The #AtoZ Challenge is here once more. For those who need a reminder, it is a writing challenge where bloggers across the world write for every day (except Sundays) of the month of April, usually following the sequence of the alphabets as guides for the posts.
In 2016, I had done a fun series based on something I am good at - Tv shows and trivia.

In 2017, I chose something unique. 

It started when I was thinking of what to write about and came across a single two line snippet in the news paper of a good deed done by someone in a foreign country. In a whole newspaper filled with hundreds of articles, that was the only good news story I read that day. It was a deed of kindness done by someone for some elderly people. And it got two lines. No one would remember him over all the other terrible stories of hate, racism and war.

That is where my series 'Heroes of Kindness' began. I decided that it was time to showcase the good deeds done by people as an antitheses of what newspapers and media tends to do.

Was it easy? 

Hell, no. This was not something I could randomly google or 'wiki' and jot down information. I had to literally search the corners of the globe for stories of small, kind deeds done by random people and then fit it into a A to Z format, no less. My searches took me from the cockpits of a German fighter plane in World War 2 to a superstitious village in Nigeria, from Disney princesses in hospitals to intimidating bike riders

But I did it. I searched for each of these random people in the real world and found many too, contacting a dozen of them and eventually interviewing quite a few, including in some cases, the recipients of these acts of kindness. 


I planned to go with something simpler this year. 

Music, comicbook and movie trivia comes naturally to me. But then, rifling through my Evernote entries, I realized there are still so many wonderful stories that I have saved over the year to showcase, so many heroes who missed out the first time around. And these were stories that can still inspire people today. They can still be 'the only good news story that someone reads that day.'

Last year I struggled to get one hero for each letter of the alphabet. This time, I've decided to double down on last year's A to Z challenge. I'm betting that I will find another 26 heroes  (and more!) who will make you smile with their deeds, cry as the world repays them back and yes, make you have faith once more.
I have small children in my list and old grandfathers. I have convicts and cleaners,  newly-weds and cleaners. I have people of different races and hues. I have acts of kindness that cut across the divisive boundaries of society and religion.

I have Heroes of Kindness once more. 

Till date, I have 39 articles of real-life heroes and 66 individual positive moments within these articles. I intend to end April with 60+ real-life heroes and a 100 individual inspiring moments.

So join me next month every day of the week as I look to restore your faith in humanity.


Anonymous said…
��..Can't wait to check out who all you chose as heroes of kindness this time for all of us to look upto..let this literary journey filled with a humanitarian purpose make you reach great heights in future..And one more suggestion I have.In case you run out of names,just choose one person from different place and arrange the place where the person belongs according to alphabet ..��

Freakedout Dr
shalz75 said…
Wow Doc- this is going to be as superb as last time and I cant wait to log into read more!! All the best for the challenge!
pragunify said…
Wow theme, Look forward to read your amazing heroes of kindness
Nabanita said…
A very good theme, Doc.
God knows we need these stories to restore faith in humanity.
Namy said…
Wonderful! Loved it last year. So will love it this year too😊
Sarah Zama said…
I'm so happy you're doing this again. Your challenge last year was one of the more inspiring.
Can't wait to read your discoveries again :-)

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Anagha Yatin said…
So very keen to find out the 26 faces of kindness, Doctor! Wish you all the best for the challenge...

Anagha recently postedTheme Reveal AtoZ Challenge
Rajlakshmi said…
Your last year's posts gave me goosebumps. I remember being so inspired reading them early in the morning. Good luck for the challenge. You are a good soul ��
Balaka Basu said…
Real Life heroes are indeed a great topic..looking forward to read
Tina Basu said…
your posts are always unique and inspiring. wishing you all the best for this years a to z
Prathima M said…
Good luck sir..great going.
My favourite among all your posts..I'm glad you chose this topic again. It is very much needed to restore faith in humanity in this present chaotic world. Appreciate your patience to pick these diamond in the rough and showcase them in this platform..Good luck sir👍
tulika singh said…
I'm amazed at the amount of work you put into your stories Roshan. Good luck with the Challenge and cheers to sharing more happy stories.
Shalzzzz said…
Woohoo! I still remember the beautiful and inspiring stories you shared with us last year. Really glad that you are continuing this series this April. Have a fun-filled A to Z :)
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This is awesome, Roshan. I am definitely going to follow along this year. Looking forward to reading your posts.
Shirley Corder said…
Wow, Roshan, these look great. I look forward to following your theme. Enjoy the challenge! Improve your Life, Improve your Mind
Hiral Amodia said…
Nice and encouraging list. I wish you good luck to meet your goals.
It isn't easy finding for some letters i agree. But I've not lose hope yet... The search continues :)
Touchwood will find a few new ways to inspire.
That was partly the reason... Or rather the main reason.
Thanks Namy. Hope to make people smile some more this year
Thank you. Your theme intrigues me. Will keep dropping by.
Thank you, Anagha :)
Thanks Rajlakshmi. Hope to do the same this year too.
Thanks. Do drop by in April.
Thanks Prathima. Will need that luck :)
Thanks. Yes, it struck me that this was still a theme that needed to be done. People still needed more positivity in their timelines.
Thanks Tulika. This is a hard challenge i know. But i feel its worth it.
I still don't know how you're talking up two separate series simultaneously !! :)
Thanks Shanaya :)
Thanks Shirley :)
Thanks Hiral. I'm going to need that luck.
zainab said…
Wishing you all the best for the series. Your real life heroes series is very motivating.
Ramya Abhinand said…
Inspiring in every way Roshan.. like hw your posts have always been. All the best :)
Nameesh N said…
I love the idea of reading all positive news and also reading about heros. Your articles have always been engaging and very interesting, keep them coming :-)
Shilpa Garg said…
Loved your last year's theme. And this one is awesome too. I am looking forward to read about the Heroes of Kindness from A to Z this April. Cheers!
Bushra said…
This sounds like a Exciting theme. I've followed up your last year post that's so motivating and remind me of that humanity still exists
I really loved this series of heroes of Kindness and glad you continuing it next month. Look forward to reading positive stories
Geethica Mehra said…
Your posts of Heroes of Kindness was the best that happened to me last year. I am looking forward to more of such kindness that still exists in this world
Thanks Zainab :)
I am still making up my mind about takin gpart let alone the theme. I like choosing the theme chaos since it lets u off the hook about choosing a theme :D

Thanks. Touchwood, will continue in that vein :)
Drop by in April... will have plenty of posts
Thanks... still quite a bit to go before setting everything up. Hope it all works out :)
Thank you. Hope to inspire once more
Archana said…
This is super! Absolutely necessary when newspapers are flooded with negative stories. Looking forward to reading your posts!!
Thanks Sharvari :)
That is a huge compliment. Man, now I feel tense having to live up to those expectations
haha... I'd love to see how you incorporate it though
Thanks Archana :)
Alana said…
I am in Awe. Looking forward to your theme; we need a lot more positivity in our world. A LOT more.
Vidya Sury said…
Super, Roshan! I enjoyed your stories last year and I remember feeling quite tearful... with happiness. I admire the effort you put in to highlight these beautiful lives. Looking forward to the rush of joy this year, too!
The Novice Soul said…
Wow! This is something so thoughtful. Looking forward to read these heart warming and inspirational stories from you.
What an amazing inspiration this is.Loved the extraordinary foresight behind choosing the topic.