Theme Reveal for #BlogchatterA2Z - 2021 Edition

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

For those who need a quick refresher course, the #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge brings together bloggers from across the world for the month of April, each blogger writing 26 posts that month corresponding to the 26 alphabets of the English language. 

Having successfully completed my first A2Z blogging challenge in 2016 around the theme of TV sitcoms, something that I love talking about (I ended up writing over 20,000 words about English TV shows and showcased over 75 sitcoms!), I went in a different direction the next year. 

The trigger was to go against the grain, trying to offer positivity in a social media that was becoming increasingly comfortable with demoralizing negativity. I searched across the globe, saving every story of kindness by an ordinary human being I could find and then showcasing them here under my theme - Heroes of Kindness - for that was what they truly were. From young six year olds to aging 90 year olds, I had them all in my list. 

I actually even began seeking them out and interviewing those I could find! I myself find that last bit ridiculous, at times. But it mattered to me. I wanted them to know too that their moment of kindness was not just a '15 minutes of fame' thing. That they were remembered fondly... that they were celebrated across the world even years later. That their simple acts of kindness are candles in the darkness for so many they do not even know.
It is 2021 now. And even though the world just seems to keep getting darker, I want to keep finding these candles and just placing them here for people to find and have a little more brightness in their lives.

Yes, as it has been for the last 4 years... theme for the 2021 edition of the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge is indeed 'Heroes of Kindness' once more.


Heroes of Kindness 2021 edition Godyears

So if you feel you could use some happiness in your daily routine, do stop by this page every day in the month of April (OR use the subscribe by email option OR follow me on my social media channels, both options available at the end of this page). 

I will be adding one new hero from around the world and showcasing the kindness he or she did, hoping to bring a smile on your day and inspire you to believe that the world is not such a bad place after all.
Have a kind day, wherever you are.

Author's note:

In case you cannot wait, the stories (with previews for each individual one) for earlier editions can be viewed from the links below:

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Ooh, and if you have a buck to spare, the 2020 Edition of Heroes of Kindness is also available as a book for you to add to your Kindle collection :) 

Heroes of Kindness book by Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
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  1. Wow this is my first time visiting your blog, willbe waiting eagerly. Till the time i shall keep myself busy with previous editions.
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Wow, doc I am sure your act of kindness I mean your theme is going to help people smile and imbibe hope and happiness.

  3. Wonderful as always. These are the type of posts the whole world needs right now...

  4. excellent theme. all the best. looking forward to reading your posts .

  5. Looking forward to your stories of positivity. All the best.

  6. I hope your stories of kindness are contagious and help spread more of it around. All the best for the A2Z, Roshan.

  7. Every year I eagerly wait for this beautiful dose of sunshine, though managed to have only few times. This series is an awakening of humanity. Best wishes to you Dr. Roshan, looking forward to this year's collection.

    - Swarnali

  8. Brilliant theme! looking forward to read your post!

  9. Fantastic, Doc! Best wishes for the A2Z Challenge! You'll rock it, as you always do!!! Will definitely stop by to read your amazingly inspiring stories of courage and kindness.

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