Pavlov's Classical Conditioning #WordlessWednesday

by - July 24, 2019

In Pavlov's famous experiment, he would make a unique sound with a metronome before giving food to the dogs. Soon, just the sound of the metronome would make the dogs salivate even if no food was there because they now associated that sound with food.

This is called Classical Conditioning. 

And it is not restricted to pooches, either. You and I undergo it every day. 
  • The anger you feel when you see a particular politician you hate even if he has not said anything new. 
  • The hope you feel when your favourite batsman walks to the crease to face his first ball.
  • The nausea you feel when you see a food you had a bad experience with years ago.
  • The pity you feel when you see Jimmy Shergill in a Bollywood movie (knowing he will end up NOT getting the girl.) 

Jokes aside, classical conditioning is real. The concept is used in a number of behavioural therapies and also for reducing phobias. How you choose to use it in real life is really up to you.

In today's world, you can use classical conditioning to spread constant negativity and still get millions to follow you. Heaven knows, most of our international, national leaders and even media work on that policy. 

Or you could use it in a positive way and associate your presence with happiness in others lives.  Smile more. Reassure. Console. Uplift.   

Can you think of some form of classical conditioning in your life today? A sight, a smell, an associated happiness, sadness, anger or joy?

Do tell.

Authors note:

I am linking up with Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday. You can find more fun picture based posts there and add your own too. 

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  1. Food for thought ...... am not being able to recollect any instantly. Your post triggers my grey cells :)

  2. I liked the examples of classical conditioning but can I think of one in my case? I have to give it a thought.

  3. Monika, I certainly hope they do. If I can make people think a little differently with each post, I think I have done my job well

  4. Anamika, there are actually plenty once you really think about it.

  5. For me, the smell of a cake baking.. always suggests a party/gettogether/guests!

  6. A cake baking would remind me of much younger days at home.

  7. Classical conditioning is a wonderful way to get rid of negative thoughts and fear.
    Varun Sharma Blogger at Radio Box

  8. That is indeed a thought provoking #WordlessWednesday post Roshan!

    My classical conditioning includes losing my mind on seeing a messy kitchen/room! There are many more such things.
    Sunrise - new beginnings, Sunset -gratitude

    Your four legged child is the sweetest. We love having him featured on #WW.
    Our linky is now live :

    Have a great rest of the week ahead!

  9. @Varun, classical conditioning should be used for positive reinforcement.

  10. @natasha, happy to be a part of wordless wednesday. its a great way to showcase different points of view and break writers block too.

  11. That such a sweet one and loved the message. I feel food brings a lot of classical conditioning in me ;)

  12. Classical conditioning is a wonderful way to get rid of negative thoughts and fear.
    Blogger at Radio Box

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  15. I love the smell of fresh cutting grass, smell of books.
    Blogger at AWL Golf


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