I want to start with some personal news before I talk about India's first Blog Conference and Awards function.
You know from past history that I have a penchant for showing off whenever I win something small. So hang on to your seat belts for this one...
Best Creative Writing Blog IN INDIA!

But more on that later...

India's first Blog Conference and Awards function, WIN '14 organized by Blogadda was held at the Courtyard by Marriot in Mumbai on 9th February 2014. 
Ashwin Mushran and Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Ashwin Mushran had the
crowd laughing at his witty
banter on multiple occasions.
Hosted by 'that guy we know from that movie' Ashwin Mushran (self-depreciating, insightful, funny and spontaneous - a truly inspired choice for hosting), there were several brilliant sessions and discussions with authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities and celeb-bloggers taking the stage to speak on various aspects of blogging.

I initially planned on describing all the sessions separately but quickly realised that this post would become bigger than my medical text books! Anyway, simply go on to Twitter and type in the hashtag #WIN14 . You will be able to see direct quotes of the sessions which caught the imagination of the captive audience on that day. 

To summarise:
  • The value of pictures in blogs and as a form of storytelling by Anil P and Kavi Arasu set the tone for the day, being interactive and funny simultaneously.
  • How blogs have begun to play a role in brand visibility and the advertising world (Anaggh Desai, Manu Prasad and Lakshmipathy Bhat). Some very succinct points were made here on the role of media.
  • Authors Kiran Manral and Ravi Subramanian had a wonderful open session with the audience on Indian fiction, taking the leap from being a blogger to being an author (in Ravi's case, the converse!), the role of self-publishing in today's market and the chances of earning big bucks as a full time Indian author alone. (hint: don't quit your day job yet.)
  • The session featuring Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Karl Gomes and Vasundhara Das dealt with travel, music and the Roadies show success story among other topics. This session was more light hearted and filled with lots of banter and even a sneak peek at one of Vasundhara Das's upcoming works (lovely voice she has!). 
    Pic courtesy: Blogadda.
    For the full album, click here.
  • Director Padmashri Shekhar Kapur was there. I can only say this much - in a day filled with brilliant minds from the analytical to the creative, his session was still the show stopper. I really wish you all had been there, just for this one session, at least. He is easily the most insightful, knowledgeable and articulate person I have ever heard on stage. He had the crowd enthralled as he fielded questions and spoke on leaving a legacy for his child, the value of bloggers in today's world of restrictions on freedom of speech and what he saw coming in the days forward for the country.
  • Amit Agarwal, Anuradha Goyal and Arjun Ravi all gave us glimpses into their lives and how they became successful names from their origins as regular bloggers.
  • A stand up comedy act by Jamshed Rajan that had plenty of fun quips at bloggers and our merry ways.

To me, the sessions pretty much mirrored what blogging is really all about. A little bit of every genre - fiction, financial gain, creativity, free speech, impact of the written word - was featured in just the right doses to keep the audiences engaged. On a personal level, it felt great to finally meet so many bloggers whom I had interacted with online over the last couple of years but never met before. 

India's first blogging Awards Function
My memory snapshot: Friends old &new, celebrities and an award I will cherish forever.

Of course, I would be lying if I said there weren't elephant-butterflies in my stomach (it's my tummy, what else did you expect!) when the awards section began. While I did hope to win, I did not really expect it because I have a long history of 'being the bridesmaid but never the bride' where contests were concerned. Luckily, this time around, things worked out. 

Best Creative Writing Blog in India Godyears

A jury featuring Shekhar Kapur, Shobha De, Ashwin Sanghi, Vasundhara Das among others 

chose GODYEARS as the Best 'Creative Writing' Blog in INDIA.   

If nine years ago, you told me that I would still be blogging, I would have laughed at you. But a lot can happen over nine years, can't it? And pretty much everything has. 
Between humour and rage, love, movies, religion and family moments, I've seen the best and worst that life has to offer. If I've cribbed about my bad luck, I also know that I've been blessed in many ways too - winning in many national short story contests and thus being able to fulfill a childhood dream of being published. As with the blog, the stories too have been diverse ranging from romance to action, psychological thrillers to medical anecdotes. 

Best Creative Writing Blog in India
I actually wanted a picture with Amit Agarwal...
didn't expect it would be this way though :)

But winning this? This is as good as it gets for me. When I started writing this blog in 2005, if you had asked me what category I would like to be nominated for some day, I would have said just one word - 'Creativity'. It was the one thing I would have vainly wanted people to say while discussing the blog... that it was 'written by a really creative guy'.

Today, I have a trophy immortalizing my dream. 
And a memory that will live on forever.

