4 Things to Serve for Your Work Buffet

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

Although it’s not mandatory by law to provide catering services for your employees, doing so is a nice gesture that makes your workers feel valued.

Offering a regular buffet for your staff can create a positive work environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. Your staff can fill up on delicious food to fuel their workday and boost productivity.

You can even boost employee loyalty and reduce staff turnover rates by investing in ongoing catering services. Whether you offer a daily buffet for your employees or you treat them to a delicious lunch every Friday, you can boost your company culture and build a team of dedicated workers.

4 Things to serve at Work Buffets

What Foods Should You Serve at a Work Buffet?

Figuring out what to serve at your work buffet can be tough. There is an endless number of dishes and desserts that you could serve, but you need to consider the dietary needs and preferences of your team.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of great foods to serve for your employees as part of your catering services. You can choose to serve all of the suggestions we’ve offered or select just a few. It’s good to rotate between different dishes every so often to keep your staff satisfied.

Sandwiches and wraps

You can’t go wrong with the classics! Sandwiches and wraps are the perfect lunchtime snack to serve to your employees. They’re inexpensive to make and there‘s a wide variety of fillings that you can use to meet the individual needs of your staff.
Make sure to offer a selection of meat-based, vegetarian, and vegan options to satisfy every one of your employees. Cheese and tomato, chicken mayo, tuna and sweetcorn, and BBQ tofu are just a few suggestions to consider.

Deli meat selection

For the meat lovers in your workplace, you can provide a wagyu assortment and a selection of deli meats. They can eat these meats in sandwiches or in a pasta dish for lunch, or on their own as a mid-afternoon snack.

Tomato chicken

Chicken is a favorite among meat-eaters. Although simple, tomato chicken is bound to go down a treat with your staff.
Tomato chicken is easy to make in bulk, so it’s perfect if you’ve got a large team of staff. You can offer some pasta, rice, or noodles for your employees to pair with it. Consider offering a meat-free ‘chicken’ option or switching up the sauce to create orange chicken.

Pasta salad

Pasta salad is another highly versatile dish that will meet the dietary needs of most, if not all, of your staff. You can add a number of different sauces and ingredients into pasta salad to create meat-based, vegetarian, and vegan options.

You can either serve a range of pre-made pasta salads to your staff or allow them to create their own from an assortment of ingredients. Ask your staff which they’d prefer so you can cater to their needs and wants.

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