Auto Driver Gives Free Rides to Cancer Patients and their Families

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Vinod Kumar KV is not your ordinary auto rickshaw driver. You can spot his vehicle from a distance - the words 'Cancer Care for Life' are written on top, in bright red. For the last eight years, Vinod has been ferrying cancer patients and their relatives for free in Trivandrum to the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC).

Kerala auto driver

This unique journey began for Vinod after he was a patient in the hospital himself, following his second heart attack. He used to work as a technician of electronic gadgets back then and would visit the RCC for work. He was moved by the plight of patients carrying their oxygen tubes and drains and walking, unable to afford a ride. Inspired by another auto driver Prahladan who gave free auto rides to patients, Vinod decided to do the same. He stopped working as a technician after he left the hospital and bought an auto rickshaw to do the same as Prahladan.

 Over time, his duties have increased. He tends to the carers of cancer patients at RCC too, most of whom sleep on the ground outside the hospital. Vinod taes them to cheap or free shelters near the hospital. When blood is required, Vinod uses his networking resources (which include the Kerala Police and Indian Medical Association) accumulated over years to get donors.

group of men with Kerala police

He offers rides from 9 am to 1 am for free in addition to emergency calls and sustains his livelihood by riding the rickshaw for a charge at night and doing occasional technician jobs.

 As if this was not enough, Vinod has also become a part of the group Charity on Wheels started by tour package drivers in Muvattupuzha wherein he utilizes the vans which usually return empty after finishing a tour package to organize rides for patients who travel from afar.  

Kerala auto driver

8 years ago, Vinod stepped out of the ICU a changed man following his heart attack. That altered perspective has made him an angel on wheels since then for thousands of cancer patients and their loved ones.

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  1. Our own suffering opens our hearts for others and we do not need King Solomon's gold to do that!

  2. So nice to hear about such noble people!

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