Mango Season in Kerala #WordlessWednesday

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

various varieties of Indian mangoes

It is mango season here in India. I went unintentionally viral last month while asking the general public on Twitter about their opinion regarding the best mango.
Over 500,000 views, 7700 shares and 2100 comments later, as you can imagine we had reached no consensus at all.
For me, living in Kerala during this lockdown, I've been quite fortunate.  

various varieties of Indian mangoes

I say 'lucky' because good early management in Kerala during the ongoing corona lockdown had ensured that we could move around in smaller groups earlier than other states with people adhering to the rules. This also meant two more things - 
1) that all varieties of mangoes reached us during this period.
2) that the prices were not exorbitantly raised.

I say the latter because an online conversation yesterday alerted to me to the fact that while most varieties were not easily available in other states, premium varieties like Imam Pasand / Himayat were being sold in Delhi for Rs 500 a kilo.

Himayat (usually procured from the Telengana belt) is indeed one of the most expensive I have come across even in Kerala but here it is available for Rs 160 a kilo. That is a steep difference.

Most other varieties I came across including the famed Alphonso mango cost between Rs 44 (Totapuri) to Rs 80 (Sindhoori) a kilo. 

various varieties of Indian mangoes

In the photos above - taken from two shops alone, a local grocer and a deluxe supermarket in Kochi - you can see the following varieties:

1. Alphonso
2. Imam Pasand
3. Banganapalli
4. Sindhoori
5. Priyoor
6. Malgova
7. Totapuri
8. Mallika
9. Moovandan
10. Neelam
11. Ratnagiri
I honestly don't even know the names of some I saw in these shops.

My questions for you is the same one from the viral tweet:

Which is your favourite variety of mango? 

Authors note 

I am linking this post with Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday. You can find more picture based posts there and add your own too. 

picture of plants

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  1. As I'm reading your post, I'm relishing the last bits of the juicy Langda (bought them from my local organic store) and I totally see why its impossible to get a consensus on THE best variety because there are quite a few that are equally good! I vouch for Imam Pasand, Langda and Alphonso as my all-time favourites! I can quite simply live on mangoes these days! :))
    Glad to see you join us this week, Doc with this delicious post!
    Happy #ww and a great rest of the week!

    1. I have yet to try Langda I think... so many unique varieties though

  2. My favourite as a child was Dusherri, but over the last year or so I realised I love Langda. having grown up in the Mango belt of North India, I've been fortunate to pluck mangoes from our garden and eat them. My Father a scientist consults for Mango Research institute in Lucknow and we get boxes of regular supply from there.

    By far I would say I am biased towards Langda and Dusheeri. I quite liked Hamam also which I recently tried, for it's paper thin skin and finger licking juicy, sweet flavours.

    I personally feel Alphonos are sooooo overrated. Really don't know what the hullabaloo is all about as they taste just about average to me.

    Mangoes are by far my favourite fruit and I look forward to having them each summer.

    You didn't tell us which ones are your favourite Doc?

    Have a delicious week ahead!
    Lovely post for #WW. We love having you link up, with you ever unique posts.
    Thank you.

    1. I am so envious of you... I mean, come on!! Free boxes. And I have to agree. I am finding Alphonso more overrated these days. For me, the favourite was definitely imam Pasand.

  3. Those are way too many mangoes than I can handle and not feel jealous. I do not get good quality mangoes at me place.

    1. weird as it sounds during these covid times, we have been pretty lucky

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of mangoes and I’m drooling here. All I know is I love mangoes! ��

    1. haha... only in recent times have I focused this closely on the varieties.

  5. There is a mango tree in my grandparents house. It's a hybrid and the tree has been around even before my parents were married! The mangoes are so very tasty. So tasty that until I moved to Bangalore, I never used to eat mangoes bought from outside. We rarely had to buy mangoes too. Thanks to lockdown, they were able to collect a lot of mangoes this time - ones that would have gone missing if people were moving about. But sadly, I wasn't home this time to eat even a single one of those tasty mangoes.

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  7. I love mangoes period :) I have not tasted all of them but yes I think I did not like totapuri

    What a delicious and seasonal post Dr Roshan.

    Is that the Lulu mall?

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