C, G, A, T.
What if I told you these four alphabets played a major role in why you are tall or short, bald or hairy and yes, even thin or fat? Would you believe me? Here's the thing. You don't have to believe me. Believe in science. 

The two purines (Adenine and Guanine) and pyrimidines (Thymine and Cytosine) in constant sequences of strands linked together form the most famous double helix of the world - your DNA.  

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the molecule that holds the genetic information for all living organisms in this world. It is the ultimate minuscule storehouse of knowledge for why your body is the way it is. When you say 'it is in his/her genes' referring to certain characteristics in an individual or a family, you are referring to the piece of DNA that holds that information.

It is less than 70 years since mankind first identified DNA and yet, in those seven decades, we have progressed in leaps and bounds thanks to the knowledge we received from studying it. We are now able to pinpoint defects in those sequences that cause various illnesses and also pre-dispose us to many chronic diseases ourselves.

Not content with traditional indicators like Body Mass Index (BMI) or Waist-to-Hip ratio, VLCC has now incorporated your own DNA into the process to help give you a weight loss plan that is personalized specially and scientifically for you.

VLCC has been global pioneers when it came to the field of weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle for over 28 years now. VLCC has been at the forefront when it came to creating awareness about the pandemic of obesity and promoting November 26 as Anti-Obesity day annually.

 So it is perhaps apt that they are not sitting on their laurels but actively taking the battle to the dreaded enemy called obesity via the multiple options in their 'Ánti-Obesity Army' arsenal. 
Not content with the traditional generic indicators of health like Body Mass Index (BMI) or Waist-to-Hip ratio, VLCC has now incorporated your own DNA into the process to help give you a healthcare plan that is personalized specially and scientifically for you.

With VLCC DNA Wellness, the team assigned to you get to plan out the perfect diet regimen and fitness training options for you, based on your genetic makeup. 

There are various Wellness Panels here to choose from:    
  • Basic weight loss scan,
  • Stubborn Weight loss scan,
  • Health Scan for Medical problems, 
  • Nutrient scan,
  • Skin Scan and
  • Hair Scan. 

Based on your specific need, the relevant panels are selected and the DNA test performed. Rest assured, the DNA test is not a scary process involving sharp, pointy needles but just a mere swab of your cheek which takes less than a second. And that one second can make all the difference in your life. It sounds like an exaggeration but the truth is knowing your genetic make-up will help identify why you have not been losing weight despite following the same fitness programs as others.  

Many of us have been able to lose weight for a short period but then find ourselves gaining it back again. VLCC DNA Wellness is a revolutionary concept and a boon since your DNA can now tell the experts exactly why you struggle to lose weight and also what plan - fitness, diet and health choices - offers the absolute best solution for a sustained weight loss with a marked improvement in your health. 


Joseph Turner said…
It is really a good choice to join VLCC or similar fitness centers for losing weight and slimming. VLCC has the best reviews and success stories.
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Kala Ravi said…
This sounds like a promising venture for health and beauty. VLCC has been pioneering many beauty and weight loss programs and I am sure this one will will be beneficial to many folks.
Rajlakshmi said…
I would definitely like to know more about my genes. I think it's an excellent idea. So many struggle when trying to lose weight, this would help them.
Radhika Mundra said…
While the youth of India is turning to fitness, the larger part is still very obese. It’s great to see that VLCC is promoting healthy lifestyle.
tulika singh said…
When you spoke of people who lose and gain weight, you're talking about me. The moment I slack off on my exercise it is right back. I am so tempted to go to VLCC rightaway.
They really do actually. And decades of experience in the field
True, they have been stalwarts in this field since forever.
The thought has occurred to me too, to be honest!
uNFORTUNATELY, I am neither the youth nor fit :(
Sigh... I am just coming back after seeing the weighing machine myself... not at all heartening
shalz75 said…
I am not very impressed by these dieting clinics/gyms as I feel they dont focus holistically on an individual's health at all! It just leads to yo-yo dieting which in the long run is way more harmful to our body!
And all these "scientific" fads that are incorporated seems like a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo to me - Yup I am a die - hard cynic of such places/concepts.
Eating and sleeping right with a decent modicum of exercise is all that we need to be healthy!
I've heard a lot about VLCC wellness program. The VLCC program for obesity having diabetes patients is ray of hope for many. Indeed VLCC DNA Wellness is revolution in health care sector
I plan to visit the closet VLCC center and understand more. And Laos get registered for weight loss using this unique method.
Deepa said…
VLCC has many weight loss programs and this is new to the list. This looks interesting and would love to know more about it.
This sounds very interesting diagnosing and tailor made weight loss programme after DNA scan.I think VLCC is doing a great job in fighting obesity.
centime said…
I love this idea, not only for weight loss but also for general health.
The name is a brand. The brand says it all. Thanks for sharing this Doc.

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Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! That's a novel and an interesting approach to weight loss. Truly revolutionary!
I thought it was quite a brilliant idea actually
True... I have seen it in every city I have worked. And always reliable.
True... if we get to know what we are susceptible too, we can make the extra effort in that direction.
It is smart in so many ways... havent seen anyone else considering it till date.
Yes, this is revolutionary. Even after a decade of so many methods, they still are ready to innovate
I may need to go soon myself :(
This DNA wellness thing is something that really should work brilliantly, I believe.