A Dish I did not Expect to Like #WordlessWednesday

by - March 13, 2019

As a Malayalee from God's own microwave country Kerala, I am used to my seafood being fried properly (overdone?), be it fish eggs, fish fry crab, squid and prawns. Heck, even my first memory of my own life is of me stealing a bowl of fried prawns!

So, trying sushi was something I was really apprehensive about. The concept of being served a dish that had seafood that was not cooked was literally the opposite of how life had thought me seafood was meant to be prepared.

 Luckily, I had good friends to help me find the best places and choose the right dish too.

What is your favourite sushi?
Town Hall Cafe in New Delhi. Definitely recommending this one

Yes, I am a convert now. I, the person who grew up thinking every fish needed to be deep fried in coconut oil for it to be considered yummy, totally loved sushi and sashimi.  

California roll is a makizushi that combines the sweetness of crab meat with the crunchiness of cucumber, the softness of avocado, the stickiness of sushi rice, the umami flavours of nori (seaweed) and yes, the crunchiness of those salmon roe used as a garnish.

California rolls combine the sweetness of crab meat with the crunchiness of cucumber, the creaminess of avocado, the stickiness of sushi rice, the umami flavours of nori (seaweed) and yes, the crunchiness of those salmon roe used as a garnish on top. And let us not forget that deceptive wasabi sitting silently by the side that makes your nostrils burn! 

Did I expect to like them? Absolutely not.
Would I recommend them to those hesitant to try sushi? Most definitely. 

My question to you:   

Is there a food group that surprised you because you had reservations about eating it but when you finally got around to trying it, you found you actually loved it? Which was it?

I am linking this to Natasha's and Esha's fun Wordless Wednesday posts. You can find more fun picture based posts there and add your own too.

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  1. The photos do look appetizing! ☺ I've tried sushi a few times and didn't really enjoy it that much. Very healthy, though. Personally I prefer cooked fish and meats. At the age of 12, I was leery of trying escargots, but found them to be quite tasty, in garlic butter sauce. Bon appetit!

    1. I have to admit I would be hesitant to try escargot :)

  2. ohh sushi! what I wouldn't do for a good soft shell crab roll. And the caviar. Yummm. So happy to know that you are a convert now :D

    1. More a question of having access to it. I would literally have to take a flight to go somewhere to eat it, I think!

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  4. You won't believe it but as a North Indian for the first two decades of my life I didn't like coconut - nothing with coconut in it. And here I am a changed person! It seems inconceivable now.
    I've seen some gorgeous Sushi displays and I think I'll leave it at that.

  5. I am yet to try sushi. The thought of raw fish has stopped me from tasting it. Probably the malayalee genes have something to do with it. I know another malayalee here who eats only sushi in the seafood variety. :) Those pictures look yummy. :)

  6. I was never a fish eater. So, when I got married to one for whom ( and whose family) fish was like THE FOOD, I decided to give it a try, and also make my MIL happy. ;P
    It did take me some time, but after all these years, I can say I like fish, too! I love the fish curry hubby and SIL prepare, with tamarind paste and garlic giving their added flavours. I simply love fried pomphret and always eye the extra one in the plate, hoping it lands in mine! I do have my moods, though, when I don't feel like eating fish at all, but the aroma of the curry getting cooked, helps change my mind in a jiffy!

  7. I am never one for experimenting with food, so I totally understand why you'd hesitate to try sushi but pleasantly surprised that it worked for you, which makes me think that perhaps, it isn't as bad as a think. Hopefully, someday when I'm really really brave I might even give it a shot. Those are some gorgeous photos, Doc and thank you for linking up with us.

  8. Yes, there is such a food group for me. And coincidentally it is/was Sushi! But like you, I am a convert too! LOVE the California Roll & Shrimp Tempura! Have you tried the latter? That also might be more up your alley as it does contain fried fish afterall. :D

  9. I have tried Sushi but I would like to indulge more. Those pictures are sure droolworthy. :)

  10. I love Sushi Roshan and have been a fan for 13 years now, ever since I first tried it in Manila. Try Octopus Sushi will you :)

    I am quite experimental with food and have tried snails, frogs, pork trotters, clams, squids and many more. I love variety on my plate.

    I love your story and the tastefully taken pictures.


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