My first published story (Paperback)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
Well, what can I say ?

One of the dreams of every blogger came true for me today. My mom called and informed me that I must have made some mistake because I ordered 2 copies of the same book to be delivered. After she read the title to me,I asked her to go through the list of stories in the book and check if any name sounded familiar.
She recognised my name the second time around.

I have gotten my story published in an international series. Even if I say so myself, it feels great.

Anyway, for those who're interested, my ( real life based ) article is in "Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor's Soul."

The link to buying it (with 30% off, Free Home delivery and Cash on Delivery too !!) via FlipKart is here.
Hope you enjoy reading it.

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  1. Congrats on r recent Milestone Doctor.U deserve the best.

  2. Congrats... way to goo


  3. This is BIG..really BIGG..Congrats Rosh.

    Will buy this one :)

  4. WOW!!!! So happy for you!!! Can't wait to read it!!!

  5. Congrats doc!!!
    Truly its a big step!! We need free copies with author's sign! :-D

  6. Congrats !
    I try ordering ..But its only for india!
    thats not good!

  7. Im not surprised, I am sure there is more to come :)
    Congrats anyways Doc..
    Awesome theme too

  8. Thanks guys...

    Rohan, signed copies cost extre :) they're future collectors items :D

    Harman, will try to find a link for a site which ship abroads...couldnt find one presently but hopefully there'l b one soon enough...

  9. yoo hoooooooooo many many congratulations doc...i always feel you are one of the most awesomest writers blogosphere has...or at least my blogosphere deserve so many more accolades...let's just say this is the perfect start:-)

    wishing you loads of success more:-)

  10. Or I can jus hunt down the author, put a knife to his throat and demand the soup! I mean the sign!! :-D

  11. wow Im gonna go around saying that one of the authors of the chicken soup series is my friend :)

  12. this is such wonderful news!! Congrats- you have arrived!!

  13. Wow Doc, I'm really proud of you! Hope you'll not forget me when you're a big writer :D ..hehe.. i'm not being sarcastic at allll!!

  14. Suruchi,thanks.. thats one of the best copliments I've got in recent times.

    Rohan, gulp... ur signed copy is in the mail :S

    Renu, Thanks.

    Anita, feel free.. tell them I'm good looking and 'just a tad bulky' :)

    Nirvana, touchwood.

    Nisha, not likely... I remember all my readers..and u've been here since ages !! and i dont mean that sarcastically.

  15. Congratsss Many....
    So when are you sending me the signed complimentary Copy ?? :))

  16. Congrats doc with a beautiful caring heart.

  17. brocas area, thanks mate.

    Shyam, if ur in India no problem :) no idea how to get this out of India

    Alka, thanks a lot for that .

  18. Congratz doc :)

    This is an achievement indeed :)

  19. doc, this is a HUGE deal. i have never read a chicken soup book but i am darn well going to start now :) congratulations doesn't cover it :)

  20. Congrats! That's super! Am going to get a copy!

  21. wow i have no words!! great! congratulations! what an achievement!

  22. Nags, a bit surprised to hear u havent read a Chicken Soup but yeaah !! now or never :)

    Sassyfork, thanks...pls do.

    Sujatha..Thanks a lot.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Congratulations pythoroshan.
    Your name sounds similar to Pythagoras. Are you by any means related to the square of the hypotenuse or the side opposite the right angle? ;-)

  25. Hehe..the name was derived from there, as a matter of fact..though it occured decades back when i was fooling around in a math class..seriously :)

  26. Hey...this is great news, congrats!!!!
    Will definitely look out for it;-D.

  27. Hi,

    It was a touching story i had my eyes full of
    tears. It was really touching to ur heart & soul keep writing it was an hidden talent i came to know

  28. Thank you Madam... its a pleasant surprise to see your comment here.. I hope all are fine.

    Hopefully, will take a break and visit Pune atleast next year.

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