Have you heard of an English indie rock band called Florence and the Machine?
No? Well, I hope you watch out for them after this.

In May 2016, teenager Karinya Chen's dream to watch her favourite band seemed so near yet so far. She had tickets to the Florence + the Machine concert being held in her hometown of Austin, Texas but unfortunately, the bone cancer she had been battling with for 6 years had taken a turn for the worse, leaving her frail and bedridden at the hospice.

When Florence found out, she decided to make that concert ticket count and so paid a visit to the Hospice Austin and give her fan a private concert of her own.

In addition to a ton of merchandise, the band sang for her (including getting Karinya to sing along with the lead singer) for almost an hour.

Karinya Chen would succumb to her illness a few months later at the age of 15. In her last interview a week before she died, she talked about how that private concert by Florence and the Machine was 'the best 45 minutes of her life.'

Authors note:

After coming across this story, I went online to check out other songs by the band. What struck me was the excellent vocal talent of lead singer Florence Welch.

This song 'Spectrum' has some amazing visuals too. Do give it a look.

I've always maintained that the difference between real singers and mere performers is how they perform unplugged. Watching Florence sing to Karinya in the Hospice Austin, it is clear she is the real deal as a singer in addition to being a real hero of kindness.

You can also find Florence singing this same song as a duet along with patient Karinya Chen here.

Authors note: 

Write Tribe
I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. 
Today's theme was 'Terminal'
Florence + the Machine are real-life heroes of compassion. 
There is a lot more kindness where that came from. 
I have compiled over 30 heroes of kindness and compassion this year.
You can find the list here


Rachel Kestner said…
I do know who Florence and the Machine are I liked them before I like them even better now.
priyadarshani said…
Such acts of compassion is what separates the great from the good. Very happy to read such an inspirational piece first thing in the morning!
shalz75 said…
I hadnt heard of this band and thanks to your post have become a fan of not just their music but goodness too! My god how her voice reverbrates in that hospital room- she is a powerful singer! What a generous thing to do and with so much heart!! Salute..
Florence is definitely the real deal .Few people remember to be nice when they are famous.
Rajlakshmi said…
I haven't heard of her before but now will definitely check out her albums. How happy she made Karinya. What a beautiful soul!
Varsh said…
Florence is a brilliant artist with a gem of a heart. What she did was not impossible but certainly a rare gesture of humanity.
Anagha Yatin said…
Eyes welled up when I watched the video! Have not heard about the band and the artist before, but i am already a fan now! Thanks for sharing a great story of compassion and real life heroes.
- Anagha from Team MocktailMommies
I honestly didn't know them. But I really loved some of their songs after checking them out now courtesy of this story
I agree. It was such a lovely gesture
There are a few videos available on YouTube of different songs she sings in that hospice room. Always on key.
So true. Those who retain their humility are real heroes in my book always
I know. Even I had not heard of this band earlier.
I think it's important to showcase these gestures of humanity from across the world now
Glad you liked it. I thought it was a beautiful gesture on the part of the band.
If you have the opportunity to make someone smile, do it.
I've listened to Florence and the Machine - it's good to know that along with powerful vocals, they also have their hearts in the right place.
Rohan Kachalia said…
Haven't heard of this band, but the kindness and generosity they have showed is simply touching. We need more such people to make world a better living place.
Jayanthy said…
Their act of kindness makes me want to check her songs. Thanks for passing on the goodness to us.
sulekkha said…
God bless Florence! She did a wonderful thing for her teen fan. A good human being is one who feels the pain of others and tries to help every possible way.
I am so out of touch. Had no clue of these singers. After listening, I wondered why because their style is something I would enjoy on a regular basis
We do need more people making this kind of an extra effort. That is for sure.
You will love these ones I've added here at the site :)
Amen. Totally agree with that
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's awe-inspiring. Giving a private concert for a fan is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing this lovely story of compassion, Roshan!
Aishwari Mehra said…
In today's world also there are kind hearted people. My personal belief is that when you are good at heart you find the the same kind of people around you.
Rachna said…
I hadn't heard of them before this post. Such a lovely gesture for sure.
Rachna said…
I hadn't heard of them before this post. Such a lovely gesture for sure.
Neha Tambe said…
being humble and kind while being a celebrity is tough. Florence stole my heart by this gesture, and loved the music too!
I wish more celebrities here in India would take a cue from this and do the same here
I actually worry the opposite at times... that wolves invariably find sheeps. But that is perhaps a topic for a different day
Honestly, neither had I... which is why I loved discovering them this way
I am surprised how little some celebrities care about the impact their public behaviour has on fans. This is how celebs should be..
payal agarwal said…
Thank you for sharing such beautiful stories of kind hearted souls. Loved it! :)
I hadn't heard of Florence, but than you you I just found out that apart from music, they make kindness real.
Thanks for sharing, Doc.
True act of compassion I must say. Shall surely check Florence and the Machine soon.

MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts
Dipika said…
I had no idea about this but thanks to your post now I do. the music is fabulous and the act of goodness is heavenly. As always your post is informative.
glad you loved it...
so true.. really magical :)
you will love them.. quite a few good songs
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