Even among those who are into fitness supplements, hydrolyzed proteins a.k.a. protein hydrolysates is a term few may be very familiar with. That is sad really because hydrolyzed proteins actually offer quite a few benefits over traditional protein supplements.

What does Hydrolyzed proteins even mean?

In essence, a hydrolyzed protein is a protein that has been been broken down from its typically large size by adding proteolytic enzymes, resulting in it breaking down into its smaller building blocks, amino acids.

How does that help?

This smaller version of the parent protein allows for faster and greater delivery from your intestine (after eating) to your muscles, reducing the role of the 'border patrol' liver to steal certain amino acids before they reach the muscle. Thus, more product reaches the destination.

What are the other benefits of hydrolyzed protein?

The higher insulinotropic effect ensures you have a higher production of insulin. This helps speeden the recovery process after a workout by replenishing glycogen in your body. 

Replacing regular protein supplements with protein hydrolysates is a good option for the elderly suffering from protein deficiencies too as the latter speeds up protein intake and absorption in the body.

In India, the only brand presently offering hydrolyzed proteins is Protinex

In India, the only brand presently offering hydrolyzed proteins is Protinex which in addition to having zero trans-fats is also a 100% vegetarian product to boot, making it an excellent supplement during workouts. They offer India not just a variety in flavours (original, vanilla, elaichi and chocolate) but also cater to specific groups such as diabetics and pregnant women. 

nutritionist and health writer Kavita Devgan at the Protinex event

Of course, as nutritionist and health writer Kavita Devgan pointed out, its benefits extend beyond the gymnasium.

Most of our sources of protein - egg, chicken, fish and pulses - contain intact proteins and so take longer to get absorbed, losing key amino acids along the way. Using these supplements along with our natural diet helps avoid facing the key problems of protein deficiency.

Is protein deficiency a big deal in India?

As per studies published in 2017, around 73 % of Indian diets are protein deficient with the numbers rising to 84 % for vegetarian diets. Metros and tier two cities are not exempt from this with Lucknow having a massive 90 % deficiency and Chennai  up to 84 %.    

Dr Nandan Joshi, the Head of Nutritional Science and Medical Affairs of Danone pointed out the sad truth that while proteins are one of the key nutrients for our survival, awareness of the right food groups containing it and the problems related to deficiency of proteins is extremely poor in India. Worse still are the misconceptions that come with it with nearly 73% thinking green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of proteins. In the study, over 93 % of respondents were not aware of their ideal protein requirement.

What is my ideal protein requirement?

As part of the initiative to educate the public about protein deficiency, Protinex launched the Protein Calculator in February 2018, unveiled by the captain of the World Cup winning Under 19 cricket team, Prithvi Shaw.

An easy guide for you to remember your protein requirement is to note that under normal circumstances, you need at least 0.75 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram body weight. 

With over sixty years in the market, Protinex is a trusted brand that offers a good solution via their hydrolyzed proteins to not just help regain muscle mass but also make up for loss of proteins as would normally occur with a regular Indian diet.

Take-away message

While it is important to dispel myths about protein deficiency, it is also necessary to take corrective measures and add the right supplements to one's diet. With over sixty years in the market, Protinex is a trusted brand that offers a good solution via their hydrolyzed proteins to not just help regain muscle mass but also make up for loss of proteins as would normally occur with a regular Indian diet.


Nice information about hydrolysed proteins and protein deficiency in India.

lately lots of hydrolysed proteins are being released in the fitness world and gymnasium from brands like GMC,whey gold,muscle blaze.Young guys and girls who hit at gyms are so crazy about these that they empty 3/4th of their income for buying these brands..These claim to reduce weight,improve and tone muscles..
Since these digest fast,it's good postworkout and for breakfast.Many of them dont know how to consume these and some ends up putting on weight after having these everyday...
Lately research has proved that too much consumption of these lead to cardiac and renal failure in the long run..Infactsome articles are even claiming that cause of premature death of body builders is protein supplements and killers diets ..What is your opinion on this point doctor.?
Also how are indian brands like proteinex in contrast to these foreign brands of whey proteins.?
I think you've given the answer in the question itself, Prianka. Too much consumption and not following the regulated requirements are likely to cause health issues for sure. That is exactly why a concept like a Protein calculator is a very good thing. And not just for body builders but also for the elderly and infirm, making up the deficit in proteins via hydrolysed proteins is more beneficial than why proteins.
Protinex hydrolysed proteins would be more beneficial than whey proteins because of allowing for a better deliverance of proteins to the muscle mass rather than having a percentage lost in the liver during transit.
zainab said…
Very informative and eye opening. I have already invested in the bytes and it’s a bit at our home.
Nameesh N said…
I have read about many folks writing about the Protinex product recently. Infact, I too feel inspired to use it and benefit. Is it available in India, esp in Bangalore ?
I need to get those bytes.. They are on my mind presently
Yes, Protinex is definitely available in Bangalore.
Bushra said…
Agree, that apart from knowing importance of Protein
Taking required dose comes easy with Protein calculator.
Hydrolysed protein will help many people get the right dose of protein.The Protinex protein calculator is anazing.
Geethica Mehra said…
Hydrolyzed protein is easily absorbed by our buddy as they are broken into smaller pieces. They are good for elderly people who suffer from protein deficiency.
Hydrolysed proteins are pre digested so helps with easy digestion and absorption by the body. Must have for children and mature aged.
foodietweeter said…
You hae invested a lot of time to reasearch this and it shows in the post. Thank you for sharing 😇🙏
Tina Basu said…
I think this calculator is cool. Taking required dose becomes easy with Protein calculator
and it is necessary considering the level of deficiency
I totally agree... a simple wonderful idea
yes, people keep forgetting about the role for elderly
exactly... more awareness needs to be given on this
Thanks UK... worth it if people understand the value
agree... worth having
Lyla said…
I totally agree...Thanks for sharing such a great post with us ...Will try to add up these things into my diet for sure