While my views on politics are pretty extreme ( EXTREME TORTURE MANDATORY FOR POLITICIANS, pretty ones excluded )," THIS VIDEO "of a conversation in SKY NEWS really did make me sit up. I can't say I enjoyed it because there's really nothing enjoyable about the war right now in Asia, but well... I agree with the guy. Totally. I can't believe how pig headed the female reporter is. Though maybe thats just me. Bias? Or just plain not accepting the truth ? And does that last sentence apply to me? or the female reporter ?


livenud :) said…
Interesting clip! I agree with you, I wanted to turn her microphone down so I could hear what he had to say... I loved some of his comments, when he told her she was silly and that her questions were preposterous. I do agree that there's a huge media bias here (u.s.) and elsewhere... I have a lot of friends with family in Lebanon and their stories are difficult to hear. Very sad. But this "interview" (I use the term loosely - more of an ambush) was really fascinating! Am rushing right off to post it to my blog. Thanks!

(Also, thanks for your vote in my "which costume should I buy" post.)
Anooja said…
i love the way you right...may i link you?

PythoRoshan said…
The more the merrier.