Syringes galore to administer drugs aplenty - drugs to make you sleep and drugs to reduce your pain, drugs that make your mouth go dry and drugs that make your heart slow down, drugs to take your breath away and drugs to bring them back.

Needles thinner than a ball pen refill that can make you immobile, taking away your pain though I do need to stab you in the back with them!

Pens that help convey my thoughts; that make you smile and make you think, help me engage with you and alleviate your fears and worries.

These are the resources you would find with me if you were to stop by my workplace and examine my 'desk'.   

What knick-knacks would I find if I came by your table?

Today's theme for Write Tribe's Festival of Words is Resources we have or use.

 ‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6'

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Viyoma said…
Wow interesting. I directly read your post without reading your profile page. Its only after reading your Desk Menu - realized your a Doctor.
Damyanti said…
Those are life-saving objects. On mine you'll find a lot of sticky notes and pens that don't work and all kinds of 'healthy snacks'.

Syringes will make many shudder Dr.Roshan.Loved what's on your desk. I also have a ganeshji.,my otoscope and a potted plant. Loved this
Shilpa Garg said…
Unusual resources for us, but 'all in a day's work' for you.
On mine, you will find note pads, pens, water bottle and Kindle.
Ls said…
Quite a work table. My table has endless wire chords of mouse, headphone,laptop and pens and my writing pad.
haha... the needles would have been a dead giveaway, I imagine! :)
healthy snacks? Never heard of them :D
thats a wonderful combination! religion, occupation and nature side-by-side.
bellybytes said…
Pithily describing your work resources.........And a much neater and better kept workspace than mine!
shalz75 said…
Ouch!!! I am not stopping by your workplace anytime soonest doc!!
My workspace has loads of colourful stationery to appease the child in you - drop in........ :-)
Shalini said…
Whoa! Now this is a different take on the prompt! :) On mine you'll find a coffee mug, 365 days of being Piscean calendar, books, a small flower pot, photographs, pens and journals :)
Reema D'souza said…
Such a different take on the prompt this was! Mine has a computer, a few butterflies and flowers that I made and yeah not to forget many tiny electronic parts!
What else do we can expect from a Doc's desk? Mine have lots of papers, files and a PC..and yea also my mobile with headset attached.
Sanch Writes said…
Haha...that's pretty cool! My desk has my diary, some papers, notepads and a whole lot of knickknacks I love that keep me positive! :)
Upasna said…
Ouch it hurts. Syringes always haunted me but now I am a brave soul. My Desk has a journal, pens and these days a round object to make my Gratitude Pies.
ly heng said…

Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this topic and am very excited.Thank you.
vishal bheeroo said…
Love the pen on your table to weave tales but the other two are scary. Ha! My table is stuffed with pen, papers, diary and magazines...the life of a journo and PR consultant. I am thinking to find alternate place to put my stuffs:)
tota ammar said…
vaiybora said…
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