I reach for her but stay my hand as she shakes her head.
"Will we ever be together?" I ask hopefully.
I know the woman in crimson too yearns to be with me again but she needs to be sure that it will just be the two of us. She points to the woman in black clinging onto my arm.
"Divorce her and I will come."
Her eyes water as I hesitate and she turns away.
"You know where to find me." She whispers before disappearing into the darkness.

Six winters have passed but True Love's crimson plea still haunts me. I reach out once more, hoping she will be there. But icy fingers greet my own and my heart turns to lead as a familiar face appears to dissipate my loneliness.
The woman who never leaves my side.
The woman in black.
Lady Past.

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Vinay Leo R. said…
Difficult to go on the path we really want to when there's a heavy past holding us back. Lovely story.
tulika singh said…
Ooh this was so good.
Varsh said…
This was too good! Perfect take on the prompt. ��
Akshata Ram said…
This was really deep. A dilemma of this kind always tears a person apart
Gaurav Yadav said…
Well written.
Kalpana Solsi said…
The women who never leaves my side..... this side has to be buried to enjoy and live with the white lady i.e. the present.
Red Handed said…
How we love holding on to our baggages
Very profound take on the prompt. Very engaging one!
- Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
Too true - few of us can divorce our pasts. We cling to the heavy luggage for dear life.
Thanks Vinay. I totally agree. And it's never easy.
Thanks Tulika. Glad you liked it.
Easier said than done, sometimes
And that invariably destroys us. Stops us from being the best we could have been.
Tina Basu said…
You can divorce an individual but not the memories or feelings. Very nice doctor. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction
Ness said…
Haunting words. So profound and very true. Memories are always there.
Manisha said…
It was very intense and deep.
Thanks tina... sadly, yes. The memories linger long after the person disappears from our lives
Was aiming for that :)
Sad and simply Stunning!
Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction , Roshan.
thanks for stopping by :)
Shamik said…
Deep thought indeed... Nice read :)
Minakshi said…
Deep and powerful story. Very well written. Memories are actually long last till end.
Sanch Writes said…
The baggage from the past always leaves scars in some way. I hope that in spite of Lady Past, you can find True Love :) Thanks for linking up
Sadly so true... memories can stay for a long time indeed.
So do I... so do I :)
Alpana Deo said…
This is my third time I came across 100 words story. And Everytime it surprised me how you all can write such a crisp story with just few words. Those two words Lady Past described the whole plot.i felt as if I am reading a plot from a movie which is about to release. Very well done.
Thanks. I wanted it to affect the reader on a personal level. Glad I could make it work.
such a wonderful write up!
tota ammar said…