10 year old starts organization to feed the homeless and poor

by - April 12, 2021

On his 10th birthday, Jaxson Turner decided he wanted to feed the homeless in his community instead of receiving gifts. He believed that no one was ever too young to give, whether it was a smile, a meal, or a hug. 

young African American child

That was how the little boy started N2Y2C – Never Too Young to Care, a nonprofit organization that served the homeless in addition to poor families and veterans across North Texas. 

That birthday party ended up feeding 300 homeless people and raising $12,500 (Rs 9.27 lakhs) for the Dallas Life Homeless Shelter. 

That was 4 years ago and even today, Jaxson – and N2Y2C – are still at it. Last Christmas, the then 13-year-old teenager ended becoming the Secret Santa for 61 homeless children in Texas, supplying them with coats, sneakers, toys and a hot meal for the holidays. In addition, he catered a dinner for all the families where he served Chick-fil-A, pizza hut pizzas, 
macaroni, chicken nuggets and cookies.

child sitting besides Christmas gifts

“Some people were crying tears. One of the families with four kids and a mother let me know that their children had never gotten brand new shoes before.”
- Jaxson Turner

In addition to Christmas and Easter events, N2Y2C also holds annual domestic violence awareness events, offering monetary assistance in addition to donating supplies for the vulnerable as well as ‘back to school’ fundraisers to provide backpacks, school supplies and haircuts for children.

African American mom and child

“I am moved every single day. I cry and I pray. I am very proud of him. Jaxson has a big heart.” 
- LaKeicee Turner-Sazy, Jaxson's mother.

Author's note:

Since 2017, every year, I take up the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and focus on showcasing lovely real-life heroes from around the worldThe aim is to remind you that there is still plenty of good human beings all around you... to inspire you to smile once more.

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  1. Kudos to Jaxson's mother for her exceptional upbringing. Raising a kid who has ability to empathize the plights of homeless kids and Veterans at this age. I am literally running out of words to define the noble deeds of young Santa.

  2. I found these lines so positive and heartwarming: no one was ever too young to give, whether it was a smile, a meal, or a hug.
    A beautiful post
    Deepika Sharma

  3. What a proud mom she must be.Just ten year old and doing such inspirational work.Hats off to Jaxson Turner

  4. Every post of yours making my belief in humanity even more stronger. This boy is so special and Hatts off to his upbringing. I am going to show this post to my kids. Thanks again Rishabh for sharing these unknown heros.. They need more and more visibility.

  5. This is so heartwarming and there is so much for all of us to learn from this little boy.

  6. Such amazing humanitarian thoughts and work at such a young age is very rare. Most kids his age would throw tantrums over toys. Impressive and inspirational!

  7. O this is so touching!! Of course no one was ever too young to give, whether it was a smile, meal, or a hug. Such a big heart he has!! So so beautiful!!

  8. Kudos jaxson, for such birthday celebration. Becoming secret Santa and feeding the homeless all his acts are inspiring. Loads of blessings to him and thanks roshan for sharing such a positive story with us.

  9. Wow at the age of 10, Jaxon is doing such an incredible job. these stories are so heartwarming and inspiring. each one inspire us to do better things in life and serving others.

  10. 10-year-olds hope to get gifts and rewards while this boy arranged food for poor people! Hats off!!

  11. This is so inspiring and seriously I feel so amazing about the learnings and upbringing parents have given!!

  12. Glad to know that being young is definitely not going to stop you from doing good deeds

  13. Wow this is another inspiring story . Jaxon has a big heart and doing an incredible job


  14. At such tender age. Having thought of the poor and homeless. Amazing!

  15. Jaxson has proved that you are never too young to start making the world a better place. Thank you for sharing his heartwarming story with us.


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