This year, three of my co-authors from the widely popular Indian anthology 'Love Stories That Touched My Heart' have come out with their debut novel. So it is a great pleasure to feature them here at the blog as they begin this new journey.

Presenting author Vinayak Nadkarni.

About myself:

I would like to describe myself as an aspiring artist trapped in an engineer’s body and labeled by the world as an IT Professional. I am currently living in Munich, Germany and I was born and studied in Hubli, Karnataka. I have always found the art of storytelling captivating. Be it through the words or through the stage-acts, I always fancy my chances. I achieved my first major break-through when Penguin India published my short story in the year 2012 in their anthology – Love Stories That Touched My Heart. This book went on to become a bestseller. You can get in touch with me and also read some of the sample stories of my debut book by visiting

My debut book:

My debut book is a work of fiction and titled Why So Twisted?  It is a multi-genre anthology of simple but yet skewed short stories. This book touches many subjects – from romance to social issues; from marriages to extra-marital affairs. However, the one unique thing about this anthology is that every story has an unexpected plot twist which would surprise the reader. Sometimes, it’s the protagonist’s clever mind, at times, it’s his kind heart. Otherwise, it’s the heartless destiny, or occasionally, it’s the writing style too, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?

Authors you love reading:

I enjoy reading short stories more than novels. So naturally, Jeffrey Archer and O.Henry have made a greater impact on me. In addition, I love the simple story telling techniques of Sudha Murthy as well.

Link to buy:

The Kindle and paperback versions of the book are already available worldwide. In the first weekend,  the book entered Amazon ranking #5 under ‘Foreign-Short-Stories’ category on and currently it is trending at #32 on In India, you can buy the e-book here on and the paperback copies will be available on Amazon and Flipkart by 14th of August, 2017.

 ‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6'

I decided to subvert the themes of Days 4 & 5 and instead go with the theme of Day 6 (Interview someone) for these three authors. You can find other posts related to today's theme of 'write a letter' here.

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I have a special affinity towards authors who are Engineers. Glad to read about Vinayak. :)
Santosh U said…
Eagerly waiting for paperback copy. The book is destined to become one of the Best Seller of year 2017. Congratulations Vinayak..
Bhavya N said…
Congratulations to your friend. So can we start waiting for your book too, Roshan?
Shilpa Garg said…
Short stories with a twist is something that I love reading. Will check out Why So Twisted?
Vasantha Vivek said…
Inspired interview. Dreaming to be interviewed like this one day.
VinayakNadkarni said…
Thank you, Sheethal. Kind of you.
The book is now available on flipkart, Amazon and Infibeam(discounted).

VinayakNadkarni said…
Thank you Shilpa.
The book is now available on flipkart, Amazon and Infibeam(discounted).

Hope you will enjoy it. I will be glad to hear your views.

VinayakNadkarni said…
Thank you, Santosh. Kind of you.
The book is now available on flipkart, Amazon and Infibeam(discounted).

VinayakNadkarni said…
Thank you, Bhavya.
He looks so cute! And seems like a really kind and interesting person. I like the way he talk about himself. I guess my next step is to buy this book so I can at least understand all the hype here. Thanks for posting.
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