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Winner of Super Blogger Challenge 2018

Winner of Brand Favourite title in Super Blogger Challenge 2019

Over the years, Blogadda also was kind enough to select some of the posts from Godyears as their Spicy Saturday and Tangy Tuesday Pick Winners.



  1. One of 10 winners of the 2012 Fablery Publications "Ten Shades of Life" contest.
  2. One of the winners of the Penguin Publications "Love Stories That Touched My Heart" contest. 
  3. One of the winners in Rupa Publications "An Atlas of Love" contest as well as Pageturn Publishers "Stories for Your Valentine" contest. 
  4. Winner in Blogadda and INKTALKS "Beyond Boundaries" contest.
  5. Winner of Matrika's "Scribble your Heart away.." contest.
  6. Winner of India Today's #Conclave15 "The World Remade" contest. 
  7. Winner of WriteTribe's Language of Love Contest.
  8. Winner of Blogadda's JSW #WillOfSteel activity.
  9. Winner of Blogadda's PaintMeWild activity.
  10. Winner of Blogadda's Vision 2050 WOW prompt.
  11. Winner for sharing my #Win15 experience.
  12. Runner up in the NDTV SwachhIndia campaign.
  13. Runner up in BlueStone's #SoundOfLove activity.
  14. Runner up in SnapDeal's #DilKiDealOnSnapDeal contest.
  15. Runner up in Indiblogger's 'The Story of a Suicide' contest.
  16. Runner up in Indiblogger's HP Star Wars Challenge contest
  17. Runner up in Indiblogger's #SpreadTheVibe contest
  18. Runner up in Indiblogger's "WeChat" contest for 2 entries (1 and 2)
  19. Runner up in Indiblogger's "Colgate-Moral of the Story" contest.
  20. Runner up in Indiblogger's CarConnect contest. 
  21. Runner up in Indiblogger's Asus ZenPhone Contest.
  22. Runner up in Indiblogger's McCain More Smiles Contest.
  23. Runner up in Indiblogger's Livogen Iron Chef contest.
  24. Runner up in Cycle Agarbattis "Everyone has a reason to pray" contest.
  25. Runner up in "SkyScanner & I on a Trip around the World" contest.
  26. Winner of the 'Crime' Genre in Indireads Short Story Competition.
  27. Winner of the Popular Pick award in the 'Drama' Genre in Indireads Second Short Story Contest.
  28. Runner up in Blogadda's Treetins Activity.
  29. Runner up in IndiBlogger's "Yes or No to Pre-marital sex" contest 
  30. Runner up in Gillettes' "MyRoleModel" contest.
  31. One of the runner ups in StarSports's KannaKeepCalm contest.
  32. Runner up in Blogadda's "I am Mardaani" contest.
  33. Twitter Challenge Winner for Indiblogger's GenX Nano event.
  34. Winner of Lazy Pineapple's 'You think you are funny' contest...twice!

  • Helping Blogadda and Akshaya Patra in their initiative to help feed children for an entire year. 

The Moral of The Story Is - Runner-up
My review featured by Tata Zest on their Twitter timeline.

Completed the NaNoWriMo challenge... twice!

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