The new anthology collection which I can say I'm proud to be a part of was offically released last weekend in Hyderabad. "Family Matters" by Nivasini Publishers is an international anthology featuring authors and poets from over 9 different countries. 

As you can guess, the bond between family members plays a vital part in all the stories within this book. Proceeds from the book will go to Sphoorti, an NGO for under-priviliged children including orphans and those children who are abandoned.

For details of the book launch, I will divert you to Nivasini's blogpost on it. / their Facebook page.

Nivasini Publishers

My own story within the book, "A Mother's Touch" is something that is different from what people usually expect from me... no humour, romance or violence. It's a story of faith and looking beyond the obvious. 

"When a tourist on vacation wakes up to find her daughter having an acute episode of asthma and realizes that there are no medicines at hand, an unlikely saviour arrives in response to her silent prayer for help." 

 Personally, I was/am apprehensive about this story because A) it isn't a genre I am usually good at and B) writing from a mother's point of view is definitely alien to a dork like me. But some of those fears have been allayed with fellow blogger's Bhavana's kind words after reading the story (link here). Thanks Bhavana.

I don't have links for online purchase of the book yet. So for now, to get a copy of "Family Matters", kindly email nivedita(at)  


Anonymous said…
Will search for a copy here. :) So good of you all to find a way to use writing for a noble cause. I hope more people do this too.
maithili said…
I read the review and it makes me want to buy this one but I will wait for an amazon offer :P
Vidya Sury said…
Coming from you, I am pretty sure the story will be awesome and beautifully written, Roshan. Congratulations! I will try and get the book!
Shilpa Garg said…
Congratulations Roshan! That's another wonderful feather in your cap! I remember reading your story in Ten Shades of Life and loved it. looking forward to read this one too! Cheers :)
Jyoti Mishra said…
I'd love to read that story sometime.. reviews are pretty good :)
Aditi said…
Wow Congratulations...will try and get hold of this book once out!! :)
Thanks Jyothi... if you do get a copy, please do tell me how you liked it.
Haha.. will inform you if the link appears :)
Thanks Vidya... coming from you, that means a lot!
Thanks Shilpa... this is an entirely different genre from that one :) Definitely less action!
Thanks Jyoti... do email them if you want a copy. It's for a noble cause too :D
Thanks.. tell me how you liked it once you're done..
Susan Deborah said…
Congratulations once again Doktor! A published work is a testament of our writing skill and prowess. Cheers!

Joy always,
It must be an awesome book, as it is coming from you. I am getting it :-)
Thanks Susan... it does feel nice and special when you put it that way :D
I just have a single story... but the book has some seriously talented authors in there so it should be a good book because of them :)
Thanks Shatrujeet :)
Dont be so modest. :-P
Danny Simon said…
COngrats buddy! Didn't see this till now... Been off blogging for quite some time now....
Thanks Danny. Seriously, been awhile since I've seen a blogpost from you.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Roshan!
Binu Thomas said…
Wow. Congratulations doctor! Another feather in the cap for you :) I must say, the cap is becoming a lot feathery ;-)
Thanks Amit...eagerly awaiting your novel now !
Yes.. my aim is to have a hat like that King Julian from the Madgascar movies.
Susan Deborah said…
Rightfully yours - the writing skill!
sunita said…
Congratulations Roshan. Maybe you can also find a few of my works in between the pages of " Family Matters ' :)