Heroes of Kindness - 2021 Edition

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

It is 2021. And even though the world just seems to keep getting darker, I am not ready to give up. And as it turns out, there are billions like me. You just need to know where to look to find the light and smile again.

I've been collecting Heroes of Kindness - normal everyday people from across the world who do kind deeds and help others - and showcasing them here on the blog since 2017. They deserve to be celebrated, after all... this is my way to letting them know their compassion matters.

Welcome to the 2021 Edition of Heroes of Kindness

Doctor's prescription

Read any one article every day. Slowly believe in humanity once more.
Have a kind day, wherever you are. 

a candle lit


Oncologist Dr Omar Atiq forgave $650,000 worth of Medical Bills for his Cancer Patients as a final gift to them while shutting down his clinic.

Mrs Beula GabrielThe 80 year old Teacher Who Sold her House to Run a School for the Underprivileged.

Girl with a box of books and toys
Teenager Caroline Beckwith creates Customized Cheer Packages - Caroline's Cheer Packages - for Cancer Patients to bring a Smile on their faces.
(Includes my Interview with her.)

Plumber James Anderson Created Depher (Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response) and has fixed Heating & Plumbing for over 10,000 Vulnerable Families Free of Charge.

To ensure other restaurants in his area do not succumb to closure, restaurant owner Adolpho Melendez  of El Mezcal spent his own Money to promote his struggling Competitors during the Pandemic.

5-star Fownes Hotel in Worcester Stays Open During Pandemic Lockdown to Provide Free Shelter for the Homeless.

Since 2006, a Team of Professional Chefs - Mercy Chefs launched by chef Gary leBlanc - have served 10 Million Quality Free Meals to Victims of Disasters & Emergencies.

old woman with family members

75 year old Linda Herring Fostered More than 600 Children (irrespective of age, gender or special needs) over 50 years, inspiring even her biological children to foster and adopt.

The Indy Hunger Network Helps Truck Drivers Deliver Rejected Edible Food to Charities instead of Dumping in Landfills.

10 year old Jaxson Turner started his own non-profit organization N2Y2C – Never Too Young to Care - to feed the homeless and poor.

Determined to make a difference, Father Jijo Kurian Built Over a 100 Cabin Homes for Kerala Flood Victims & the Homeless
(includes my interview with him.)

Moving Company Move For Hunger has collected over 9 Million kilos of Food from People who are Moving and Delivered it to the Needy.

Real Estate Owner Marjy Stagmeier started an organization Star-C  that helped Raise Millions of Dollars to Ensure 3000 Families Do Not Get Evicted in addition to providing free daycare and after school teaching for the children of these families.

A Child's Passion for playing the Violin Inspired Nate Kellogg, an absolute Stranger, to Build her a Prosthetic Limb

child with a prosthetic limb playing the violin

Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson Developed an Innovative Scheme - The One Percent Project to raise money for the Homeless.

Risking certain death, policeman Abhishek Patel Ran a Kilometre with a 10 kg Bomb On his Shoulder to Save 400 Schoolchildren.

Here are 10 images that showcase how Quietly, we can be kind.

Dr Sami Yahya Al Hajj provides free medical consultations in Yemen on the road

During the pandemic, 28-year old Yemeni doctor Sami Yahya al-Hajj  treated the Poor for Free from His Car.

The Townsfolk of Tipton Bought their favourite Pizza Delivery Man a New Car as a Tip for 30 Years of Service with a Smile.

Fighting Breast Cancer, Scientist Kerry Wiles Drives an Uber in her free time to Deliver Meals to the Homeless.
Rylee Brooke
13 year old actor and activist Rylee Brooke Kamahele has been providing food to needy children, working to mould children into thoughtful leaders, lobbying for bills related to ocean conservation & wildlife protection and so much... all since the age of 8!
(includes my interview with her.)

Couple Nina Richardson & Doug Condon provided shelter to a delivery girl at their home for an entire week after she became stranded in the 2021 Texas cold snap. 

On realizing he had never received a single Valentine's Day card or gift in his life, an Operation Valentine was conceived that ended with the 104 year old army veteran receiving over 70,000 love letters from around the world.

Amy Wolff's yard signs of inspirational messages and hope went viral helped raise suicide awareness. 

Rival college students of Xavier College & University of Cincinnati had a tipping challenge at local restaurants, helping raise funds for local staff during the pandemic. 

15 Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera

Not Had Enough? Here are 50 More Acts of Kindness Caught on Camera


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  1. It's a great story and, in fact, I can share another one. I have a cousin who lives in Texas (only lost his power for one day) and he and his wife took another family for the several days that family was without power or water. It was a terrible situation and I'm happy there were angels there for some who would have been in a bad way otherwise. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

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