Hi there.
How do you feel you've done in the Quiz ? Pretty good ? Confident you've beaten the rest and taken your rightful spot as the winner of the quiz ?
Well, I hope you had fun because it was a whole lot of fun making this quiz and seeing everyone racking their brains with the buffet course. However, when it came to correcting, I have to warn you that I've been quite strict.

To start of, it's important to reveal the correct answers.

Before we go to the buffet round, I'll finish off the starters and desserts rounds. 
(You can find the questions here.) 

Starters ( 1 point each ) :
1. Octopussy
2. Stephen King
3. Hugh Grant
4. Aradhana
5. Robin Williams

Congrats. Everyone got the Starters right.

Dessert round (2 points each ) :
7. His name is Prem in all the movies.
8. It's Poison Ivy. I'm surprised people came up with Harley Quinn... to the best of my knowledge, Harley ( The Joker's muse/ girlfriend ) has never been represented in the movies till date. I've linked you to a clip from the movie - while watching it, remember that this is the same villain we watched in The Dark Knight Rises this year !
9. Kung Fu Panda 2
10. Aftab Shivdasani. Most of you got this right. Good for you ( and your Google skills ?  :D )
11. Karishma ( NOT RAVEENA !) This was a googly quite a few of you fell for. If you remember, Raveena pretends to be millionaire heiress Raveena Bajaj. The reveal leads to one of Bollywood's 'most hilarious laughing sequences' ever.

12. Kyun Chalti Hai Pawan / Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
14. Sleepless in Seattle
15. Pehla Pehla pyar hai

Which brings us to the main Round - the BUFFET.

I have to be frank here on a few points 
  • I originally put in a certain amount of movies in there. By the crazy law of coincidences and serendipity, the remaining alphabets I added also formed a 'few names'. 
  • While I was not originally aware of some of those names and those movies, I have verified each new entry given by you and whichever passed the cut  has been added to the final score.
  • Verification : involved a quadruple check with imdb, rottentomatoes, wikipedia & youtube. I have been really strict in deciding which movies made the final list. Movie titles were rejected for the following reasons - 

  • Level of scrutiny :  The movie 'NO' played in 2 screens in USA in 1998, making it eligible for the list ( a similar scenario with the movie 'Bol' which did run in Indian cinemas as a Hindi film. ). 'Wine' gave me a bit of a headache as there exists no copy today of this silent era movie of 1924... but it did exist and was released in the Hollywood big screen. Adding A.I. while rejecting M.I... well, I've gone with my gut on that one.
So the big question in everyone's mind : How many movies were there ? 15... 20... 25 ?
What if I told you that even after rejecting 47 entries, there were still another 57 official Hollywood and Bollywood movies in that list ?!

That's right. 57 movies. 
I had added 37 in my list and thanks to your great efforts, another 20 were added. 

Now that you have the chit with the list AND I've removed all the other letters 
AND I've underlined the first alphabet of the word,
Can you find all of them ?

Well, that's it for answers. Now the fun part...


One final time, a shout out with lots of gratitude to the sponsors for this contest, Cuponation

Notable performers out of the 25+ entries who just missed the cut (and were infact leaders at one or the other stage of the tournament) included : 
Tanushree Pillai (42), Nazneen Ali (43), 
Amit Sharma & Seena Rajesh (44), 
Jameel Sheriff (51), Prithvi Mathew & Meena Bhatnagar (53).

In 3rd place, with a score of 55/80 is Nirali Naik.

In 2nd place, with a score of 61/80 is Christopher D'Souza.

And the winner of the Godyears Movie Quiz 2012, with the 
awesome score of 67 is Shibin Girish
Congrats Dude. You have truly earned the Godyears Golden Ticket Laurel !

That's it from my side. All the winners will be receiving their Flipkart vouchers and a personally designed Winners badge via e-mail shortly. 

Thanks everyone for playing and making it a fun contest. I hope you had fun too. 
In many ways, it's been a nerve wracking 2012. Hopefully 2013 will bring a ray of hope and love in all our hearts. 

“It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, 
because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. 
Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe 
that people are really good at heart.”  
- Anne Frank

Happy New Year everyone. 
God Bless.

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