Tharavadu Hotel - a Kannur Seafood spot #WriteBravely

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Day 3 of Write Tribe's Festival of Words asks me to feature a map and write about a place.

So many write about glamourous 5 star places they've been to and I love their write-ups. But it got me thinking about how it is just as important to give some love to the little guys too. So today, I am featuring a traditional Keralite lunch home I came across recently.

Tharavadu restaurant is a small restaurant run by women entrepreneurs situated at the start of the Thalassery- Anjarakandy road that opens during lunch time. It is a quaint set up where businessmen and doctors sit alongside farmers and labourers (akin to the more famous seafood duo of Odhens in Kannur or Hotel Narayana in Mangalore.)

Now this is what you call a 'from the frying pan to the fire' scenario!

Served on palm leaves, lunch typically consists of rice with two curries (veg and fish), three vegetarian sides and papad. The USP of the place is the seafood, of course.

Every morning, members of the family travel to Thalassery and nearby places and get the best of fresh water as well as sea fish. These fish are then well marinated before being fried in batches right in front of you and served piping hot onto your plate (you get to point and choose your piece.)

No discrimination here: 3 varieties of fish being fried simultaneously.

A usual day consists of 5-8 varieties of seafood, wonderfully fresh and priced at extremely nominal rates. [Unlimited rice & curries + the fish in the picture above + a plate of sardine eggs adds up to Rs 110/- only] The customers are spoiled for choice and often end up selecting a whole bunch to go with their meals.

Fried sardine eggs. I would choose them over caviar any day!

Running a small outlet like this, it was always unlikely they would use the internet in any way to their benefit so I took the liberty of helping them last month by adding them on Google Maps.
Locate them here

The idea behind this was simple - they are a good outlet that serve excellent food with a welcoming smile and offer far more varieties of seafood than many fancier restaurants in Kannur. They deserve more recognition and hopefully, people will find them now as they travel by this road (situated just off the road heading towards the upcoming International Kannur airport and 2.5 km from Kannur Medical College).

 ‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6'

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  1. That's fantastic price for traditional lunch! Iam a vegetarian so cannot taste sea food.

  2. A place I would stop at if I visited Kannur. :-) The fish looks yummy, even though I don't usually like fish curry or dishes.

  3. If and when I come to Kannur, I know this is the place to be - of course, it comes only after gorging on Pramila Aunty's sumptuous cooking. :)

  4. Small places like these serve more authentic flavours which has the history of the place woven into along with the love .

  5. How nice of you to add them to Google Maps... The fish fry looks so delicious... I love fish and just the sight of this is giving me serious food cravings

  6. The fish looks so delicious! I've finished dinner but I'm salivating

  7. That was good of you to add them in Google maps. Whenever in hometown, I look out for hotels like these. They food they serve is delicious of supreme quality and quantity.

  8. Though not a seafood lover, I enjoy eating out at such traditional joints - especially down south! The flavours are genuine and the food is fresh. I am always on a look out for recco to such eating joints when I travel

  9. Food at such joints is always fresh and tasty. And that it's available at such prices is an added bonus. So good of you to add them at Google Maps.

  10. Kannur and sea food sounds delicious. This hotel I will find and haunt. I love sea food. Good of you go do the Google Map thingy

  11. Hi Dr.Roshan! Your post really made me hungry and crave for Kerala food. This is such a tease. But yes! I cannot wait to try this small but spectacular joint whenever I happen to go there. I love Kerala food...nothing like good hometown food at the end of the day! Slurrrppp!

  12. And the fish cravings have returned! A lot of times these small places serve the yummiest food and are so much better than the posh over priced restaurants!

  13. I love Karimeen. Making a note of this place: I do plan a drive around the south of India on my next trip.

  14. Iam a vegetarian so cannot taste sea food.

    แตกใน xxx

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