Heroes of Kindness is now Available as a Book!

by - May 25, 2020

Simple announcement and one that I am very proud of.
Heroes of Kindness releases today for the first time ever as an e-book. 

blurb for ebook

Heroes of Kindness was a series that I began on my blog in 2017 as part of countering the darkness of the media. The plan behind this series was always to provide hope and happiness to the reader by showcasing real-life acts of kindness across the world. Till date, I've written over a 130 articles on them, featuring over 200 kind people from across the world.

This book features 50 of those stories that I chose to showcase here. As you will see when you read the book, everyone is capable of being a hero of kindness - doctors, shopkeepers, teachers, lottery ticket sellers... even murderers! Kindness cuts across all religions too in this book with Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs (and surely a few atheists and agnostics in there too, I am sure.) all showcasing that choosing humanity is what really matters in the end. 

In the book, you can just read the titles of each story from the 'Table of Content' page and click the story you feel like reading to go directly to that page. I've also included a detailed 'origin story' as well as a foreword from a dear friend, one of the bloggers from the 'older generation' - the first decade of blogging in India when we first got to know each other, nearly 14 years ago. 

I am really indebted to Blogchatter in this regard. They motivated me to stop dilly-dallying and work to convert this series into an ebook and thus help it reach a wider audience. 

Without further adieu, I present to you - Heroes of Kindness.

cover page of book

Click here to get your copy (Here for the US Amazon edition)

P.S. It is my first attempt so do be kind. Check it out and send me honest feedback. You can find me online via so many portals after all - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even via the comments section here.

Updated: Early reviews are in and can be found here:

The Times of India reviewed Heroes of Kindness and wrote that 'the tales are instant mood lifters as they give hope that there is kindness in the world.'

1. Pooja felt "a book like this in these times is a harbinger of hope and goodness" and even reached out to me to chat with me. You can read the interview here.

2. Rajini S noted that "the author has compiled a beautiful bouquet of hope, care, love, and happiness and given this book to spread smiles on everyone's face reading it."

3. Darshana says "this book is proof that we can make lives better for our fellow beings. It is proof that our race isn't entirely bad. It is proof of hope." 

4. Aseem says "if you are looking for something that will make you happy and admire humanity especially in the current times of crisis we live in, please do download this immediately."

5. Sushmita says "When you read about people, helping their fellow humans, helping in the best way within their capacity, it gives you hope." 

6. Jyoti says Heroes of Kindness "brings an order of hope and kindness to rekindle our spirits to believe in humanity...

7. Chinmayee says "what is praise-worthy is that the Author has taken the effort to bring forth such examples where love for fellow human being has overpowered the usual feeling of indifference that is so common these days." 

8. Sreevas Munnoolam writes that "the author has been careful in it with the way the book has been weaved throughout. There was never a dull moment throughout the reading period." 

You can get your copy HERE.

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