I'll be honest. I never got the politics of art. If I had to judge a work of art, I would have given points for creativity, colour schemes and final beauty. I find many forms of modern art annoying and frankly, idiotic, while some brilliant works are just passed off as the works of amateurs.

But perhaps the more question that comes to mind is, how much weightage do we ever give for art in our lives ? In school, it was only a secondary subject for me - 45 minutes in a week where we all would relax and have fun. I used to love drawing, painting, adding deft touches which I was sure converted my creations  into real masterpieces. Well, it's close to 6 years since I've held a brush or painted anything, but a recent article has indeed stoked my interest again.

Ever wonder how good you are at appreciating the true value of art ? Well, here's your chance.

Below, you will find 6 paintings. I want you all to type in ( in the comments section ) how much you would pay for each one of these paintings/sculptures if your loved one demanded you buy it for him/her. Don't be embarrassed to put in as small or as large an amount as you wish. It's your personal decision. You may click each picture to see a larger version of it which may aid you in seeing the quality of the work. Also, please don't go searching online or looking up it's real values. I've provided them in the link at the end of this post, which you're free to check out AFTER putting in your estimates.. 

1. A nice painting of a calm pond.

2. A very bright and spritely picture of a young boy surrounded by flowers.

3. A very serene picture of Jesus Christ carrying a sheep.
 4. A house by a forest.
 5. An abstract of a lone tree.

 6. A sculpture of an eerie looking thin man.

Have you put down your opinion of what each of them are worth ? Well, now that you're done, click this link and find out how close you were to guessing the true worth of these works of art.

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