The 100 Essential Valentine's Day Movies Playlist - Part 3

by - February 12, 2019

In Part One of the Four part '100 Essential Valentine's Day Movie Playlist' series, we discussed the two categories - Cult Classics and thought-provoking romantic movies.

In Part Two, we talked about three very popular categories - 'Romantic Comedies (Romcoms)', 'Action/Thrillers' and 'Period Dramas.'

Part Three focuses on two very special categories - 'Golden Oldies' and 'Animations & Fables.'

Essential Valentines Day movies - animation movies and golden oldies


When it comes to movies over 60 years old, you would actually find some lovely gems that bring a warm smile to your heart. With no CGI around, one had to rely on a taut script, great acting and a palpable chemistry between the protagonists.

Both Casablanca and The Sound of Music should also be considered in this list and have been discussed earlier in Part One of this series under 'Cult Classics'.

Gone with the Wind

The 1939 winner of multiple Oscars follows the tempestuous affair between two head strong characters, set in the backdrop of the American Civil War.  

Breakfast at Tiffany's

A struggling writer finds himself enamoured with a girl who is as much a breath of fresh air as she is trouble.

It Happened One Night

A rich heiress is helped by a young man is hiding from her family, unaware he is a reporter seeking out a story. 

Roman Holiday

Similar to the movie above, a sheltered princess escapes from her family and falls in love with an American news reporter in Rome.

An Affair to Remember

Engaged to others, two young people fall in love after meeting on a cruise.


Two wealthy brothers find themselves competing for the love of their chauffeur's daughter.

His Girl Friday

In this screwball comedy, a news editor tries to distract his ex-wife, an investigative journalist, from her upcoming marriage by feeding her a fake story only for things to get out of hand very quickly.

The Shop Around the Corner

Two employees at a general store cannot stand one another in real life but are unaware that the other is the penpal they are falling in love with.  

Gold Diggers of 1933

A wealthy composer helps unemployed Broadway performers with his new play.

Essential Valentine's Day Movie List Part 3 focuses on golden old age cinema as well as animation movies

Bringing Up Baby

The delightful comedy features a hair-brained heiress and her pet leopard, both of whose involvement in the life of an absent minded paleontologist results in a series of hilarious events. 

The Apartment

A man tries to move up the corporate ladder by letting his seniors use his apartment for extra marital affairs, but finds himself dealing with more than just the complications as he falls in love.

Brief Encounter

Married to others, a man and woman find themselves secretly meeting every week as their feelings for one another grow. 

The Philadelphia Story

A bright socialite finds herself struggling to decide between three men, including her ex-husband in this hilarious comedy.

The Lady Eve

A team of gold diggers set out to swindle a millionaire of his wealth until one of them ends up developing actual feelings for him.


Kimi no Na wa / Your Name

A teenage boy and girl in different parts of the country aim to meet one another after they find themselves mysteriously waking up in each other's body. 

A Silent Voice / Koe No Katachi

In this beautifully moving story, a bully searches for a girl with a hearing disability he used to bully in school, seeking to make amends.  

Whisper of the Heart

A young girl and bookworm seeks out the mysterious boy who she notices reads all the same library books she does. 

Beauty and the Beast

A young woman imprisoned by an ugly beast within his huge castle finds herself falling for the creature.

Essential Valentine's Day Movie List Part 3 focuses on golden old age cinema as well as animation movies

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

A delightful re-imagining of the Cinderella tale. 


In this futuristic tale, a robot tasked with cleaning Earth, a planet filled with waste, falls in love with another robot, having unexpectedly far reaching consequences. 


A street urchin finds his life changed forever after he finds a magical lamp, unleashing a smooth-talking genie who sets out to help woo a princess.

From Up on Poppy Hill

Set against a Japan rebuilding its image after World War 2, this innocent love story between school children forces a young girl to find out the truth about her parents after an unexpected complication arises.

The Little Mermaid

A young mermaid makes a deal with a sea witch to become human after falling with a handsome prince.

The Princess Bride

Romance and swashbuckling fights combine with deft humour in this fun adventure of a princess and the man who saves her.


While the adventures of the old man who finds stowaways on his 'house flying with the help of hundreds of balloons' may not scream romance, it features one of the most romantic montages you will ever see in your life and thus makes this list.

Essential Valentines Day movies - animation and golden oldies
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The 4 Essential Valentine's Day Movies Playlists:

  1. List One - Cult Classics and Thought Provoking romantic movies.
  2. List Two - Romantic Comedies, Period Dramas and Action/ Thrillers.
  3. List Three - Golden Oldies and Animations.
  4. List Four - Feel-Good Romantic Movies  
What did you think of my list? Which movies did you think deserved to make this specific list?

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  1. From this list I have seen more of animation than other movies. So much to catch up to 😊 Your name is a beautiful anime... Loved it.

  2. I have watched all the movies in the animation list. From the other list, I have Roman Holiday.

  3. I am bookmarking this post and will come back and pick movies from here to watch. Thanks for compiling it all!!

  4. Sabrina was a cute film. I watched it long back on an impulse. There also was Harrison Ford in it, so I HAD to watch it! :P
    The animation movies are also too cute...films I can watch everyday!


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