The 100 Essential Valentine's Day Movies Playlist - Part 4

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan
In Part One of the Four part '100 Essential Valentine's Day Movie Playlist' series, we discussed the two categories - Cult Classics and thought-provoking romantic movies.

 Part Two talked about three very popular categories - 'Romantic Comedies (Romcoms)', 'Action/Thrillers' and 'Period Dramas.'

Part Three focused on two very unique categories - 'Golden Oldies' and 'Animations.'

In this, the concluding part, we focus on the one sub-genre that will leave a smile (and maybe an occasional joyous tear) on every face. It is Feel-Good Romance, everyone :)

part four of this Valentine's Day movie playlist features an all-time fav genre : feel-good romance.


Jerry Maguire

A successful sports agent finds himself starting from scratch after an audacious move backfires, with only one client and one woman to support him as he tries to rebuild his career.

A Walk to Remember

Forced into community service, a popular high school jock befriends a conservative mousy young woman who is hiding a secret of her own. 

Crazy Rich Asians

A young woman's life turns upside down when she realizes the boyfriend she assumed was normal is actually the son of one of the wealthiest and influential families of Singapore.

Runaway Bride

Intrigued by a story of a woman who has run away from the altar on multiple occasions, a reporter decides to track her story, only to end up falling in love with her.

The Parent Trap

When separated twins serendipitously run into each other, they decide to switch places to live with the parent they never had a chance to. 

Friends with Benefits

Two friends who decide to have sex without any of the emotional attachments find out that relationships are not as simple as they seem.

Mamma Mia

Featuring the greatest hits of ABBA, this delightful musical focuses on a young woman who seeking to find out who her real father is, secretly invites 3 of her mother's ex-suitors to her wedding.
Also, don't forget to check out the equally adorable sequel Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Crazy, Stupid Love

Facing a divorce and clueless about dating, a middle aged man finds help in getting back into the dating game by a younger man, unaware of the latter's connection to his family.

Sweet Home Alabama

A young woman engaged to a rich eligible bachelor heads to her rural country life to exorcise a ghost from her past - the husband she married in high school!

The American President

The widowed President of USA finds himself in an unusual position when love strikes again, forced to deal with not just the political implications but also the limelight and all that comes with his position.

Sixteen Candles

This teen comedy focuses on multiple characters as most John Hughes movies did and yet gels it all together, beginning with the silent suffering of a teenager whose family forgot it was her birthday.

The Holiday

Two women from different countries swap homes to take a break from complicated relationships, only to end up finding love during their holiday. 

One Fine Day

Two single parents are forced to babysit each other's children following unavoidable circumstances for a single day.

Say Anything

A classic teenage romance where a young couple in love have to face opposition from the girl's father who is unimpressed by the under achieving guy.

The Wedding Singer

A wedding singer schemes to break up a wedding after falling in love with the potential bride.

part four of this Valentine's Day movie playlist features an all-time fav genre : feel-good romance.

10 Things I Hate About You

When her parents forbid her from dating until her plain-Jane elder sister finds someone, the younger sister's potential boyfriend bribes the school rebel to win the elder sister over.

It's Complicated

A decade after her divorce, a bakery owner finds herself having a very unusual secret affair - one with her ex-husband who just so happens to be married presently. 

Call Me By Your Name

In this lovely coming-of-age tale, a young teenager finds himself falling in love with his father's male assistant who spends a summer with them.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

A young introvert gets in touch with her true feelings for a woman over the course of well, four weddings and a funeral.

Definitely, Maybe

As she deals with her parents' divorce, a young girl's queries lead her father to narrate the story of the various loves of his life.

As Good as it Gets

A sharp tongued bigot finds himself struggling to form relationships until he finds love and companionship from two unlikely sources.  

It Could Happen to You

A cop who offers his lottery ticket to a waitress in lieu of a tip wins the lottery and decides to honour his deal, infuriating his wife.

Only You

A young impressionable woman who is convinced her soulmate's name is Damon is conned by a guy posing with the same name.

The Vow

When a woman wakes up after a coma unable to recognize her husband, he decides to woo her all over again.

part four of this Valentine's Day movie playlist features an all-time fav genre : feel-good romance.
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Here is the complete list of 100 Essential Romantic Movies.
  1. List One - Cult Classics and Thought Provoking romantic movies.
  2. List Two - Romantic Comedies, Period Dramas and Action/ Thrillers.
  3. List Three - Golden Oldies and Animations.
  4. List Four - Feel-Good Romantic Movies  

What did you think of my list? Which movies did you think deserved to make this specific list?

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  1. These posts of yours are absolute gems and must be bookmarked by all. I am going to tick mark quite a few from your recommendation. Thanks Roshan ♥

  2. Trust me, only you can compile a 100 movie list! You are amazing.

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