The 100 Essential Valentine's Day Movies Playlist - Part 2

by - February 10, 2019

In part One of the Four part '100 Essential Valentine's Day Movie Playlist' series, we discussed the two categories - Cult Classics and thought-provoking romantic movies.

In this, part Two of the four part series, we will look into three very popular categories - 'Romantic Comedies (Romcoms)', 'Action/Thrillers' and 'Period Dramas.'

In this list of Essential Valentines Day Movies, we focus on Romcoms, period dramas and action-thrillers.


There's Something About Mary

A man pining for the girl he has loved since high school tracks her down a decade later in the hope of winning her over to only to find that he is not the only one pining for her this time.

My Best Friend's Wedding

A woman is distraught when she realizes too late she is in love with her best friend and now sets out to do the right thing - break up his upcoming marriage.

What Happens in Vegas

Strangers who married in haste in Las Vegas try to get a quick divorce and half of a jackpot they won but find themselves stumped when the judge refuses to grant their wish.

The Proposal

A publishing company boss fakes a marriage with her junior to avoid deportation and must work to keep up appearances while learning to tolerate one another.


A shy man makes a deal with the devil who grants him seven wishes as he seeks to win the affections of a woman.

essential valentines day movies - romcoms

Never Been Kissed

A shy insecure young news reporter goes undercover at a high school for an article, only to find herself falling in love with a member of the school staff.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A Greek woman struggles to get her orthodox family to accept the (non-Greek) man she wishes to marry.


A fire chief with an abnormally large nose finds himself falling for an astronomy student who is town to research a comet.

The 40 year old virgin

A genial single guy finds himself under a lot of duress after his friends realize he is 40 and has not had sex yet.

While You Were Sleeping

A woman is accidentally mistaken to be the fiance of a man she saved by his family which complicates things as he is in a coma and she finds herself falling for his brother.

Three to Tango

An architect finds himself in hot soup when his boss mistakenly assumes he is gay and asks him to keep an eye on his mistress, a woman he then proceeds to fall in love with.

French Kiss

A woman traveling to win back her cheating fiance crosses paths with a thief who hides a stolen necklace in her luggage.

Just Like Heaven

A man moves into an apartment only to find it is haunted by the ghost of its previous tenant, a woman he starts for fall in love with.


A man who specializes in helping manipulate women into falling for others finds himself in trouble when he falls for a woman hellbent on exposing his deeds.

Easy A

In this delightfully fresh take on high school life, a young girl finds herself being wrongfully accused of making out with multiple guys and chooses a unique way to deal with it all.


Mr & Mrs Smith

A seemingly mundane couple have their perspectives of the marriage overturned when they realize both are contract killers hiding a secret life from the other.

The Mask of Zorro

The legendary swashbuckling hero, Zorro seeks to avenge the death of his wife and find his daughter, helped by a young successor.

The Bodyguard

A successful popstar finds herself falling in love with the bodyguard assigned to her after she becomes the target of a possible assassination plot.

essential valentines day movies

The Thomas Crown Affair

In the ultimate cat-and-mouse game, a wealthy philanthropist who is the prime suspect following an art burglary seduces the woman in charge of finding evidence against him.

Out of Sight

In this crime caper, a bank robber finds himself falling for the US Marshal he is fleeing from.

Con Air

Though predominantly an action movie, the two romantic moments (and that gorgeous Trisha Yearwood song) that bookend the film is what makes me add this movie to this category.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

In this insanely kooky film, a young man who falls in love with a woman finds out that he has to battle her exes before he can date her. And I mean, battle in the most absurd ways.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

The 1996 version by Baz Luhrmann is a beautifully unique beast, placing the two iconic families in a modern day crime mafia setting while still having them mouth lines from the original play.

Period Dramas

Sense & Sensibility

The 1995 version of the 1811 Jane Austen classic novel based on the travails of the Dashwood sisters, once wealthy but now seeking eligible suitors to ward off poverty, is the one I would recommend.

A Room with a View

A young repressed woman in Edwardian era England finds herself falling for a man who saved her, feelings which she can ill-afford as she is betrothed to another.

The Bridges of Madison County

Among the contents of their recently deceased mother's safe deposit box, two siblings find mementos that shed light on an event that took places decades ago when their mother fell in love with a travelling photographer.

essential valentines day movies period dramas

The English Patient

A nurse finds her own life changing as she looks after a plane crash victim awaiting his death.

Shakespeare in Love

Desperately seeking inspiration, William Shakespeare finds it in a new muse he falls in love with. Unfortunately, she is promised to another man.


Lies, lost love and repentance are at the heart of this story that follows the consequences of a wrongdoing over half a century.

this list of Essential Valentines Day Movies focuses on Romantic comedies, period dramas and action-thrillers.
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The 4 Essential Valentine's Day Movies Playlists:

  1. List One - Cult Classics and Thought Provoking romantic movies.
  2. List Two - Romantic Comedies, Period Dramas and Action/ Thrillers.
  3. List Three - Golden Oldies and Animations.
  4. List Four - Feel-Good Romantic Movies.
What did you think of my list? Which movies did you think deserved to make this specific list?

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  1. You and I have very similar tastes. I have watched some of these and have absolutely loved them. I fibd the movies from 90s so innocent and cute. Will check out the ones I haven't watched yet ��

  2. The first few are my favourite too....Now, I need to see those last few in today's list. I somehow wonder if I will be able to sit through them!

  3. That's a long list and then there are 4 parts of this list. Amazing. Action flicks - not my interest. Romcoms - done with, totally. Watched many in the list. Period Dramas will be interesting for me.

  4. You should pen a movie guide, Doc! French Kiss is one of my all time favorite movies! And Mr and Mrs. Smith, I'm surprised it made it to a romantic movie list but oh so right!


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