Heroes of Kindness - 2020 Edition

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
I find real-life heroes.
In the midst of all the gloom and darkness that the media envelopes us in, I find compassionate souls - normal everyday people - from across the world who do kind deeds and help those less privileged. They barely get 15 minutes of fame in the modern world.

I want them to have more. It is why I showcase them here, helping their stories reach a wider audience while simultaneously inspiring the reader to understand that:

a) they too are capable of becoming a 'Hero of Kindness'
b) the world is not such a bad place.

Welcome to the 2020 Edition of the Heroes of Kindness. 

leaf with words on it

I will continue to update this list as the year progresses. 

Deli owner Aleem Chaudry keeps the Christmas spirit alive for children in his town by replying to every letter - over 400 a year - written by the kids and deposited in his mailbox, meant 'specifically for the North Pole.' 

When a 95 year old woman was swindled out of her life savings by a con artist, the town of Maine held a Baldacci Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner and donated more money to the woman than she had lost.


doctor talking to patients
Dr Chandrasekhar Sankurathri

When a horrific tragedy took everyone he loved, Dr Chandrasekhar Sankurathri - the first Indian to win the CNN Hero Award - chose to build a legacy for his lost family by bringing light to thousands of children across India.

Howie Dittman's simple gesture during a Pride Parade brought many there to tears and forced parents of LGBTQ community members to introspect on the way they treated their children.

Having suffered himself during the 80's, Michael Esmond paid off the utility bills of 36 underprivileged families in his community so that they would not suffer during the harsh 2019 winters.

Anaesthesiologists John Flanagan and Matthew Stevenson saved a woman in mid-air by creating a makeshift breathing device inside a flight.


man with prosthetic limb
Guillermo Martinez

24 year old Guillermo Martinez makes free 3D printed functional limbs and donates it to the disabled across 34 countries.

For over 40 years, Mike Howard aka the 'Mountain Santa' would seek aid, buy, wrap and gift toys to over 1000 poor children in his county, a legacy that continued even after his death.

Both a policeman and a murderer feature in my 4 Indians worth emulating article, showcasing the point that everyone is capable of kindness. 

When he caught a young shoplifter, store owner Jitendra Singh decided to pardon him and instead sent him away with free food.

Once on the 'Most Wanted List' of her county, Jocelynn James ended up donating her Kidney to the Officer who put her in Jail multiple times. 

After taking a single ride together, Kevin Esch helped his Uber driver complete her school by paying her fees. 

KP Vishnu drove 150 kms during the COVID lockdown, bought and then delivered crucial cancer medication to a girl he had never even met after hearing of her plight.

Dr Lindsey Chisholm walked 8 miles through a blizzard during a country shutdown to perform surgery on a cancer patient.

  female doctors and nurses

When Starbucks barista Nicole McNeil found out her customer was in need of a kidney, she and her husband Justin went ahead and got tested, before the latter donated his kidney to the man.

Maths Professor Nathan Alexander babysat the baby of his student while taking class to ensure the student did not miss out. 

Glen Oliver's simple habit of paying for the coffee of the person after him at a drive-thru stopped a man from ending his life.

When her main competitor was dying of a terminal illness, coffee shop owner Pixie Adams helped the former run his shop to assist with the medical bills.  

  woman at coffee shop

Inspired by a children's book, 1st grade student 6 year old Paris Williams feeds homeless in her locality.

Racially targeted by a bigot, politician Qasim Rashid responded by helping pay the man's medical debts, changing the man's perspective forever. 

The Reading Friends Programme helps children bond with elders while also helping dispel feelings of loneliness across the country.

Lottery ticket seller Sreeman Narayanan has donated over 10,000 pots for free with the sole purpose of helping provide water sources for birds.

When online classes began following the COVID19 lockdown in India, teachers at the St. John Bosco Upper Primary School in Kochi ensured children living under a bridge also had access to online classes by coming everyday and teaching them personally.

Text for Humanity, the world's first texting switchboard, sends a text message of kindness to absolute strangers across the world. 

From helping a blind man see thousands of pet dogs to granting a young cancer patient's wish for the Transformer cartoon character Bumblebee to grace his birthday, here are 4 instances of Unexpected Gestures of Kindness from Across the World. 

For the last 8 years, auto driver Vinod Kumar gives free rides to cancer patients and their carers. 

  Kerala auto driver

Nurse Lori Wood adopted an autistic man she had just met as a patient 48 hours earlier so that he could receive a heart transplant.

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Doctor's prescription

Read any one article every day. Slowly believe in humanity once more.
Have a kind day, wherever you are. 

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