Free beer, free tikkas, a poolside party, Foreign babes in bikinis, Indian babes in shorts that had me blushing and oh !! Did I mention FREEEEE BEEEEEEEER !!


An afternoon spent pushing a tube down some old lady's throat and then ventilating her for hours as people fixed her broken arm, covered in her blood till finally I get the pleasure of awakening her , suctioning her oral secretions and retrieving my tube before she decides to chew it like a doggie chew toy.

Ya, right. Big choice, there.

Officially, my great uncle was in town for an..uh, appointment for corrective tickly butt syndrome. Unofficially, I'd actually jumped at the invitation given by Anwin & Renie from Indiblogger to attend a ...uh, guys, Fosters Exclusive party, was it ? ( Look, I heard there was good food and babes near a pool. I'd have attended it even if it were being held by Hansel & Gretel's evil witch !!! ) The only parties I get to have where I work involve a machine-tea and a samosa ( too many potatoes, too little french fries, Pune. ) . So you can imagine this invite was like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox served on a plate for me.

But seriously, the Foster's Art of Chilling party held at Club Solaris in Koregaon Park was awwwwwwesome !! I mean, it was all that you'd want to see in a high class party, plus 10 intellectuals as well... ok, bloggers. Indibloggers, no less. ( You ain't an Indian blogger till you're an Indiblogger, guys and gals. Just remember that. )

You had a lovely pool occupied by 3 sweet little adorable innocent DROP DEAD HOTTIE Aussie babes ( blondes, no less ). Dressed in little Foster bikinis, they spent the full day in the pool paddling and throwing a ball around... they did surface onto land though to have a bite and more importantly, distribute Fosters Beers to non-teetotalers. Funnily enough, towards the end of the party, they had to play in their own corner since the guys were busy playing in the fun side of the pool ( you know, the one with the BASKETBALL HOOP !!! ) and ignoring them. Sigh. Men !! Give them a ball and they'd walk right past a belly dancer convention.

And was there a shortage of Indian babes ? Ya, right.. the hell, there was. Honestly, I'm amazed sometimes with how beautiful Indian women can be. I mean, sure, you can talk about Rani Mukherjee's smile and Kajal's strangely adorable neurotic behaviour, but what about those smoking hot HOT INDIAN GALS who know they're hot and aren't scared to show it ? Well, they were there too. I consoled myself saying they were probably too high maintenance for me anyway... that Louis Vuitton hand bag alone costs more than my entire wardrobe. Sour grapes, your head !!!

The DJ was really into it as well, playing right through the day, belting out one dance number after another. And man !! I'm glad he didn't go trance on us, choosing instead some nice reggae and Akon numbers. Towards the end of the party, everyone joined in and danced as he ripped up one tubthumping number after the other.. even this adorably cute old couple who made a great contrast dancing beside red hot blonde girl. Ironically, this was one party I didn't dance at, choosing instead to take up a chair or stand by the food counter and eat 'em as they made 'em. Man, I am getting old.

Catching up with Pune's fellow bloggers was another treat that was well worth it. I got to meet and enjoy the lovely company of the hilarious and outgoing Prateek and the equally funloving and wonderfully talented Sahil.. ( Hmmm.. I have no idea how red hot blonde girl got in the same picture as them. It's a mystery. )
Both are great guys and we shared a lot of laughs and fun moments NOT staring at the beautiful women and definitely NOT determining who gets which gal.
It worked out exactly that way, guys.. we DIDN'T get any of the girls. Neither red hot blonde girl, nor green frock-long hair gal, not orange butt cutie ... not even a beer from the Foster girls who were distributing free beers!! Guess they just couldn't choose amongst us 3 hunks and gave up, right guys ? ( I still have some hair on my head, so don't snigger... I'm still hunky !!! CHUNKY HUNKY ! )

Of course, for me and my man-date, RR ( you've met him earlier ), there was exactly what we wanted.. a free food and drinks court. Fosters Unlimited beer cans, free chicken malais, chicken tikkas, fish tikkas, prawn frys, lamb frys, hara bhara kabab ( Ugh !! Sorry. I'm a pure non-veg. )
In short, all the good stuff in life at no cost.
And sure, those nice photographers were all over the hot babes with their shapely figures and chilled beer cans, but let me tell you, if they'd seen the dynamic drunk duo at work that day going down on those beer cans, they'd have offered us a straight MD post in Fosters Indian Main Branch.. ah !! Alas. Beauty before talent.

Overall, it was a great experience. The kind that for me is , quite literally, a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to sit in cushioned chairs, a beer in your hand in front of the pool, watching H-O-T gals dance to great music... That is the good life. This was, indeed, the art of chilling. Thanks, Anwin & Renie.. you made my day/week/month.

P.S. For more pics, please visit Prateek's post. And if you see me holding a beer can.. I swear, it only contained lime juice !!!
Hic !!! But sheriiously, guysh... guysh !! Does that beer can make me look thin ?


Preeti Shenoy said…
Hi Roshan,
I had an invite too for this event.And was feeling bad about missing it.
After reading this and seeing the pics--boy am I glad i did not attend! :P (I am partial to Vodka--hate beer)
Glad u had a GREAT time though :)
Dr Roshan R said…
Hi Preeti, we did miss you and Satish at the party... it was a blast.
Jinu P said…
hahaha! that was hilarious! considering that we girls manage free liquor almost every other day in the form of ladies' night organized by every other pub in town, it is amusiiiiing to see men trip over free booze! :D

and u lucky guys see hot chics/cute chics/pretty chics almost everywhere... sigh for us girls who barelyyyy manage to see a simple nice guy.. let alone hotties!
Illeen said…
wOw..somebody's having lots of fun..I know it must have been great way to unwind esp after a tiring week!

Prats said…
Even I don't know what the Red hottie was doing in the pic I guess she was Ogling at the photographer :-D

Seriously it was a very nice party and It was awesome meeting you :-)
Dr Roshan R said…
Jinu, talk about the advantages of being a lady !!!! And hey, if you'd come, you could have had not one, but 3 hottie males :)

Illeen, trust me I desperately needed to unwind after an absolutely horrid week.. Leo's death came after that.

Prats, true... that red hottie was after us, not vice versa :)
Great meeting you too man.
aishu_here said…
Now, that looks like some real good fun party!

You have a composed look Roshan..holding the beer can ( with pure lime juice ofcourse) et all...very effectively hiding that cannot-stop-salivating-at-the-view-of-hot-babes-around guy inside you ;)

LOL! Wish you many more ogling parties and fun times like these :D
Dr Roshan R said…
there were hhot babes around ?I didnt notice.. I was just there for the..uh.. swimming pool !! :)
PurpleHeart said…
So looks like Life is swirling again with you after a break of not-so-good one. I have long forgotten Indiblogger link. Let me go ahead and refresh my account; don't wanna get missed for such invites..:D
Dr Roshan R said…
PurpleHeart, true.. life's a seesaw right now. And definitely go make some noise there... remember, free invites :)