Interview with author Manaswita Ghosh

by - August 10, 2017

This year, three of my co-authors from the widely popular Indian anthology 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart' have come out with their debut novel. So it is a great pleasure to feature them here at the blog as they begin this new journey.

Presenting author Manaswita Ghosh.

Hi Manaswita. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an independent media professional based in Calcutta. I write about travel and edit fiction. I have worked with The Telegraph (ABP Group) as a journalist, writing and editing news for the newspaper's digital front. I am extremely fond of poetry and prose, and I have been published by Penguin Books India, the British Council, First Step Publishers, Talent Flush Creations, and a bunch of others in the past. Currently I work with a bunch of publishing houses and travel portals. 

What is your debut book Solitude Revisited About?

SOLITUDE REVISITED is a collection of short stories. There are ten short stories and nine very short stories. Most of the stories are about real people and incidents, as I believed my first book had to be as real as it could be. I have given the best of me, writing about people I have known and meet everyday. It always surprises me that how no matter what problems life throws at us, some of us get up to fight every single day. This book is about them. What happens in the end is a different issue. Sometimes, the struggle leads to the kind of results we seek, sometimes it doesn't. Some of my stories don't have a happy ending simply because life isn't fair, so it's best kept real.

SOLITUDE REVISITED is my first complete collection of short stories. I have been working on it or quite some time, and finally managed to finish it last year. The manuscript was taken on by StoryMirror and published this year. 

I hear there has been some good news on the personal front?

This year, I got engaged to the most wonderful and amazing person I have known for a while. My book has been well received by the readers since its release, which makes me immensely happy. And along with all the good things that have been going on, I have had the courage to quit a well-paying, secure job at ABP to do something I had always wanted to do, which was to edit fiction. My decision hasn't disappointed me, and I am satisfied with the work I am doing now.

Where can we get your book? 

You can buy Solitude Revisited here.

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  1. It's interesting to read about the different bloggers in today's posts. Thanks for this one.

  2. Thanks for sharing Manaswita 's interview. Solitude Revisited, sounds great. She is right about life not being fair always, not all stories have happy endings.

  3. Congrats on all the good things that came her way year. It's always good to keep stories to real, atleast no false hopes.

  4. Congratulations on getting published. Short stories are the best from a reader perspective.

  5. Congratulations Manaswita Ghosh for your book. It's always interesting to read about your journey as a journalist at The Telegraph and know a few seniors who work for the ABP Group in Delhi. A great interview Dr Roshan.

  6. I like stories with happy endings and the ones that are realistic too. Manaswita's book sounds just that! Will look out for her book. Thanks for sharing, Roshan!

  7. I have gone through the interview with manaswita ghosh and came to know about the synopsis of her maiden short story collection SOLITUDE REVISITED. All the best Manaswita.

  8. Such an interesting interview. I have never heard about this woman and about her book as well. But she seems really like a nice person and I think her book is really good as well, it would not be that popular, if it wasn't good, I guess. I am totally going to read it soon. thanks a lot for posting.


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