Types of dog food

by - February 09, 2021

Buying dog food can be somewhat of an overwhelming process. There are so many different brands and types to choose from, how do you know which brand or type is best? 

Well, you don’t really. It’s all about trial and error and what your dog prefers to eat. So, what types of dog food are available?

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Kibble, also known as dry food, is one of the most popular types of dog food on the market. Not only is it an affordable choice, but it’s also one that lasts for a long time too. The average size of a bag of kibble is usually between 1-3kg but you can purchase other sizes too, making it a staple for dog food. There are a lot of kibble brands to choose from but sites like https://dogfoodcare.com/ make it easy to shop for appropriate options. It comes in many shapes and sizes as well as with various ingredients so there’s usually always something for every dog. You can buy kibble which is all one flavour or kibble that’s mixed with meaty chunks and vegetables. The mixed flavours also have the added benefit of different textures too which can help keep teeth nice and clean as the crunching and chewing of different kibble can help remove tartar build up.

Wet food

Wet food can come in various forms too. From canned to pouches, rolls, and boxes, you can get whatever wet food is easiest for you to use. Wet food is, of course, wet, and can come either in gravy or jelly. It can also come dry and you add your own water or gravy at home. Wet food usually consists of meaty chunks, grains, and some vegetables but it’s always best to read the label first so you know exactly what you’re getting. Meat and vegetable should be listed first, or at the beginning of the ingredients list as they’re the most important and used ingredients. If not and other ingredients are listed first, it’s probably not the best food. Wet food usually has more protein than kibble so if your dog needs a high protein diet, this is a suitable choice. Some dog owners like to use kibble in the morning and wet food in the evening to give their dog a balanced diet.

Prepared at home

There are some dog owners out there who would prefer to make their dogs food at home. Although time consuming and often expensive, it allows owners to know exactly how the food has been prepared and how much of it they’re exactly eating. This is often the case for show dogs who need to be maintained in a certain way, but it is being adopted more frequently now that owners have more time on their hands and more nutritional advice. However, preparing food at home doesn’t mean giving your dog the same food you eat. You must give them plenty of protein sources, added vitamins and minerals, vegetables, and grains. Plus, this is not a method that can be achieved overnight. Switching to a complete home cooked diet can be too rich for a dog so gradually introducing home cooked food is the best way to convert.


A raw food diet is probably one of the least popular diets about simply because it’s so time consuming. It’s often used for working dogs, like farm dogs or even racing dogs, like greyhounds. It’s essentially a diet that dogs would eat if they were not domesticated. So, they can eat meat, bones, veggies, pretty much anything actually. Raw dog food is usually grain-free and consists of a lot of meat. It can be tough at first to make the right raw food for your dog but after a while, the transition and preparation gets a little easier. This type of food is often best for your dog because it’s rich in goodness, rather than processed food. However, it can be quite expensive as it’s almost like you’re buying for another person to eat, rather than a dog.

It’s always best to consult a vet if you’re thinking about changing up your dog food just to make sure it’s a suitable switch.

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