We could use some help, Mr God

by - November 27, 2008

Dear Mr God,

I know you’re not answering my calls or reading my letters , but I just needed to tell you a few things today... because I know you listen even if you don’t reply. You and I.. we've played this game before, after all.

A lot of people  died today. They left their homes with crappy tiffin boxes or dinner money stashed in their backpocket. They said a hurried goodbye to their wives because they were late on their way to work. They ran past their kids in their hurry. They didn’t know this was no ordinary night. Their kids didn’t know either. They didn’t know this was the day daddy becomes a hero. That this was the day daddy fights the bad guys. That this was the day daddy never comes back home ever again.

We really could have used a superhero today. I know you’re gonna laugh at that, but I’m sorry. I’m just used to seeing webcrawlers and dark knights and supermen running into blazing buildings and saving innocent people. I’m used to my favourite superheroes thwarting a hostage crisis with an unheeded warning and a witty remark, in between a flurry of fists and gadgets.

Today, we mortals had to fend for ourselves. We did the best we could. It was barely enough.

People died. Innocent people. They didn’t deserve to die.  But they did. Why ? I swear to  hell, if you say it was their karma, I’ll tell you where to shove your karma... again.

What’s with you ? Seriously ? Have you been dumped by a girl recently ? Did your Microsoft Comp go on the fritz after Y2k ? Are you having too much of the divine wine at night with your chill pills ? I mean, I swear, your work has been atrocious these last few years. Bomb blasts, beheadings, rapes, war crimes, hurricanes and tsunamis... This is your track record for the decade gone by, you realise that, right ? You’re living on your past laurels ( and I literally mean, ancient ) and it ain’t a pretty sight, man. Because there’s a lot of people down here saying grace and worshipping stone idols and crosses.. they’re keeping their faith in you, man, against all odds and better judgement. They’re waiting for you to save them.  And so far, all they’re getting is static from your help line.

Dude. You better step up to the plate and show some responsibility for your work. Or if you’re too preoccupied with whatever mid-life crisis it is you’re facing up there, could you atleast send an angel down to protect us ? Not the old man with the halo and the flowing white robe and the girly musical strings... I’m talking about the angels as we need them – God’s warriors, striking terror in the hearts of the evil, brandishing demon-killing swords and your emblem across their armour. Because the devil’s released a lot of people out here this season who’re using your name to get away with murder ... we’re doing the best we can to take them down but we're losing our best heroes and we could really use a more definitive sign than ‘ The Lord works in mysterious ways’ or ‘have faith in the Lord’ sermons.

We could use a saviour in our lives right now, Mr God. Someone to save us when we fall, someone to look forward to in our bleakest hour, someone who gives us the conviction to hang on for just that moment longer till help arrives..

I promise this time around we won’t treat him like we treated you, with scorn and ridicule, the last time you roamed the world in all your religious costumes. We’ll be nice to him.

God promise ( you know it’s been more than a decade since I’ve used that phrase. I hope you realise it’s significance too.)  

Yours sincerely,


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  1. It's intimidating to see all that has been going around..a part of me feels helpless and the other part is filled with anger against these perpetrators of terror.Those bastards deserve a slow painful death.

    This is a dark night for us all..We need a dark knight.

  2. ironic , Illeen.. 27th November 2008 just so happens to be the day Batman aka the Dark knight gets killed in comic book land.. but ya, they deserve a slow painful death

  3. i am still smarting with pain.. i just don't want to shout out...

  4. all that pollution and noise..probably has led to this loss of hearing and vision loss in our old man...

    lets hope those who reached up there raise enough dust and that shall be his wake up call.

  5. Its truly time for a Phoenix(GOD) rising!

  6. Nags, Amen.

    Rats, I know.

    Gazal.. sigh. He ain't coming, is he ?

    Aathira, if wishes were horses....

  7. eh..that's so sad.. didn't know that..

    btw u changed ur blog theme..? orange used to be so warm.. this one is kewl too, somewhat professional.

  8. am in the process of changing it as u commented.. it was time for some change.. to be frank, I miss orange too.. but I just felt the need to change it

  9. n yes..tried dropping u a mail... it bounced back

  10. Try Pythoroshan@gmail.com or yahoo.com

  11. hey Good one! i just hope just like your template has changed, we will see some change in mumbai. I love your writings

  12. Hey Preetam.. long time no news man. How ya doing ?

  13. Its sad, and more then sad i feel helpless, anger and its actually painful...its simply tough for me to tolerate it this time..I wish we could all kill the politicians as well after giving and burning the terrorists in front of our eyes, so that India could see a new dawn with the rising youth and death of dirty politics...

  14. Its sad that this happened and amusing to see the extremists hiding in their den, not shouting that they will protect their Mumbai from some armed outsiders. And the way our politicians are incompetent to tackle this problem, I hope the common man will rise and protect their own nation. This is the time when everyone must unite. Truely, if war is what they want, let it be war.

  15. tara, atul.. really it is time for change in politics.. and I dont mean from the Palm to the Lotus... Im talking of radical change.. new blood... hopefully sensible blood, looking out for India rather than their own pockets

  16. Just back from a vacation and What a vacation that was !
    Cancelling the sight seeing plans and Sitting inside the hotel room tensely watching the ongoings in Mumbai as the terror unfolded.

    Going out for a candle light dinner and still feeling so consciously guilty about being amidst a calm, happy surrounding.

    How could I be enjoying or taking time off while my country was up in flames.

    Who let those bloody bastards to come in and go on with their horrendous plans?

    Roshan - your letter to God is so apt and I sincerely hope that he is listening..at least this time.

    It's high time he did.

  17. aishu.. i know. It tough to try and relax knowing how many of our own have lost their lives needlessly.. its the apathy that worries me sometimes... soon, this too will be forgotten


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