For more Media links worth checking out related to the event:


Anisha said…
Wow! Congratulations! It is a BIG deal and you should show off all you want :)
9 years.. That is some commitment!
Karanth S R said…
Congratulations! Well deserved win :) 9 years..... is not an easy task. Keep up the good work, keep going... keep inspiring :)
Congratulations doc. And keep up the good work. Looking forward to many more such rib tickiling and thought provoking blogs from you.
Congratulations doc. And keep up the good work. Looking forward to many more such rib tickiling and thought provoking blogs from you.
Binu Thomas said…
Wow, nice way to summarize the event doctor. And congratulations again on the award.. It was nice to meet you and many other faces of the blogs I follow :) And yes, I have my pic too in the collage you posted here! Yay! :)
beingFab said…
Congratulations again!!! It sounds like a great event, and the talk by Shekhar Kapur seems to be the most talked about :). Looking forward to much more from Godyears!!!
Red Handed said…
vandana sharma said…
ah! now somewhere in this life if I meet you and you are with some celebrities...just wave the hand OK...I will say ...you see that doc, he is my friend...:)
Anisha, thanks a lot :D
Yes, I'm used to showing off within the blog but this felt good as it's a celebration of the blog in real life.
Thanks Karanth... you realise that your name is now top of the commentators list over last one year? :D
Thanks Adel. Yes, I do intend to keep giving a mix of serious and fun posts in turns.
Was great to meet you too, Binu :D
haha.. yes. You're definitely gonna be there in the collage!
Thanks ya.. yes, there were many great discussions but Shekhar Kapur kind of stole the thunder there :D
:D Thanks... green eyed envy from red hand... this does not bode well for me.
Haha... keech lo keech lo! aur mazak udao :P
Vidya Sury said…
Congratulations, again, Roshan! You deserve this and more! :D
Aditi said…
Congratulations once again! Truly deserved :)
Sumana said…
Congrats :)
RED I am glad you said it! I am also so jealous that I cant look directly at your blog now :-/
Oh by the way congrats. grr.
BK Chowla said…
Congratulations and my best wishes
Thanks so much :D Let's see where we go from here.
U deserve it.....congrats n keep going......
Soumya said…
Congrats doc, you truly deserved it! :)

I'm glad the person I voted for won :D
Karanth S R said…
:D ha ha ha, OMG, you keep tab of each and everything??? found it now, after you mentioned... now that you have noted it, is there a competition for the comments too ;)
Renjith Nair said…
Hey Doc.......Many Congratsssss.....Proud of ya.....Miles to go yet !!!
Thanks Aditi.. feels good to know people like the blog as well :D
Thanks sir. Means a lot.
Gulp... between you and RED, there's a lot of green envy burning me up! I better be careful while crossing the road!
And thanks :D
Thanks dude :D
Wonder where to go from here though! Reached number one in India, next what ?
Thanks Soumya... good to see so many well-wishers around :D
Thanks Renjith. Means a lot :)
Michelle Liew said…
My heartfelt congrats....and it is well-deserved!
Aathira Nair said…
Amazing... and you deserve it ever so much! Love your writing!

Rohan said…
Congrats once more doc!! Keep it coming!! You have a great road up ahead now. . :)
Congratulations Roshan!
Danny Simon said…
THis should mark the beginning of many more to come! COngrats again buddy!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, do...once again. It was great to have met you. It was my honor. Enjoy the moment!
Sharni Faisal said…

Happy for you Roshan :)
Thanks Michelle. Glad you like the blog :D
Thanks Aathira. It's regular visitors like you that keep me going :)
Thanks man... no use promising u schezwan fried rice anymore, I know. Now I will give u gift vouchers for the canteen :D
Considering the journey it's been, I'm curious myself to see where we go from here.
I guess I'm an apt case for the saying "when one door closes, another opens", eh?
Thanks man..
It was awesome to meet you too :D Definitely looking to enjoy the moment here :)
Thanks Sharni... have mailed you :)
nikhimenon said…
saw the 'ad' in mathrubhumi.Anyway congrats for this great achievement
Danny Simon said…
Watching your space and your back buddy!
Swarnali said…
Congratulations!! You totally deserved this. I'm really glad you won. To the nine years and the ones to come ...*cheers*
Kathy Combs said…
OMG Congratulations!!!! That is so wonderful! I am thrilled for you and so happy you won! ♥
Thanks Swarnali.. touchwood there will be more to come.
Jyotsna Bhatia said…
Congratulations Roshan.. Nine Years :0 That is truly something !!!
Congrats, Roshan! You deserve this Award for Creativity and I am certain that there are lots more to come you way besides the milestones that remain within your reach. Keep writing and inspiring!
Thanks Jyotsna :D It really does seem like something when I read some of the old entries...
Thanks Swapna :)
That's one of the best wishes I've received for this :) Touchwood, somebody's listening to your words and will help me achieve it all.
Afshan Shaik said…
I am late here but heartiest congrats Roshan :)
Soumyadip Pal said…
3 words for you : "YOU ARE AWESOME" :D ~ http://pcfunkies.com
Thanks a lot :)