Inspired by children's book, 1st grade student feeds homeless in her locality #WATWB

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
6 year old Paris Williams is in first grade. She is also the head of her own non-profit organization Paris Cares that works to feed the homeless in her locality.

first grade student

Inspired after reading the children's book "One Boy's Magic" by Cari Chadwick Deal in which a boy uses his powers to feed the homeless, Paris expressed her desire to her mother to do something similar in real life.

Along with her parents, the little girl made over 500 care packages that had food as well as essentials and delivered it to the homeless at St. Louis, all via non-contact mode of delivery in view of the corona pandemic. In addition to this, she delivered over 250 meals to essential workers in the area. She wrote messages and drew smileys on all 500 care packages to let the homeless know she cared.

"It makes me really proud because with everything that’s going on in the world this small child who is entering first grade has such a big heart. She wants to give. She wants to help others.”
- Alicia Marshall, mother of Paris Williams

Paris isn't done yet either. She is already planning a Thanksgiving hot meal drive for the homeless and looking to start a toy fund aimed at children during Christmas.

Six years old. Remember that.

Author's note

For those who are new here, I have been writing about real life Heroes of Kindness for over 4 years now and have compiled over 200 heroes from all across the globe. It is my personal initiative to help dispel the negativity that surrounds us and help you have faith in humanity once more.

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  2. This lovely story about a big-hearted, giving little girl (and her supportive family) touched me deeply. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Roshan.

  3. An amazing young lass is Paris helping those in need, thanks for sharing it Dr. Roshan - and for co-hosting this month :) Have a lovely weekend.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this post of this little child with generous heart, appreciate this child for being so sweet and thoughtful and that too at such a young age.

  6. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring message through the post. You are truly proving that humanity is not all forgotten

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