There is change coming.

by - December 31, 2010

I wanted to borrow shamelessly from Nisha's lovely post on a decade gone by... except, as I told her, it hadn't been one for me. I mean, sure, the last decade had some good moments - new friendships were forged, bonds were strengthened, a decade went by in studies and perfecting skills I didn't know existed in me. But it was also a decade of loss, of having to face a mirror and see myself for what the world sees me... a decade of betrayal. If the 90s had been about growing up, the 2000s were more about growing old.

And yet, my own post on the Jungle Parable has come back now into my life at the end of the decade. Every decision, every choice I have made has led me to where I am today and perhaps it is time for the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to fall into place.

The decade has ended and I'm still here - battered, bruised... and smiling. Because I believe there is hope for a better tomorrow. It's a New Year, a New Decade... let's make it count for something, everyone.

Have a great 2011.

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  1. Hey Roshan, great year ahead. Happy new year to you :)


  2. Its the end of a decade doc!!! High time you should leave the bad memories and carry forward only the good ones!!
    Wish u a grt decade ahead!!!

  3. i would have loved to read about ur decade. anyway, im sure you'll have a fabulous 2011-2020 and you'll also realise that the last decade was not as bad as u think it to be right now.

  4. Leya, thanks..

    Rohan, it is indeed me shedding off my past man..

    Nisha, thanks..

    I wish you all the best decade of your lives.. lets go kick some ass, guys and gals :)

  5. Hey,

    I feel just like you do....mixed feelings about 2010, but I always have the tendency to look at the brighter side, I am sure in a few years, all I'll remember is the good that happened in 2010.

    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  6. happy..NEW YEAR 2011..
    have a good year ahead!

  7. Hey keep smiling :)
    Happy New Year...

  8. Wish you a happy new year and many happiness :)


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