Kerala Man drives 150 Kms to deliver cancer drugs to girl stuck in COVID19 lockdown #WATWB

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Stuck in the midst of a brutal national lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, a four year old girl from Alappuzha in Kerala had it worse than others - she suffered from a form of blood cancer that required her to take regular treatment without fail. For these treatments, she had to travel across city borders to the Regional Cancer Center (RCC) in Trivandrum, something which became impossible after the lockdown. To make matters worse, her family had run out of money to buy the expensive medicines or take a taxi to Trivandrum.

KP Vishnu drove 150 kms during the COVID lockdown to deliver medication to a little girl he did not know

Guardian angels for the young Muslim girl arrived in the form of a complete stranger - former police officer K P Vishnu. When his neighbour (who was a mere acquaintance of the young girl's parents) mentioned their plight to Vishnu, the 32 year old medical sergeant from the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital took it upon himself to save the child.

Vishnu first drove to the RCC and got the cancer medication, paying for the drugs with his own money. He then drove through the night for 150 kms all the way to the little girl's house - a girl he never met, a family he had never communicated with before - and delivered the medicines directly at their doorstep during the COVID lockdown.

a man from Kerala standing beside a motorbike

The word 'hero' is too small to describe some true gems of humanity.

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  1. What a wonderful and amazing story, Dr. Roshan. Thanks for sharing. What a kind and caring man, KP Vishnu. I'm glad to know of him.

  2. All blessings to KP Vishnu, Roshan thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Thank you also for your limited offer of your book, I hope it's downloading as we speak.

  3. He is a true hero indeed. God bless him and his kind heart. Thanks a lot for sharing. I have downloaded your book.
    P.S: I loved the part about the missing surgeons. :P

  4. Thank you for showing the kind heart of this earth angel. And thank you for your lovely download, a kind gift of kindness is always welcome. :)

  5. Such an uplifting story. Kudos to KP Vishnu for his generous act of compassion.

  6. Such people reinforce our faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing this positive story of Vishnu!

  7. This is really heartwarming!

  8. He really is a hero of kindness. I'm sure your book will be a big hit.

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