honoring him.

Candle in the Wind - Sir Elton John

Tribute for: actress Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana
Elton John first sang this song in honour of the late actress Marilyn Monroe. He would rework it two decades later and perform it at the funeral of Princess Diana. The second version would go on to become the second best-selling single of all time, selling over 33 million copies. The video below is of the live performance by Sir Elton John at Princess Diana's funeral in 1997. 

Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder

Tribute for: Martin Luther King Jr
You can hear the song being performed live by Stevie Wonder over here.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Tribute for: band member and co-founder Syd Barrett
Trivia: Syd Barrett was not dead at the time but had lost his way due to drugs and mental illness and left the band. 

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

Tribute for: His son, Conor.
One of Eric Clapton's most iconic numbers stems from tragedy, having lost his 4 year old son who fell from an apartment window. 

Jesus to a Child - George Michael

Tribute for: his lover, Anselmo Feleppa.
One of George Michael's biggest hits, a fact that was revealed following his death in 2016 was that he secretly donated all his earnings from this song to a 24 hour child helpline service in UK, ChildLine.

Man on the Moon - R.E.M.

Tribute for: legendary comedian Andy Kaufman.
This would be the same eccentric comedian played by Jim Carrey in the 1999 biopic 'Man on the Moon'. The lyrics of this song perfectly mimic Kaufman's brand of comedy.
You can listen to the song here.

American Pie - Don McLean

Tribute for: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. 'the Big Bopper' Richardson.
Long before Madonna sang this song, the original song paid tribute to the three artists who died in a 1959 plane crash. You can listen to this poignant American classic here.

Missing you - Diana Ross

Tribute for: Singer Marvin Gaye
Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye were longtime friends who had worked together for over 20 years and even had a best-selling musical album 'Diana & Marvin'. Marvin's tragic death at the hands of his own father following a family dispute is considered one of the top ten shocking moments in rock and roll history. 

Life Changes - Wu-Tang Clan

Tribute for: band member Ol' Dirty Bast**d
That chorus is truly haunting. You can listen to the song here.

Wake Me up When September Ends - Green Day

Tribute for: the father of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong who died of cancer.

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  1. What lovely songs. Thanks for sharing! How do you keep on top of the craziness of blogs and writing? My tip is on Thankful Thursday Week 12

  2. Awesome collection I must say, my personal favourite is "Wake Me up When September Ends" and I have my earphones on now :) Thanks for the reminder! #Superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

  3. Informative post Dr. I knew that about Wake me up when September ends and stopped listening to it. I love Candle in the wind. But American Pie is my favourite in this list. So tragic about Tears in Heaven.


  4. Wow! What a lovely list of songs. Found some great songs. Thanks Doc :)

  5. This is such a beautiful list of songs, Roshan. See you again is my favorite from this list. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow.. such a beautiful compilation. I miss all of them. My favorite being Wham!!

  7. Oh I absolutely love it’s been. Long day... it still makes my eyes wet. Paul Walker :( is missed.

  8. I hadn't heard these songs until now. I guess I ought to add these to my playlist as soulful numbers do feel good to listen to sometimes. They do strike a chord, don't they?

  9. Some of the songs I have heard for the first time. Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing

  10. Have not heard some of these classics for decades. Wow... My favourite being Tears in heaven. This is my favourite followed by American pie

  11. These are some classics. I don't listed to a lot of English numbers but I would love to. Thank you for sharing! I am heading to add these to my playlist :)

  12. I am not very fond of English music but George Michael is one name that I know since ages

  13. This is an amazing collection! Jesus to a Child is like everyone's fave!

    1. Would you judge me if I tell you I haven't yet heard any of these songs? :/

      But on the positive side - I have so many to check out now. Already got my earphones and I am ready for the binge. Thank you!

    2. *Oops..I did not mean that as a reply to Tina's comment. Hazards of commenting from my cellphone. Sigh.

  14. Hey Roshan, I was a keen western music buff when I was in college. During the four years of my engineering I had not missed a single western music nite. For nearly 30 years other than a few rare occasions I have been totally out of western music. Thanks for rekindling my interest. Pink Floyd's We don't need know education was one of my favorites. I have not listened to all the videos today but I am sure coming back here when I have more time and listening to everything. Another song I used to like was Hotel California by Eagles. Thanks so mush for this series. I am sure going to get back on track with western music. Wonder which are today's popular groups and singers?

  15. What a fun post, Dr.Roshan! Takes back on a nostalgic ride. I´m going to put these songs on loop for this week...Love how music can charge you and refresh your soul. :)

  16. That's classic list of English songs. Though many are new but my favourite is tears in heaven.

  17. Lovely list. Takes me back to my college time and karaoke days. eric claptn is a league on his own


  18. this is such a lovely list of awesome song, enjoyed reading it. would love to write bollywood version of this post. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  19. I will be missing you is a favourite .Loved the list

  20. This sure is a wonderful collection of songs. Infact, many of these have been long forgotten but then they are so magical when I hear them again. This collection im sure will be loved many people :-)

  21. Great list...I didn't know that about wake me up when september ends. Also, 'One more light' by Linkin Park was dedicated to Chris Cornell after he suicided. And when I listen to it now, it reminds me how another light - Chester - is now gone from our lives.

  22. All are wonderful songs. Thank you for sharing. Will go through one by one..:)

  23. That's a beautiful collection of songs, Roshan. I knew only of 'Wake me up' and the tribute to Princess Diana and Paul Walker, though I have heard the other songs.

  24. Truly awesome post. Although I am not very knowledgeable on this front but my hubby really appreciated this.

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