Nurse Adopts Autistic Man So He Can Receive Heart Transplant

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Every year, across the world, nurses save millions of lives. And still, Lori Wood's story stands out.

kind nurse

Lori, an ICU nurse at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Georgia met Jonathan Pinkard, a 27 year old man with autism who needed an urgent heart transplant. Unfortunately, his grandmother had passed away and he had no other stable legal guardian, a requisite for patients who undergo organ donation so that they have someone to look after them in the immediate post-operative period.

For 4 months, Jonathan was on the list but with no real hope of getting a heart. Worse still, he would be discharged and sent to a men's shelter since he had no family or home to go to. Listening to him as she cared for him during his brief hospital stay, nurse Lori Wood was struck by his genial nature and unfortunate circumstances. Two days - just 48 hours - after caring for him, the 57 year old nurse offered to adopt him and be his legal guardian, thus increasing his chances of being on the transplant list.

nurse with adopted son

The adoption went smoothly as did the operation a few months later and Lori Wood was true to her word, monitoring her "son's" vitals and looking after him following the surgery. 

“When you’re a nurse and you’re wanting to fix and help people, that can be very frustrating. At some point, God places people in situations in your life, and you have the choice to do something about it. And I guess … for this situation there was no choice. It really wasn’t anything I struggled about. He had to come home with me.”
- Lori Wood


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  1. Incredible story buddy. I cant really say how much I love reading such stories of humanity and passion. Thanks for this.

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