The importance of complete nutrition while you’re recovering from COVID-19

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

It has been tough. 
Just when we thought we had gotten through the worst of the coronavirus pandemic that had changed the world, we were forced to deal with the reality that what we had survived was but the first wave and in less than a fortnight, the second wave had already engulfed us with a far greater wrath. 

Global and India’s own statistics reveal what we always suspected – that the aged and elderly are the most vulnerable to the corona virus, more so when they have pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. 

Where I work, the intensive care unit (ICU) beds have been filled for over a month now. It is disheartening to lose even a single patient in these hard times, and we often comfort ourselves at the end of a long shift by remembering those men and women who successfully leave our ICU and eventually our hospital, having survived COVID-19. 

health drinks for recovery

The days ahead for those recovering following the infection are crucial and our team makes the extra effort to counsel them before they leave the hospital. 
It matters because they need to rebuild their strength, both from within and outside, to avoid further complications in the days ahead. 

Helping them recover requires one to make certain that 
  • they have adequate rest at home, 
  • are placed in a positive frame of mind after this harrowing experience,
  • receive their medication on time and of course, 
  • get a proper balanced diet. 

The importance of complete nutrition while you are recovering from COVID-19 India cannot be over-emphasized. Complete and balanced nutrition like Ensure gives you high values of protein and vitamins while also helping to improve muscle and bone strength. They are also a good option for those who may be edentulous and have difficulty chewing solid foods. Liposomal vitamin c benefits including increasing immunity and aiding in detox make it an essential part of the recovery process too. 
All this holds true even for those who have not been infected to date, of course. Just because your test has become negative does not mean you let your guard down and forego things like any immunity help supplements you take because you don't think it will get to you because it still hasn't yet. Remain motivated, take all precautions, maintain social distancing and yes, build a strong immunity for yourselves and your loved ones.

True, these are troubling times but honestly, we are actually better off today than we were a year ago. Our knowledge about the virus has increased manifold and we know what steps to take not just to avoid getting infected but also to boost our immunity as well. 

The key from here on will be to ensure we implement these steps devotedly so that both we and everyone around us who matters to us gets through this safe and sound.


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  1. I am so, so relieved to see you blogging once again. When my brother in law was hospitalized for three weeks with COVID-19 (April of 2020), there was a time that he was unable to eat. Later on, as he started to recover, the nutritional drinks helped him a lot. The hospital explained to us that, while fighting the illness, he literally had no strength with which to digest anything. He lost a bit of weight, too. The importance of nutrition in recovery can't be overstated. Alana

    1. I am happy he is okay now... yes, Ive lost some weight too with this as i recover myself... hence the additional need for a proper supplement to make up for the losses.

  2. Oh dear, glad you have recovered well and now are regaining your health. Ensure has been my nutrition partner too, while recovering post Covid-19

    1. As it turns out,even my medical colleague who got covid with me ended up using Ensure in his recovery phase

  3. At the beginning, kudos to you and numerous front line health workers who have left no stone unturned to act as a saviour. I am myself a Covid Survivor and have spent a significant time in hospital As much as I am grateful that I have recovered, I am equally (or perhaps more) grateful to all the medical staff who are risking their lives everyday to get patients better.
    Like you I have also been following the medicines and recovery tips and needless to say that the supply of nutrients is so important in this process. I wish you a very very speedy recovery and we are grateful for people like you. God Bless you.

    1. I'm glad you came out of it well. I know how bad things can get and yes,personally experienced it myself.take care...will take awhile to recover from here. the right balance of nutrition is going to be vital in the days ahead

  4. The way you've explained us in a very simple language I really liked it and would like to read more about your blogs. thank You soo much for sharing.

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  5. I have been Nursing at government hospital for 13yeras.we release The Patient from the hospital But they have to be given oxygen. I will apply your recovery tips in my patient. visit my blog

  6. Simple words make you shine doc plus people leaving the page with hope.

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