Now that Life has Restarted, How are You Looking After Your Health? #RestartRight

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Tips to stay healthy

Like many, I too used the newly gained free time during this lockdown to hone my skills in cooking. From a delightful yakhni pulao to a decadent cupcake series, there were quite a few indulgences over the last few months. I was also able to find time to play a game for money or two online (with pretty fruitful results, I may add!). Now that we are starting to come out of the quarantine, however, things are different. 

Outside, the streets are jam-packed while within, the hospitals are crowded and the operation theatres filled with elective surgeries once more. While it was never a real break for us doctors, our world has definitely changed now. In addition to daily surgeries, we must make up for three months of pending surgeries even as an invisible sword of Damocles lies forever over our heads this time in the form of a certain microscopic virus. The stress levels are understandably higher too, making us reach for some essential oils rich in terpenoids at the end of the day just to soothe our minds. 

Medications like kratom can make a big difference in achieving your goal of calming those nerves after a rough day. Of course, you need to know if it is available (and most importantly, legal) where you live. You can confirm that at

I imagine that feeling of stress applies to all sectors as they return to work in this new world. So what can we do about it?

Here are some tips from my side on how to manage your health in a busy lifestyle in India

a) Healthier Food Choices

While giving up fried food has been tough for someone as gluttonous as me, there are visible benefits following this sacrifice. Things I have modified include:
  • choosing to add more vegetables in my diet, 
  • reducing fatty food and 
  • focusing on lean proteins as an alternative source of protein.

b) Adequate Hydration

Reminiscent of my school days, I carry a water bottle with me to work now to ensure I remain hydrated as the day goes by. Trust me. This simple step works wonders!

c) Fitness Regimen

This has always been my Achilles heel and I still struggle but I am trying harder these days. Things that are working for me include more walking, climbing up staircases and less time in front of the television. What I still need to incorporate is some short bursts of high intensity exercise.

d) Keeping Track

In my opinion, everyone focused on achieving their healthcare goals needs to keep track of it personally, be it on paper or via apps. 
  • In a journal, I keep track of my blood pressure and sugar levels in addition to noting fluctuations in weight. 
  • Digitally, I allow apps like Take Care from ICICI Lombard to do the hard work and keep a track of all my official health requirements including my Mediclaim E-cards and my health insurance policies (and my motor insurance policy, I just realized!) while also helping me set up teleconsultations with doctors, book direct appointments and even directly avail prescribed medicines.

e) Adequate Rest for Mind & Body

    It is difficult especially in this insane year but focus on giving yourself a break every single day. This is not just about the eight hours of sleep everyone talks about but also the rest you can give yourself throughout the day. Some people turn to meditation to help relax their minds, or even herbal remedies like Kava (learn more on Kava Guides) to help them feel calm. These are becoming increasingly popular as a method of dealing with stress, alongside the options of: 

  • Distancing your mind from social media and the news too. 
  • Find a hobby that relaxes you – for me, setting up the aquarium and watching the betta fish & guppies grow has been an amazing stress-reliever. 
  • Stress, incidentally, also causes us to overeat and gain weight so healing your mind also helps in that regard too.
  • Staying healthy while walking back into a busy work schedule can be challenging but if you plan well and do it right, it can be rewarding. 

infographic explaining Tips to Stay Healthy after restarting life

This combination is working for me. How has the transition to restarting a hectic life been for you? Are you on the right path to #RestartRight?

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  1. In our house too, there has been a lot of talk about getting the health insurance updated and increasing the amount.

    1. Honestly, this has to be a major priority now all across India... people need to actively consider it.

  2. So right. Everyone is so worried now. Things feel more scarier after the lockdown opened. But we need to keep going on right... Can't stop

    1. Yes Amit. We have to be positive in this time. Take all precautions at work and focus on one's health in this period

  3. Need of the hour is to stay away from social media. All the fake news and negativity can get to a person like nothing else.

    1. I have to say it has taken a toll on me too. I can only imagine how others suffer through that aspect. An enforced break is actually a good thing during these times.

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