When Romantic Firefighters Saved a Wedding #AtoZChallenge

by - April 01, 2019

24 hours before she was to get married, 23 year old Camille Bethea was having the worst day of her life. A horrible snowstorm had engulfed the area, caving in the roof of her wedding venue. A second venue too had to cancel because the snow had blocked their parking lot. To make matters worse, the pastor who was supposed to officiate the marriage called to cancel.

Some would consider it an ill-omen from an angry God. But not the Arlington County Fire station.

Heroes of Kindness - the Arlington County Fire fighters

With time running out, no venue to get married in and her Marine Corps fiance due to be deployed away soon, Camille made a 'Hail Mary' call to Captain Chuck Kramaric of the fire station, asking for help in any form. Even she did not expect what happened next.

A bunch of romantics at heart, the firefighters of Arlington County worked overtime redoing the fire station, cleaning the place up, setting chairs and even converting a table into a makeshift altar.

By the time the bride and groom had found a new pastor, the fire station had become a wedding hall. The fire fighters even used the red swirling lights from their truck to provide a dance hall ambience afterwards and hooked up the truck's radio to play romantic songs for the newly weds. All the guests at the wedding were also given free plastic fire hats as mementos to remember this unique wedding!

"I would call them heroes—superheroes in my case—because they were the ones who saved my day," - Camille Bethea, the bride.

“It felt awesome to assist a US Marine in fulfilling his vows before deployment. I can't say enough about my men pulling together to get this done—thanks guys!”
- Captain Chuck Kramaric

Heroes of Kindness - the Arlington County Fire fighters

Author's note:
This is part of my #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge where I will be focusing on Real Life Heroes of Kindness and Compassion. 

Of course, I have been tracking these lovely human beings for years now and have found children as young as six years old and old women in their eighties from across the world who will restore your faith in humanity.

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  1. Such a lovely read. Looking forward to read your future posts

    A for Alvin

  2. Been waiting since morning for your post. Another amazing one as expected.

  3. Hi Roshan, yours is the first post I am reading on April 1. This is truly amazing and makes one regain one's faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing this story. God bless the Arlington County Fire Fighters :D

  4. This is going to be another great series. Looking forward to more such heroic tales. Last year I loved all your posts, I am convinced this year will be no different. As the saying goes 'morning shows the day'.

  5. Oh, Lord, that's sweet. I can always count on you for an uplifting story that's real and not just full of glurge. Thank you.

  6. awesome!!! for a sec i thought maybe this was a short story. gosh so awesome. definitely will try to follow along for your theme. keep up the good work.

    joy at http://www.thejoyousliving.com

  7. What a story! And I'd sy that nobody involved lost witts of hope.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  8. Arlington is a beautiful place too. Do you live there? Loved this post. Already a lot of stories have started churning in my mind. - Regards Rubina

  9. This could've been a disaster but the firemen turned it around so beautifully. This is one marriage that will never run out of fire!

  10. How wonderful is this! Loved reading this romantic tale!:)

  11. Hi Roshan - what a wonderful story ... Camille definitely made the right phone call - while the Fire Station really got on with things ... I'm so pleased for them - the Arlington firefighters deserve their recognition - cheers Hilary

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