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The recent jokes about millions of people considering a plan to raid the controversial Area 51 in Nevada, USA to free alleged aliens in there (which the military definitely did not find funny!) got me thinking of the History Channel show 'Ancient Aliens.'

The show, filled with admittedly flimsy conjectures, is a documentary series that deals with the novel concept that humans and extra terrestrials have had multiple contacts throughout human history.

A major theory in that show was that the beings we called Gods were actually super powered beings from outer space which explained phenomenon like why in certain religions (including my own) they had multiple limbs, are depicted as riding flying objects in cave drawings from thousands of years ago and what explains certain symmetrical similarities across various advanced architecture from human civilizations that never interacted.

It is a far stretch but then again, it does raise a question worth debating, I feel - what if Gods were just aliens who were way more advanced than us at all levels - physically, intellectually, technologically?

Remember, we already have a very popular precedent for this concept even today - Thor is not just a Marvel comic book alien from Asgard. He is an actual hammer wielding Norse God, as is his father Odin. Thor is pretty much a German version of the King of the Hindu Gods, Indra, isn't he, right down to having a unique weapon he is associated with? How does such a similarity arise where you have two distinct religions with no commonality still having such a similar God?

My hypothetical question to you

If tomorrow, you were to find out that the ones you call God - Christ, Allah, Krishna, Buddha et al - were basically just advanced aliens, how would it change your concept of religion and God?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I have always found the concept of aliens very fascinating, so I would be overjoyed at learning that our gods are all super-powered aliens who, during their free time, perhaps, created us as their lab experiments!! My concept about God is, well, I am not very religious. I believe there is some super entity who created us and all that and so my views about religion won't get affected.
    I will definitely try to learn more about the new discovery, though, and hope that we humans solved some more mysteries about aliens, space and the unknown stuff!
    I just loved your line of thinking, doc. And, now I am going to fantasize about this issue some more! :P

  2. Some food for thought, this is, Doc! I don't know how I'd react to the concept of God being an alien! But, I do feel that I connect with God whatever shape or form He/She is and so, that wouldn't change for me. Now, religion is an industry these days and I'm a bit sceptical about how our Godmen and our Religious leaders would react and respond to the idea and consequently, what the masses would be then brainwashed into believing. Plenty of possibilities, there, Doc for me to ponder upon on a busy Friday morning!

    So glad to see your post on our weekly blog hop, Doc and so looking forward to you being a regular on this. Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to you!

  3. God made mankind in his own image so if he were an alien, that would make us all aliens too, right? Just saying...

    Nice to meet you , Dr. Roshan!

  4. As an agnostic person, it doesn't matter to me! Maybe there are good aliens and bad aliens after all :)

  5. I've enjoyed science fiction since I was around 10. Maybe it would frighten me a little to know that space aliens were real but I think their existence wouldn't prove or disprove there being a Creator of the Universe. On the other hand, I don't think many religious leaders would take it too well.

  6. In some ways, it would reassure me, I think. We humans need to make sense of this world, and have need of something bigger (and hopefully better) than us. If there's an alien hovering about meddling with our lives, that explains some of the mess we're in :)

    The ones you have named are prophets, not gods, so it makes even more sense that they were aliens.

  7. At least I would be clear on where these aliens come from. I would be happy. :) Some thought you put there, Doc. Good one!

  8. Like Shilpa I find the whole theory of aliens quite fascinating and have always thought that our Gods are actually aliens with super powers. If you are interested, read Gods From Outer Space by Erich Von Daniken. I read his books in my youth and found them fascinating.

  9. @shilpa, I doubt if this is a discovery so much as a theory but it makes for a fascinating concept. and yes, i would love to have some clarity on it some day in the future.

    @esha, as someone who's seen some of India's famous Godmen live, I can assure you they are not Gods or divine or anything close to that. But they have successfully brainwashed millions and if mr Alien God were to manifest one day, I think you'd find a significant population refusing to give up their beliefs in the Godman!

  10. Veronica, that's a wonderful twist! I had not considered that... :)

    Soumya, sigh... if only we had that scenario actually play out in real life.

  11. Alana, pretty sure that would be the main thing uniting all religious leaders - a need to denounce the 'God'

    Damyanti, I didn't think of that aspect - yes, they were prophets, were they not?

  12. This would be a topic that I would surely like to discuss with my better-half, he seems to have strong belief that aliens exist. I somehow feel, it might create chaos at first but maybe then people would agree that actually, the one they were praying to was "ONE".

  13. AnonymousJune 01, 2020

    Interesting idea for me, but my husband is convinced about this. He is a n engineer and has read a lot of articles that give a scientific reason for temples being the point of arrival departure of the aliens. The increased magnetic/electrical forces in the area of the Garbhagriha is one of the main proofs of that line of thought.


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