Student saves a life while waiting for a job interview

by - October 13, 2017

College student Wil Stewart was waiting at a coffee shop for a job interview along with other prospective students when a customer began to choke on his food. Seeing the man struggling to breathe, Stewart realized the gravity of the situation and ran up to him, giving him the Heimlich maneuver till the man recovered. 

Wil chose not to mention this incident to his interviewer later on, which was ironic, considering it would have really helped secure his job. You see, he was interviewing for the position of a paramedic at the San Luis Ambulance in Sacramento, California! 

Even the interviewer only found out much later. Needless to say, Stewart got the internship.

Do not underestimate what Stewart did. Choking is a real medical emergency and cuts off oxygen supply to the lungs. 4 to 6 minutes without being able to breath and the loss of oxygen can cause brain damage with irreversible brain death in 10 minutes. 

You cannot expect to get a doctor in that time which is why it is imperative that you know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver yourself. The procedure differs based on whether you are doing it to an adult, a child, a baby, a pregnant lady or even yourself (if you are alone and start choking)

In an earlier article, I have given the detailed steps (with illustrations) for the Heimlich maneuver in various scenariosPlease do learn it or at the very least, save that page for future reference.

Someday, it can help save a life.

In the video, Wil Stewart gets felicitated and receives a standing ovation from the state President for his quick thinking that made the difference between life and death.

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  1. Hands of God at play... Got me goose bumps again!
    I did not know about Heimlich maneuver. Thank you Dr Roshan for adding to my knowledge. Till now, all I knew was that we pat on the back of a person who is chocking.
    - Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  2. Wow! Knowledge applied at the right time saved a life!
    I know about the Heimlich Maneuver and I pray I never have to use it :)

  3. How crucial it is to know such things which can save life, at nick of time. I learned about this watching a series of WHAT WOULD YOU DO on Discovery. thanks for sharing the details :-)

  4. I remember reading your earlier post on Heimlich maneuver. Learning the Heimlich maneuver and CPR is my to-learn list. Can these be learnt at some institute/hospital?

  5. I read both your posts! I am a new mother. I am yet to start solids for my little one. I am glad this helped me learn some tips, just in case! Thanks Doc! As scary as it is, it is good to know!

  6. I knew about this technique but didn't know its proper medical term. It's knowledge can be priceless in case of an emergency. Thanks for sharing, Roshan.

  7. Such small life saving techniques are really important to be known, remembered and apply when required. Thanks for sharing, Roshan.

  8. I love your series of finding goodness and humanity from around the world! Makes me believe all is not lost and we are still capable of goodness.

  9. Informative post. I am loving these stories in this compassion and kindness series.

  10. This is very informatic. One needs to be alert to be able to perform and save someone's life.

  11. It could be helpful to someone out there! Nice one.

  12. Saviours are true heroes! Very informative post, shall read your detailed post to get the right knowledge.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts


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