Dear friend, 
When I see you, I often worry. You are bigger, stronger, more intelligent & capable than me and yet at times, you seem like a man lost in the dark, seeking a candle light to guide you back. And I worry that none of your kind seem to find it in them to light that one candlelight for your sake. 

I don't know as much as you do obviously but there are a few slivers of wisdom that I have attained too along the way. A lot of it is stuff you know but have perhaps just forgotten. But that is the thing, you see. You don't forget to be kind and compassionate. On the other hand, you enforce it. You make it a part of your daily life. 

My role? I can only help you nurture it by my everyday deeds and pray that you will learn from me... I sincerely hope you do. Because you are truly capable of so much love and selflessness.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
First of all, understand that you cannot do 
everything by yourself. Accept help 
from those who care about you.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not get disheartened when you see the heights
that others have attained. There will always be someone
bigger than you. Focus on your individual journey.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Often, the shackles that hold you back from 
achieving your goals are just within your mind.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not let go of your inner child. He will guide you back 
to happiness when you find yourself lost in the big bad world.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Be grateful.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Find time from work to cultivate a hobby
or vocation that appeals to you.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not give up on that hobby.
Pursue it with the passion it deserves.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Read something everyday. Expand your knowledge.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not discriminate blindly on the basis of colour
 or other divisions you have made. 

Beagle Snoopy Godyears

Being good or bad comes down to each individual. 

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
There are no natural enemies. Just the 
ones that we create with our insecurities.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not bite the hand that feeds you.
Both literally and metaphorically.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
It is okay to want to be the center of attraction
every once in a while.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Explore every option that appeals to you before 
deciding on what you want in life.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Keep your elbows off the table while eating. It is called 
table manners and shows that you were not raised by animals.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
It is okay to be jealous once in a while. 
It only shows that you are canine human. 

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Do not compromise on quality. Always
aim for the best.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Curiosity  killed the cat. You and I are not cats.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Learn to find beauty and happiness
in the simple things in life too.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
In photos, always stand next to someone fatter.
It makes you look thinner.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
It is okay to make your point heard as long as you do not hurt someone.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Always have a plan B. 

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Take some time out to enjoy the environment around you.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Recycle. Until your villa in Mars is ready,
this is still your only habitable planet.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Eco-friendly aside, do add some greens to your diet. 
They  are good for digestion, apparently.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
No work is so important that you lose out on your 
well-deserved 20 16 12 8 hours of sleep everyday.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
The world is a wondrous place that extends beyond
the boundaries that you have tethered yourself to.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Break free and explore it.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears doberman
Always look out for your friends. They are 
the family you chose to bring into your life.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Show the people who matter that you 
miss them when they are not around.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
In life, there will be some struggles that will take you to the very edge.
If you truly believe in what you are fighting for, do not give in...

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
You will succeed eventually.

Beagle Snoopy Godyears
Above all else, know this: 
There is love all around you. Surround yourself with those who genuinely care for you. 
In the end, the love you give & receive in your life is the greatest measure of your success. 

Beagle Snoopy Godyears

You and I are a lot alike, in the end. 
We live beside each other and learn the same life lessons. It comes down to remembering what those lessons are, I guess. 
You bring out the best in me with your love. And I want to believe that I too am capable of doing the same for you when you are plagued by inner insecurities that I cannot see. Just as you have nurtured me to life, allow me to nurture you back to that phase in life where you have been happiest. 

I hope you can look beyond my fur and find it in you to hear my words. Perhaps, more importantly, I hope that you will find it in you to follow them.

Your best friend.
33 Life Lessons on Humanity from Man's Best Friend with pics attached!

Author's note: 

To quote Yvonne"1000 Voices Speak For Compassion is a blogging initiative started in response to violence and alienation in our world. "

This month, #1000Speak focuses on Nurturing. A thousand bloggers across the planet write in on a topic that most of us have dealt with in the hope of inspiring you to have faith in the good that exists all around you.
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I had written for #1000Speak earlier this year on:
2. Bullying

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Guilie Castillo said…
Loved it. LOVED it. Too many awesome quotes to list. With your permission, I'd love to reblog this.
Guilie @ Life In Dogs
Guilie, Hehe.. glad to meet a fellow dog lover. These are my buddies (or rather, masters) at home - Snoopy the Beagle and Victor the Doberman.
And yes, please feel free to share as you see fit. The idea is to spread joy always :)
Pri said…
Loved it!
Snoopy's adorable pictures coupled with your captions not just take the cake but the baker and the bakery too.
Awesome, Rosh. Simply awesome!
Dhanya said…
Loved Snoopy's words of wisdom :) Loved this the best "Until your villa in Mars is ready,
this is still your only habitable planet." Can I copy?
sulekkha said…
Adorable Snoopy.Loved this post, miss my Sparky :(
Shail Mohan said…
I love Snoopy! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow Roshan.. Im simply blown away by the depth of this post!! Beautifully expressed... And snoopy is absolutely precious!!! Yet another gem of a blog post from you Doc! Kudos!
haha.. he literally will take all the pastries anyway in real life if you give him the chance.
sorry for the late replay, of course, copy away
You know he will be looking down on you and wagging his tail.
He is a superstar, eh?
Thanks Ramya :) This is one of few posts I love in my blog too :D
Both the pics and the wordings came together properly
sunita saldhana said…
I think I am in love! With both of them!
Shilpa Gupte said…
Achooooooo.....I so want to squish Snoopy! He is such a darling! And, I loved the lessons you shared, Roshan. How necessary for human survival. :)
Vinodini Iyer said…
How sweet! He was such a tiny thing. I love that naughty glint in his eyes. What a wonderful way of putting your thoughts across. :)
bellybytes said…
Woof woof! Totally agree with your adorable beagle. He is really a very intelligent being . Lucky you!
Rajlakshmi said…
Omg all that cuteness is melting my heart. Look at those eyes. Oh my heart... This is the cutest post ever!